With the RE-DESIGN.SUSTAINABILITY initiative, the NOVENTI Group is committing itself to sustainability as a comprehensive principle that will shape and permeate our corporate philosophy. We are taking an approach that takes economic, ecological, and social viewpoints into consideration in a balanced way for all of our decisions.

The "triple aim of healthcare" is becoming increasingly important worldwide, particularly in the health care sector. This includes the points:

  • Improving patient health care (including quality and satisfaction),
  • improving the health of the population, and
  • Reduce per capita health care costs.

Successful healthcare systems of the future will be those that can deliver excellent quality of care at optimized costs while improving the health of their populations.

The "triple aim of healthcare" must be based on sustainable principles - because our health is nothing without the health of our planet.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals provide us direction for aligning our sustainability strategy. As a company that operates on an international scale, we are convinced that sustainability can only work on a global basis and that it must pursue larger goals. We at NOVENTI want to work together to achieve as many as possible of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the year 2030. This is one of the reasons that we became a member of the UN Global Compact. This initiative is the most significant and important initiative worldwide for responsible corporate management. The vision of the UN Global Compact is an inclusive and sustainable world economy on the basis of its ten universal principles – this is what we stand for at the NOVENTI Group.

Sustainability as a benchmark for success

We do not understand sustainability as an individual project but as an ongoing process that we want to improve continually. That is why our group is focusing on a wide range of activities in the area of corporate social responsibility to improve the lives of our customers, employees, and business partners today and in the future.

With 14 bee colonies on our business premises, we are actively advocating against extinction of species. In addition, we are continually optimizing our business travel behavior – e.g. by using video conferences – and are reducing the consumption of office material. Another one of our goals is to reduce our consumption of plastic. Our cafeteria at Tomannweg in Munich is a partner of the Germany-wide deposit system and uses returnable cups for coffee to go in addition to paper straws and wooden stir sticks. This allows us to avoid using over 10,000 plastic cups per year just at our Tomannweg location. 

The NOVENTI Group is becoming increasingly sustainable in mobility as well. Current projects include increased use of vehicles with hybrid engines as well as offers to employees to lease bicycles. As a participant in the support group of the Alliance for Development and the Climate, we also participate in cross-company interaction for existing and future initiatives.

The power of digitalization

We are convinced that digitization and sustainability are not only to be seen as individual components of our corporate strategy, but that, above all, the combination of both parts makes a significant contribution to reducing negative environmental impacts.

For example, according to the World Economic Forum, digital technologies can help reduce 15% of global emissions.

This will also be reflected in our business area: We currently bill 200 million prescriptions per year. By digitizing the process and switching to ePrescription, we expect to save around 10 tons of paper, and thereby reduce additional emissions by eliminating transport routes.


Award for climate-neutral pharmacies with NOVENTI

With the "SETTING AN EXAMPLE!" initiative, NOVENTI is pursuing the goal of making all 19,000 pharmacies throughout Germany climate-neutral and motivating them to take more climate protection measures. The sustainability initiative has now been honored with the German Award for Sustainability Projects 2021 as a prize winner in the "Campaign" category on July 19. Th The award honors the initiative, successfully launched in February 2020, with which NOVENTI supports German pharmacies become climate-neutral and more sustainable Under the patronage of the former Federal Minister Brigitte Zypries, it pays tribute to particularly outstanding projects that have previously been launched and are already having benefits and effects. “We are pleased that our campaign is receiving such appreciation and consider our strategy for more sustainability and climate protection confirmed. As part of our sustainability strategy, NOVENTI sets a strong example and assumes the role as a local supporter in all health-related matters - including sustainability and climate protection,” says Dr. Sven Jansen, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE.


NOVENTI for an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican

The year 2019 is drawing to a close and thus ends a year that has been dedicated intensively to the topic of sustainability at NOVENTI. This year began with our service in June for the first climate-neutral tennis tournament, the NOVENTI OPEN. In September we participated in the UN Climate Summit at the United Nations in New York City, and now the year ends with an audience with Pope Francis.

As part of the "Laudato sì Challenge", our Board member Dr. Sven Jansen, as a keynote speaker at the Vatican on 4 December, will present our commitment to climate-neutral activities and sustainable action. In order to translate these words into action, we took our visit to the Vatican as an opportunity to position our commitment to climate neutrality locally. NOVENTI, together with the institute Fokus Zukunft, has calculated the CO2 emissions of the Farmacia Vaticana - the only pharmacy in the Vatican and one of the largest in the world. Based on the extrapolation, NOVENTI had the CO2 emissions offset and thus, made the pharmacy climate-neutral.

The "Laudato sì Challenge" is an initiative launched by Pope Francis in 2015. The programme meets the challenges of the encyclical Laudato sì of Pope Francis, which the Pope presented to the General Assembly of the United Nations. It focuses on environmental and climate protection. In addition, the Pope annually invites selected personalities from global companies to discuss these topics relating to climate protection. You can find out more about this initiative and our visit to the Pope here

NOVENTI awarded as a climate-neutral company

As one of the first industry representatives in the healthcare market, we - the NOVENTI Group - have been offsetting all of our CO2 emissions since January 1, 2018, thus operating in a completely climate-neutral manner. 

Our Group offsets the operational emissions of NOVENTI, including the 16 locations across Germany, determined on the basis of the CO2 footprint, with three internationally recognized climate protection projects:

  • With an award-winning cooking stove project in Ghana,
  • a reforestation project in Uruguay in accordance with the FSC standard for sustainable forestry and
  • a UN-certified hydropower project in India.

These investments in environmental protection will offset our entire CO2 emissions by the end of 2020, and we have been recognized as a "climate-neutral company" for our commitment by the sustainability consultancy Fokus Zukunft. In addition, NOVENTI was honored as a "Climate Promoter 2019/2020" by the Senate of the Economy. This includes, among other things, the cooperation with "FOKUS Zukunft" to offset CO2 emissions by supporting certified climate projects. NOVENTI thus supports the "Alliance for Development and Climate" of the Minister of Development Dr. Gerd Müller and the Senate of the Economy.

NOVENTI Statement

We are thankful to present our activities for climate-neutral and sustainable entrepreneurship as a representative of Germany on the occasion of the UN Climate Action Summit 2019.

Of course, we do not have the perfect answer for the climate crisis. But we are convinced that companies like NOVENTI can be an important force for sustainable development and a good environmental performance - if they are strongly committed to climate initiatives.

As Germany’s largest healthcare provider and Europe’s largest billing company we see ourselves as designers and innovators, we set trends, and create a new set of dynamics, optimizing processes, and thinking in completely new ways.

But we also have a responsibility: Therefore, sustainability is a fundamental component of our corporate strategy and a benchmark of entrepreneurial success. Sustainability efforts are integrated into all areas of our business and all processes along the value chain. For example, we have implemented an internal and external sustainability strategy. Supporting climate actions within our company, in our region and abroad as we believe we need to work together on a global level to support the UN sustainability goals

Our goal is to have as little climate impact as possible, and we are continually looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

We call on everybody to act: Every company must do its bit to reduce the impact on the environment. We cannot solve the climate crisis on our own – but everyone ca be an integral part to a more sustainable future.


Dr. Hermann Sommer                                                                              Dr. Sven Jansen

Executive Board Member NOVENTI Health SE                                          Executive Board Member NOVENTI Health SE

The world’s most beautiful climate-neutral fair stand

Welcome to the future. Welcome to the world’s most beautiful climate-neutral fair stand. After Germany’s biggest climate-neutral tennis tournament, the NOVENTI Open, followed our climate-neutral stand at Europe’s biggest pharamaceutical trade show, the expopharm. Our appearance at this year's trade fair represented a lower burden on the environment. But what does this mean in concrete terms? At our fair stand, we put a high emphasis on sustainable resource management as well as sustainable supply. Hence, short-lived products from giveaways to catering were not appreciated and were replaced by long-lasting and recycable materials. On top of that, we closely considerd organic and fair trade products for the supply at the trade show. Additionally, we compensated the entire CO2 emissions for our trade show and were honored for this by sustainablity experts from the institute „Fokus Zukunft“ („Focus Future“).

Advantage Earth: Germany’s biggest tennis tournament becomes climate-neutral

Sustainability is one of the core principles of NOVENTI's corporate strategy, a benchmark for corporate success and a better tomorrow. As a new strategic partner of the NOVENTI OPEN in Halle (Westphalia), it is the German healthcare market leader’s declared goal to extend these values ​​and visions to the largest tennis tournament in Germany.

"Our mission is to make the NOVENTI OPEN the most climate-neutral tennis tournament in the world," explains Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE. “We consider economic, ecological and social aspects in all our decisions – and as one of the few industry representatives in the healthcare market, we are already certified as a climate-neutral company." In concrete terms, this means that the actions of the NOVENTI Group do not leave a carbon footprint.

To minimize the environmental impact of the NOVENTI OPEN, Dr. Sommer and his team already made a mark in the first year of the partnership: Assuming around 100,000 visitors, NOVENTI has calculated the total amount of CO2 and the food and drinks consumed during the event, and other factors that are significant for the amount of CO2. The sustainability experts at "Fokus Zukunft" institute came up with a total of around 13,600 tonnes of CO2. NOVENTI has compensated this factor by supporting a water project in Brazil under the authority of the United Nations. "Fokus Zukunft” awarded a corresponding certificate to the strategic partner of the NOVENTI OPEN and the tournament director Ralf Weber during the quarter-finals in Halle (Westphalia).

But the e-prescription experts from Munich are also made a mark besides the CO2 compensation: they have swapped the plastic cups used at the beverage stalls at the tennis tournament for sustainable, climate-friendly packaging solutions and disposable tableware made of renewable or recycled raw materials – a good conscious to go, so to speak. "We want visitors to the biggest tennis tournament in Germany to feel our commitment right there in Halle, and to get a better picture of what we stand for," explains Dr. Sommer. "That's why it's important for us today, and in the future, not only to compensate CO2, but to reduce it and ultimately avoid it – both as a company and as a partner of the NOVENTI OPEN." Ralf Weber, founder and tournament director, is delighted: "That's a great sign for our ATP tournament and for the entire region. And, of course, also for our content partnership with NOVENTI."

In 2020, we will continue our efforts towards sustainability and the NOVENTI OPEN will again call for "advantage earth" and become a climate-neutral tennis tournament.