Digitalization in the healthcare sector

What does that mean in detail?

Digitalization is also taking hold of the healthcare sector. While the Corona pandemic and the largest vaccination campaign in history are challenging the healthcare system, work is also still being done diligently on the healthcare of the future. New services are being developed, especially in the digital field, to further improve the quality of German healthcare using modern means. And so digitalization is opening up completely new opportunities for the future.

We explain what is behind the various buzzwords such as the digital prescription, telemedicine and DiGA and what this means for us in concrete terms.

Ausgedruckt oder als Code in der App.

Digital prescription

With the digital prescription, you will receive the medicine you need even more conveniently and quickly.

In the future, the digital prescription will replace the familiar pink paper prescription. The digital prescription is nothing more than a digital code, similar to the QR code you redeem when you pick up your medication. You can easily manage all yourdigital prescription in an app. The most practical thing about it is that you are directly connected to your pharmacy via the app. For example, you can check in advance whether your medication is currently available. If not, your pharmacy can also deliver the desired medication directly to your home.

But that's not the only reason why pharmacist Melanie Dolfen sees many advantages in the digital prescription: "Digital networking with our patients makes care much more flexible. This means we can help them much more quickly." "Code," "app" and "digital" sound too complicated to you? Don't worry, in 2022 you can still get your digital prescription in analog form, as a printout in your doctor's office


With telemedicine, you get expert medical advice - at any time and without having to leave your home.

Have you ever sat in a crowded waiting room with a nasty cold, only to be sent home with a sick note shortly after? With telemedicine on offer, this nonsensical trip is history.

Telemedicine means seeing a doctor, but online. You can reach the online doctor's office ZAVA at any time, from wherever you are. One click and your living room becomes a treatment room via video chat. All you need is a smartphone, Internet and the ZAVA app. Sounds too simple to be serious? 

"Telemedicine consultations are only performed by licensed physicians with several years of professional experience. In this way, we ensure the quality of medical care while making it available to many people at any time," assures Ulrike Thieme, MD, ZAVA's deputy medical director.


The new digital offerings make it easier for patients in the long run. Sure, the first digital visit to the doctor may feel strange for a moment. The first digital prescription is unfamiliar. And you first have to get to know the therapy via app. But all in all, digital services are a sensible addition to tried-and-tested local healthcare. That's why experts talk about the opportunities offered by the new "hybrid care.

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And what do the new digital possibilities mean for service providers. You can find this and more information here.

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