de TYPO3 News Tue, 19 Mar 2019 18:47:53 +0100 Tue, 19 Mar 2019 18:47:53 +0100 News TYPO3 EXT:news news-56 Wed, 30 Jan 2019 15:08:28 +0100 ‘PRO AvO’ partners come together to support ‘Danke, Apotheke’ (Thank you, pharmacist) campaign Combining strengths and resources, and developing innovative digital solutions for the pharmacy market together: this is the stated goal of the ‘PRO Apotheke vor Ort’ (PRO AvO) (expert local pharmacist) initiative which was launched in December 2018 by the five well-known companies BD Rowa Germany GmbH, GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH, NOVENTI Group, Sanacorp and the Wort & Bild publishing group.

The five strong partners are launching the emotional, highly acclaimed ‘Danke, Apotheke’ pharmacist campaign on various channels. The advert will be broadcast on television and social media. Sanacorp will also provide pharmacy shops with their own promotional stand-up displays. BD Rowa will add the advert to the advertising loop on their pharmacy screens and thus reach over 1.5 million pharmacy customers throughout Germany. GEHE and Sanacorp are distributing 650,000 ‘Danke, Apotheke’ postcards to pharmacy shops. The NOVENTI Group will display the adverts prominently on their APO-TIPP customer monitors in German pharmacy shops.

‘The goal of our new initiative is to boost local pharmacies. The ‘Danke, Apotheke’ information campaign informs consumers, patients and policy makers about the wide range of services provided by pharmacists for the comprehensive provision of medicines, which are provided in a friendly, approachable manner around the clock,’ says Dr Peter Schreiner, Chairman of the Board at GEHE.

‘All PRO AvO partners immediately confirmed their support for the campaign and have agreed to demonstrate the high importance of personal consultation, reliability and credibility in health care across all of the channels available to them,’ says Peter Menk, managing director of the PRO AvO initiative.

The ‘Danke, Apotheke’ campaign shows the essential services provided by pharmacies in the provision of medicines in an authentic, emotional way. ‘Danke, Apotheke’ has won multiple awards, including the Superbrands® award for outstanding brand management and the expopharm special media award (see for more information).

About the PRO AvO initiative
The current supporters of the PRO AvO initiative are BD Rowa Germany GmbH, GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH, the NOVENTI Group, Sanacorp eG and the Wort & Bild publishing group. The goal of the initiative is to develop, in close collaboration with other participants, associations and pharmacies, a concept which gives pharmacies the option of a common standard, be it in the form of a marketplace, a platform or just a special application. The best approach for German patients is to combine the resources required for this.

news-54 Thu, 24 Jan 2019 06:57:00 +0100 The PRO AvO Initiative Gains Peter Menk as Managing Director The PRO AvO (PRO on-site pharmacy) Initiative to strengthen owner-operated pharmacies and to harmonize pharmacists’ digital applications is picking up speed. The five founding members BD Rowa Germany GmbH, GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH, NOVENTI Group, Sanacorp eG, and Wort & Bild Verlagsgruppe are appointing Peter Menk as the new managing director.

“We founded PRO AvO to develop a concept for independent, local pharmacies. With Peter Menk, we have found the ideal candidate who will press ahead with our idea and implement it with his specific and extensive expertise,” says Frank Hennings happily, executive board member of Sanacorp.

Experienced pharmacy expert for concept development and digitization
Peter Menk (49) has been active for more than 15 years in various functions on the pharmacy market. He is a former business consultant who set up one of the first nationwide pharmacy cooperations with partner pharmacies in 2003. Menk and a large advertising agency also founded their own healthcare subsidiary and converted a successful treatment concept for alternative practitioners and physicians into modern multi-channel customer communication. Peter Menk has first-hand experience with pharmacists’ worries. He helps his wife, a pharmacist, run their two pharmacies in Hamburg and has already successfully implemented his own pharmacy app there as well as social media activities.

Using digitization to strengthen on-site pharmacies
Many pharmacies see digitization as a threat because nowadays individual on-site pharmacies are inferior to the large online giants or to foreign mail-order pharmacies. This causes fears and especially leads to pharmacists demanding that, “something has to be done.”
“Above all, we see digitization as a great opportunity for on-site pharmacies,” says Peter Menk. “While mail order companies are trying everything to have direct contact with customers, German pharmacies already have an extensive, very functional, secure supply network.” Every day almost four million people come into pharmacies, and pharmacy courier services make more than 250,000 deliveries. “We have the best basis to make digitization options usable for all pharmacies – by customer focus, cooperation, and creativity,” says Menk.

What is the focus of PRO AvO?
The goal of the initiative is to give customers and pharmacies security in the digital world as well. To do this, digital ideas and applications that are being formed everywhere on the market will be harmonized and further developed, and market standards will be formulated. Ultimately, a digital solution is to be formed that offers on-site pharmacies and patients a platform that is just as secure and trustworthy as the red pharmacy “A” has been for many years in the stationary world. For many stakeholders, the understanding has grown in recent weeks and months that only a mutual solution that is open to everyone and geared toward the interests of customers and pharmacists has the opportunity to sustainably strengthen local pharmacies, which makes a unique opportunity for on-site pharmacies.

news-52 Thu, 06 Dec 2018 16:54:20 +0100 Digitization: New Initiative Launched to Strengthen On-Site Pharmacies Five strong partners, one goal Five renowned companies are founding the “PRO AvO” (PRO on-site pharmacy) initiative to strengthen owner-operated pharmacies and to harmonize pharmacists’ digital applications. One thing unites the participants in the new initiative: they are combining strengths and resources serving local pharmacies. This has laid the cornerstone for many innovative companies to collaborate to develop a new solution and implement it together with other partners.

Developing the necessary expertise and size together
The current supporters are BD Rowa Germany GmbH, GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH, NOVENTI Health SE, Sanacorp eG, and Wort & Bild Verlagsgruppe. The goal of the initiative is to create a concept in close cooperation with other participants, associations, and pharmacists that gives pharmacists the opportunity to have a mutual standard whether it is as a marketplace, platform, or only as a special application. The most promising way to do this appears to be to bundle the resources that are necessary to create the concept. “There are so many that have shown interest in this sort of a campaign that we just had to start. The decisive factor is that by themselves no one on the market can establish something that is really a sustainable benefit to pharmacists, end-users, and patients,” says Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE.

Quality and security for pharmacies geared towards clients
The new initiative is in the conceptual phase. “In the current situation, it is first and foremost about quality and security for pharmacies and a clear focus on customer needs,” emphasizes Andreas Arntzen, CEO of Wort & Bild Verlagsgruppe. Customers are requesting a digital answer where they can find all relevant information about medicinal products and pharmacies. It is also crucial that this sort of initiative be open to everyone.

For many stakeholders, the understanding has grown in recent weeks and months that only a mutual solution that is open to everyone and geared toward the interests of customers and pharmacists has the opportunity to sustainably strengthen local pharmacies, which makes a unique opportunity for on-site pharmacies.

Information about the five partners (in alphabetical order):

Rowa® Technologies by Becton Dickinson (BD) is automating warehouses and medication distribution of pharmacies and other healthcare institutions. With more than 8000 systems worldwide, the Rowa brand stands for quality and dependability that is, “made in Germany.” BD is a global technology company that is promoting preventive healthcare by improving research, diagnostics, and care. BD employees over 65,000 employees in 50 countries. Rowa Technologies is managed from Kelberg (Eifel), Germany with approximately 750 employees.

GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH is a pharmaceutical wholesale company and is a subsidiary of McKesson Europe. From 18 places of business, GEHE supplies pharmacies with medical products every day throughout Germany and contributes to secure pharmaceutical supply in Germany. Based in Stuttgart, Germany, GEHE is a pharmaceutical distributor that assists its customers with services in pharmacy management and marketing via the pharmacy cooperation called “live healthy” that is the leading pharmacy cooperation in Germany with 2,100 members and more than 60 industry partners.

As a holding company, NOVENTI combines many separate individual companies that have one thing in common: they all operate in the healthcare market with the core target groups of pharmacies, other service providers, care services, and physicians. In addition to financing security, NOVENTI offers its network platform, which promotes important cross-company transfer of expertise. At the same time, the individual companies operate separately. Group sales are currently at about 156 million euros. Over 1,900 employees contribute to the success of the entire NOVENTI Group. This also includes being repeatedly given the award of being a great place to work.

Sanacorp and its corporations achieved annual sales in their operational business of 4.5 billion euros in 2017 and are one of the largest pharmacy-specific pharmaceutical wholesale companies in Germany. With around 3,000 employees at 17 places of business, this pharmacy company ensures that around 7,500 pharmacies throughout Germany are securely and dependably supplied with medicinal and healthcare products around the clock. On top of this, the “mea® - my pharmacy” pharmacy cooperation offers attractive marketing campaigns to its members. Sanacorp eG Pharmazeutische Grosshandlung and all members of the pharmacy cooperative are at the head of the group company. The company emphatically advocates for strengthening owner-operated individual pharmacies in Germany.

Wort & Bild Verlag is the leading provider of popular healthcare media in Germany. Its print titles reach 22 million readers, and its online platforms receive over 18 million visits per month. Direct user value for the health of readers and expert pharmacy advice are always the focus. Wort & Bild Verlag publishes the following magazines: Apotheken Umschau [Pharmacy Review] (9,185,378 copies sold monthly according to IVW III/2018), Baby und Familie [Baby and Family] (666,642 copies sold monthly), Diabetes Ratgeber [Diabetes Guide] (1,171,058 copies sold monthly), Senioren Ratgeber [Guide for the Elderly] (1,702,317 copies sold monthly), Ärztlicher Ratgeber [Medical Guide] (published three times per year with 250,540 copies distributed annually) medizini [medicini – a medical magazine for children] (1,389,192 copies sold monthly), and HausArzt PatientenMagazin [Family Doctor Patient Magazine] (published four times per year with 388,550 copies sold annually).

news-48 Wed, 17 Oct 2018 09:54:16 +0200 Taking responsibility NOVENTI Group is excited about bees and supports biodiversity The number of bee colonies in Germany has fallen drastically in the past 50 years. This has far-reaching consequences because bees are an important factor in our ecosystem. The NOVENTI Group is actively advocating against extinction of species and is offering 12 bee colonies a new home on the business premises of its companies at six locations. Throughout the year, these hard-working bees produce approximately 180 kilograms of bee honey. The Munich-based NOVENTI Group has gained an experienced cooperation partner with the environmental initiative Beefuture for conservation and species protection. Beefuture is establishing the bee colonies and taking care of them. Close cooperation with the initiative is another step towards a comprehensive overall Group strategy in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR) that will be consistently implemented in the coming years.

"The establishment of the bee colonies is providing an important contribution to species protection and is sending a clear signal about preserving biological diversity. Along with our partner Beefuture, we would like to help protect native plants and animals and also make a positive contribution to the climate footprint of our Group," emphasizes Dr. Hermann Sommer, chief executive officer of NOVENTI Health SE. Cooperation with the environmental initiative is a component of the NOVENTI sustainability strategy. "As an international healthcare company, multi-generational management is a top priority for us. Sustainable behavior is deeply rooted into our entire group. We will also take more actions to protect our environment and the well-being of our employees in the coming years."

The role of bees in our ecosystem and agriculture is often underestimated. After cattle and swine, bees are the third most important type of livestock and directly or indirectly contribute to one third of the global food production because of crop pollination. Pesticides, monocultures, and dwindling sources of food are threatening bees that are actually very robust, adaptable insects and are reducing the amount of bees at an alarming rate. Bee decline has devastating effects on our ecosystem. This is why the NOVENTI Group would like to make a contribution to preserving insect diversity. Initially, the honey that is extracted will be given to the employees of the NOVENTI Group.

news-46 Wed, 19 Sep 2018 09:12:04 +0200 Cooperation between NOVENTI and ARZ Darmstadt: The pharmacy app for Germany Joint press release with ARZ Darmstadt GmbH

NOVENTI and ARZ Darmstadt have signed a cooperation agreement that will promote the launch of a standardized pharmacy app for all German pharmacies with the goal of establishing THE German pharmacy APP on the market. Both companies are combining their free pharmacy apps and thus the further development of the apps so that the two apps callmyApo and Apojet can work on a mutual technological basis. This makes the two current leading apps on the market fully compatible for their approximately 4000 pharmacy users. It is also possible via both apps to use standardized digital access to pharmacies. The two companies are providing the innovative apps for free to all German pharmacies in the interest of safeguarding the future of local pharmacies in Germany. The apps can be used by all pharmacies and their customers throughout the country. This means that today several million people can already use the pharmacy app. Users do not have to switch in the user interface and operation. The apps will be able to be used on a centralized base, and the way for THE German pharmacy APP will be promoted with great strides by joint technical adaptations.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, chairman of the NOVENTI Health SE Management Board: "callmyApo and Apojet are currently the leading pharmacy apps in the German market. The market leadership of these apps will once again be clearly expanded by the cooperation. We are sure that together we are setting a new standard for digital access to pharmacies." Reiner Haupt, managing director of ARZ Darmstadt, "The concept of a standardized pharmacy app for all of Germany is finding great support among pharmacists and shows us that we are on the right path. We are pleased about the positive response from all over the country."

With their pharmacy apps, NOVENTI and ARZ Darmstadt are helping pharmacies provide more customer service and are combining the digital world with the expertise of on-site pharmacies. Local pharmacies can position themselves better as essential partners in health care with a powerful, innovative pharmacy app that is the market leader. This app can put pharmacies at the cutting edge of the digital world and make them available at any time with the decisive advantage of personal, pharmaceutical care in a local pharmacy.

news-40 Mon, 30 Jul 2018 07:54:00 +0200 Björn Zeien comes to the NOVENTI Group NOVENTI brings in expert for cross-sector collaboration Experienced new employee: Bjorn Zeien will boost NOVENTI Health SE as the chief strategy officer (CSO) and help develop and maintain strategic partnerships as of October 1, 2018. Zeien has established and developed successful networks in the healthcare industry in the last 15 years and is now bringing his political and technical expertise to our Group Company in Munich.

Björn Zeien currently works as the head of the Politics and Strategic Networks staff unit in the opta data Group Company. He also is active as the Chief Executive Officer of the Germany.Health.NETWORKED Registered Association (Verein Deutschland.Gesund.VERNETZT. e.V.) as well as the Co-initiator of Essen.Health. NETWORKED (Essen.Gesund.VERNETZT). He acts as a member of the Senate of Economy and was selected for the Institute Board of the Institute of the Future Healthcare Industry. His professional focus is entirely on cross-sector networking at the political and technical level. Zeien is a proven healthcare expert, and the move to NOVENTI is a new challenge that he is excited to take on. A key element in this process is holistic action including new technologies and digital solutions.

He was given the DAK award in 2016 for special dedication to the field of digitization in healthcare.

"Björn Zeien strengthens our position as a digital driver of innovation to interact with lawmakers, scientists, and business. He is a leading expert in the healthcare industry who always uses his knowledge and ability with customers in mind," says Dr. Hermann Sommer, chief executive officer of NOVENTI Health SE. Dr. Sommer is convinced that with Zeien another milestone will be able to be set for the Group Company.


news-39 Tue, 26 Jun 2018 15:39:00 +0200 Advisory Board meeting and FSA Representative Committee NOVENTI Group records a successful 2017 fiscal year At the third ordinary Advisory Board meeting in Augsburg, NOVENTI’s Supervisory Board and senior management reported on the past 2017 fiscal year. The company gave a positive summary in view of the persistently challenging market environment in the healthcare industry. NOVENTI is continuing its stable growth course and ended the 2017 fiscal year with another increase of all important figures. In addition to strong economic growth, the company made notable accomplishments in 2017 as well. The focus of the accomplishments was an expansion of our extensive range of services that the Group is using to continue to clear the way to patient-oriented networking in the German and international health care market.

The NOVENTI Group is continuing its restructuring process that it launched about two years ago to make a synergy network of more than 20 subsidiaries and holdings. The company’s financial position, earnings position and changes in the financial position showed a positive trend in 2017 as well in spite of the associated investments. With annual sales of 156.4 million euros and net income of 21.5 million euros, NOVENTI is securing its top position among the leading international providers of billing services in the healthcare industry. The profit distribution based on capital contributions for the members of FSA Registered Association – the sole shareholder of NOVENTI – was 12 percent. Managing Director, Hermann Sommer, regards the company group as optimally prepared for the challenges of the future and not only because of the satisfying economic situation, “You can only help in a targeted way if you see the whole picture. With this in mind, we provide the right answers to the core issues of the healthcare market as a holistically focused healthcare service provider – as a go-between for lawmakers, business, and society.” His colleague in senior management, Dr. Sven Jansen, adds, “We are organizing healthcare, and that makes us strong. As a market leader, we primarily understand our role as an obligation to offer our customers the highest quality overall approach and as an obligation to set trends as an initiator.”

Strong markets, strong growth
In its core markets, the NOVENTI Group looks back at an eventful year that was marked by a series of milestones. VSA celebrated an important anniversary in April 2017: 50 years of digital prescription billing. In 1967, the company made its first digital billing. Since then, NOVENTI subsidiaries in the pharmacy market have been consistently using technical advances to continually optimize their billing processes. The conditions for innovative developments are also generally positive in the care market: digitization in the care market is going faster than previously assumed. The NOVENTI subsidiary BoS&S LLC wants to use the advantages of this to make more efficient use of what are generally very limited resources in the care industry to be able to meet the growing need for care. With notable success: BoS&S LLC was able to achieve a sales increase of 2 million euros in 2017.

Europe’s largest billing company: NOVENTI HealthCare LLC

The segment of other service providers is important for the company group and is also in a phase of profound change. The main challenges are structural changes from the quickly advancing digitization, growing bureaucracy, mounting cost pressure, and increasing competition. The subsidiaries azh, zrk, and SRZH that operate successfully in this area were merged into the new company NOVENTI HealthCare LLC in 2017 as a reaction to these challenges. Together, these brands serve significantly more than 26,000 customers and have a market share of approximately 22 percent with annual sales of around 51 million euros.

The position of NOVENTI HealthCare LLC was strengthened again in May of this year. Three high-performance pharmacy billing centers from the NOVENTI company group were merged with ALG, SARZ, and VSA under the umbrella of NOVENTI HealthCare LLC. Our new company is now one of the most important providers for billing services in the healthcare industry on an international level with more than 33,500 customers, a transaction volume of around 19 billion euros, and over 1,000 employees. Financial services complete NOVENTI HealthCare LLC’s portfolio. Our current license from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) is the key to financial services. Because of our license, innovative, new billing products such as “sofortGeld” (immediate money) can be offered to pharmacy market customers.

Firmly focused on digitization
Digitization is going strong in all areas of our society and economy and will also fundamentally change the healthcare industry in the coming years. According to expert estimates, the worldwide market volume of the digital healthcare market will more than double by the year 2020 to over 200 billion euros. NOVENTI is well prepared for this development and has set the parameters for innovation at an early stage. The Group supports its customers with developing digital business models and considers itself an important link between the real and digital world.

2018 Outlook
For 2018, the senior management is expecting the profitable growth course to continue and is counting on a good overall result in the corporate group. “The NOVENTI Group is well positioned for the future since it has entered into new, digital business segments and included financial services. I’m glad that the Group is setting a trend from a position of strength for the technological and societal change in the healthcare industry,” says Supervisory Board Chairman Uwe Geiss in the name of the NOVENTI Supervisory Board. FSA Chief Executive Officer Jürgen Frasch is also optimistic, “As a company owned by pharmacists, NOVENTI is setting new standards in the area of digitization and is strengthening the role of German pharmacists in the healthcare industry. The Group is creating extensive digital access to on-site pharmacies using the pharmacy order app callmyApo. This service is even free for members of the pharmacist associations.” The Advisory Board and the Representative Committee formally approved of the actions of all members of the Supervisory Board and the FSA Executive Board for fiscal year 2017.

Hans-Joachim Niermann named as an honorary member of FSA
FSA Registered Association is the sole shareholder of NOVENTI. At the 37th ordinary Representative Committee meeting, First Chairman Jürgen Frasch named long-time Executive Board member Hans-Joachim Niermann as an honorary member. By doing so, the Executive Board honored Niermann’s achievements and loyalty. Niermann has served on FSA boards since the year 2000. He was an Executive Board member from 2002 to 2015, and starting in 2011 he held the office of second chairman.

news-38 Tue, 15 May 2018 09:08:26 +0200 NOVENTI Group founds Europe’s largest billing company in the healthcare industry and combines pharmacy billing centers under one roof ALG, SARZ, and VSA as future brands of NOVENTI HealthCare LLC The healthcare market is in a state of change, and the NOVENTI Group is reacting to the challenges in its core markets. ALG, SARZ, and VSA make the Group Company the market leader in the field of pharmacy billing centers. The Group Company is now building strength: the three pharmacy billing centers will be combined under the roof of NOVENTI HealthCare LLC in the future. This will make it Europe’s largest billing company in the healthcare industry with a billing volume of 19 billion.

With a billing volume of more than 15 billion euros, the pharmacy billing centers ALG, SARZ, and VSA are already an important financial partner for the customers of the NOVENTI Group. The Group’s position is being systematically strengthened by expanding the range of services and products in the area of “billing and finances.” A license from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) is an important requirement for this step. This license has already been obtained for NOVENTI HealthCare LLC and its brands azh, SRZH, and zrk within the NOVENTI Group. The “new” NOVENTI HealthCare LLC is now one of the most important providers for billing services in the healthcare industry on an international level with more than 33,500 customers, a transaction volume of around 19 billion euros, and 1,000 employees.

NOVENTI Managing Director Dr. Hermann Sommer explains the circumstances of the decision: "Combining our very successful pharmacy billing centers, emphasizes the excellent market position of the entire NOVENTI Group as a systemically relevant provider in the healthcare market. We are also taking advantage of the current opportunities to design the processes and standards for tomorrow. The company mergers should be finished by the end of June 2018. This makes it possible for NOVENTI HealthCare LLC to introduce new, innovative billing products even on a grand scale such as ‘sofortGeld’ (immediate money) to customers in the pharmacy market."

The management of the new NOVENTI HealthCare LLC will consist of Susanne Hausmann, Victor Castro, André Dietmann, and Roman Schaal.


news-37 Fri, 06 Apr 2018 02:01:00 +0200 NOVENTI will introduce new trends for the digital healthcare industry at the conhIT 2018 The NOVENTI Group will discuss the future of the market with companies and associations as well as decision-makers from government, healthcare, business, and industry at the leading European tradeshow in the industry, the conhIT 2018 in Berlin. From April 17-19, 2018, the company will be providing information about its own newest developments (Hall 1.2, Stand A-110). This includes the new products vimedi, the digital prescription collection point, and the newest innovations for care software.

vimedi stands for the medication management of the future and is an interactive app from our subsidiary NOVENTI Digital. This app allows users to create individual medication plans and to have close interaction with their trusted pharmacy. It can be used intuitively, it makes it easier for patients to monitor their most important health information at any time, and indicates side effects and interactions. VSA is a NOVENTI company that is breaking new, digital ground. It is the market leader for prescription billing and is presenting the new digital prescription collection point to help on-site pharmacies with local supply. The focus is on innovative mobile device management (MDM) and mobile care documentation in the field of care software from the NOVENTI company BoS&S. Innovative mobile device management and mobile care documentation along with the current care cell phone XCover 4 from SAMSUNG make the everyday work of care workers easier and safer.

The experts of the NOVENTI Group will explain these solutions and more to interested conhIT 2018 attendees at the NOVENTI stand. "At the tradeshow, we will focus on topics such as patient-centered care, networking, and digital transformation as well as the associated convention," says Managing Director Dr. Sven Jansen. As a provider of IT solutions and services for the healthcare industry, the company is at the crossroads of these areas and creates innovative, digital solutions and applications that meet the growing demands of the market. "The conhIT informational websites and platforms give us the fresh momentum to continue to be able to push our work forward," Dr. Sven Jansen continues. "We are very much looking forward to the inspiring interaction with other industry representatives at the conhIT."


news-36 Mon, 18 Dec 2017 11:07:51 +0100 NOVENTI Group Managing Director Peter Mattis retires An impressive career: after 21 years Managing Director Peter Mattis is leaving the NOVENTI Group Company in Munich at the end of the year and is taking a well-deserved retirement. Peter Mattis looks back on a successful career at the age of 60. Under his leadership, the NOVENTI Group (formerly the VSA Group Company) grew from VSA, a regional prescription biller, to one of the most important actors on the German health care market. By April 1, 2017, the Supervisory Board had decided on Dr. Sven Jansen as the successor of Peter Mattis and his Co-managing Director Dr. Hermann Sommer.

The success story of the NOVENTI Group is also the story of Peter Mattis. As a forward thinker and strategist, he decisively paved the Group Company’s way to being an innovative and also financially successful driving force in the healthcare industry. In January 1997, Mattis succeeded long-time company executive Dr. Herbert Reber at VSA and jointly managed VSA with Dr. Andreas Lacher until the end of 2015. Mattis recognized the opportunities of digitization at a very early stage and the market requirements for comprehensive services. VSA was expanded from a regional billing center to an integrated software and billing company under his management. When the holding in what was then called Dr. Ing. Stahl LLC and CSE Stock Corporation was acquired in 1998, VSA expanded its business sector to the area of pharmacy software, which now is successfully represented by the market leader awinta. It was a strategically important decision and the beginning of the current company architecture.

Another important milestone in Mattis’ career was founding the new NOVENTI parent company as a logical reaction to the constant growth of the entire VSA Group Company. It is also to Mattis’ credit that the NOVENTI Group today is economically sound, is growing sustainably, and is consistently expanding its target groups. This can be seen by expansion in the area of prescription billing for pharmacies by purchasing ALG LLC, in the area of prescription billing and industry software for other service providers with the azh and SRZH brands, the entry into the care market by taking over majority shares in BoS&S LLC, or most recently by founding NOVENTI Digital as part of the digitization strategy.

"Peter Mattis significantly pushed the constant advancement of NOVENTI with his clear, analytical, and even sometimes critical view as a thinker and director. The NOVENTI Group is so stable today thanks to his openness to innovative technologies, his creativity and determination, his untiring effort, and his absolute loyalty and integrity," says FSA Chief Executive Officer Jürgen Frasch. NOVENTI Chairman of the Supervisory Board Uwe Geiss adds, "Now that Peter Mattis is leaving us, we are not only losing a recognized expert in the healthcare market, but also a coworker and person who was highly appreciated by everyone."