Digital prescription

e-Prescriptions for other service providers

In the future, e-prescriptions will replace analog prescriptions on paper for the entire healthcare industry. With this in mind, the option of receiving and billing digital prescriptions must be installed in all areas of the healthcare industry. There are already specific goals and solution approaches for physicians and pharmacies that the NOVENTI Group is proactively helping to shape.

Comprehensive implementation for other service providers has not advanced this far yet. Legal parameters, model projects, and establishing a telematics infrastructure are only some of the items that are still being agreed on.

We are currently working on customer-friendly solutions for smooth electronic prescription processing. The NOVENTI Group’s expertise and experience with implementing e-prescriptions on the pharmacy market are the perfect basis for developing our customer-friendly solutions for electronic prescription processing. We offer customers from the area of other service providers optimal preparation, management, and support on their way to e-prescriptions.