NOVENTI awarded as a climate-neutral company

Sustainability is one of the basic principles of our corporate strategy and also a benchmark of entrepreneurial success. In all of our decisions, we take an approach that gives balanced consideration to economic, ecological, and social perspectives. As one of the first industry representatives in the healthcare market, we – the NOVENTI Group_- have been offsetting all of our CO2 emissions since January 1, 2018 and are operating completely on a climate-neutral basis.

NOVENTI, including 16 locations throughout Germany, is offsetting the operational emissions that were determined based our CO2 footprint with three internationally recognized climate protection projects:

  • with an awarded cook stove project in Ghana,
  • a reforestation project according to the FSC standard for sustainable forest management in Uruguay, and
  • a UN-certified hydropower project in India.

These investments in environmental protection are offsetting all of our CO2 emissions until the end of 2019. The sustainability consulting company “Fokus Zukunft” awarded us as a “climate-neutral company” for our involvement.

We do not understand sustainability as an individual project but as an ongoing process that we want to improve continually. That is why our Group is focusing on a wide range of activities in the area of corporate social responsibility to improve the lives of our customers, employees, and business partners today and in the future.

With 12 bee colonies on our business premises we are actively advocating against extinction of species. In addition, we are continually optimizing our business travel behavior – e.g. by using video conferences – and are reducing the consumption of office material. Another one of our goals is to reduce our consumption of plastic. Our cafeteria at Tomannweg in Munich is a partner of the Germany-wide deposit system and uses returnable cups for coffee to go in addition to paper straws and wooden stir sticks. This allows us to avoid using over 10,000 plastic cups per year just at our Tomannweg location. 

The NOVENTI Group is becoming increasingly sustainable in mobility as well. Current projects include increased use of vehicles with hybrid engines as well as offers to employees to lease bicycles. As a participant in the support group of the Alliance for Development and the Climate, we also participate in cross-company interaction for existing and future initiatives.

NOVENTI OPEN - Das klimaneutrale Tennisturnier

Als neuer strategischer Partner der NOVENTI OPEN in Halle (Westfalen) ist es unser Ziel, unsere Werte und Visionen zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit auch auf das größte Tennisturnier Deutschlands zu übertragen. Daher wollen wir die NOVENTI OPEN zum klimaneutralsten Tennisturnier der Welt machen.

Um die Auswirkungen der NOVENTI OPEN auf die Umwelt zu minimieren, setzen wir heute schon ein Zeichen: Ausgehend von rund 100.000 Besuchern in diesem Jahr, haben wir von NOVENTI die Gesamtmenge CO2 sowie die während der Veranstaltung konsumierten Speisen und Getränke und andere für den CO2-Menge wesentliche Faktoren von den Nachhaltigkeits-Experten des Instituts „Fokus Zukunft“ berechnen lassen. Die dabei berechnete Gesamtmenge von rund 13.600 Tonnen CO2 kompensieren wir, indem wir ein Wasserprojekt in Brasilien, das unter der Hoheit der Vereinten Nationen steht, unterstützen. 

Neben der CO2-Kompensation haben wir die bisher genutzten Plastikbecher an den Getränkeständen des Tennisturniers gegen nachhaltige, klimafreundliche Behälter und Einweggeschirr aus nachwachsenden oder recycelten Rohstoffen getauscht.

Wir sind sehr stolz darauf, dass die NOVENTI OPEN dieses Jahr klimaneutral stattfindet.