de TYPO3 News Sun, 18 Apr 2021 23:48:47 +0200 Sun, 18 Apr 2021 23:48:47 +0200 News TYPO3 EXT:news news-250 Fri, 09 Apr 2021 09:29:48 +0200 ZAVA patients send over 33,000 e-prescriptions to local pharmacies, making ZAVA & NOVENTI Germany's number 1 e-prescription partnership  

Thanks to the cooperation between NOVENTI and ZAVA, local pharmacists and patients are already benefiting from e-prescriptions After digitally consulting with a doctor at ZAVA, patients receive an electronic prescription they can easily and safely redeem in the local pharmacy of their choice.

One year ago, Germany's market leader in the health care market, NOVENTI, connected the online doctor's practice ZAVA to the pharmacy platform callmyApo. It was a pioneering alliance in the German healthcare market that is bearing fruit: The Germany-wide pharmacy network has grown from 5,000 to over 6,500 pharmacies this year. E-prescription volume rose steadily over the same period, and more than 33,000 prescriptions have been processed through the cooperation. Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE, comments: "With this, ZAVA and NOVENTI have introduced the e-prescription nationwide in Germany and together form Germany's number 1 e-prescription partnership."

The modern patient journey starts with a digital consultation at ZAVA, which is easily agreed via website or app. When the attending physician issues an e-prescription, the patient can immediately choose what to do with it. With one click, he can decide to send it to the pharmacy of his choice. This is a service at no extra cost for the doctor or pharmacy.  It is secure, with a qualified digital signature, in compliance with data protection regulations and without advertising.

Patients are informed as soon as the required medication is ready for collection. In most cases within a few minutes. If the pharmacy offers a delivery service, it can also be used. Unnecessary trips are prevented.

Dr. Hermann Sommer explains the cooperation: “Cooperation with ZAVA developed very positively for local pharmacies in Germany last year. Because we are continuously increasing the proportion of e-prescriptions sent to local pharmacies following digital ZAVA-consultations (by callmyApo) . We are thus fulfilling our promise from the beginning of the cooperation with ZAVA to bring sales from the foreign mail order business to the German owner-managed local pharmacies. It is a component from NOVENTI that makes all of our customers e-prescription and future-ready.”

David Meinertz, founder and CEO of ZAVA says: “By working with NOVENTI, we create real added value for everyone involved. We are driven to provide the best possible medical care for our patients. Local pharmacies’ services are essential for effective drug supply.”

Dr. Claudia Linke, Managing Director of ZAVA in Germany, adds:  “With our offers, we fulfill patient wishes for contemporary digital solutions. The hybrid model of digital consultations and local pharmacies makes switching between the two worlds as easy as possible."

NOVENTI is the leading shaper of the German healthcare market and always acts in the service of the local pharmacy. Every pharmacy involved is able to receive prescriptions electronically from the European market leader ZAVA. The service is free of charge for pharmacy customers. The same applies to the pharmacies. A connection to callmyApo is non-discriminatory and immediately possible for all pharmacies in Germany.

Henrike Wendroth, Klindwort Apotheke am Strand in Timmendorfer Strand, explains: “Since last year at the latest, we can no longer avoid the topic of telemedicine in pharmacies and medical practices. For us pharmacies, telemedical online services offer many advantages: In tourist, rural areas it is sometimes difficult for our customers to obtain a doctor's appointment quickly - especially on weekends. We advise them on site, but also refer to ZAVA's online consultations. Only a few minutes after the telemedical doctor interview, the patient can redeem his e-prescription in our pharmacy."

news-248 Thu, 18 Mar 2021 11:55:04 +0100 FSA / NOVENTI: Ursula Bockhorni-Imhoff named honorary member Ursula Bockhorni-Imhoff has been committed to FSA and its companies VSA and NOVENTI for nearly 30 years. For this reason, FSA has made her an honorary member. At the end of 2020, Ursula Bockhorni-Imhoff handed over her Ludwigs pharmacy to her daughter Verena. This ended her membership in FSA e. V., the sole shareholder of NOVENTI Health SE. She was a NOVENTI customer for more than 40 years, since 1977; For nearly 30 years - since June 26, 1991 - she has been involved in FSA, VSA and NOVENTI.

From 1991 to 1998 she was a member of the FSA Board of Representatives. From 1998 to 2011 she was a member of the FSA Board of Directors and thus also the VSA shareholders' meeting. From 2011 she was a member of the VSA and NOVENTI Supervisory Boards; in October 2020 she left this body at her own request. Due to her special merits, the FSA Board of Directors has appointed Ursula Bockhorni-Imhoff an honorary member.

"Ursula Bockhorni-Imhoff was engaged in FSA and VSA/NOVENTI with a lot of expertise, heart and instinct.“

It was always important to the Garmisch-Partenkirchen pharmacist that the company develop consistently, made use of new (technical) possibilities and lived up to its special responsibility as a pharmacy-owned company. She accompanied the company with great commitment in decisive phases on the way from the prescription calculator to a broad-based group of companies. "Ursula Bockhorni-Imhoff was engaged in FSA and VSA/NOVENTI with a lot of expertise, heart and instinct," said Jürgen Frasch, First FSA Chairman, in recognizing her commitment. "With great dedication, she contributed to our company, the NOVENTI Group, being one of the largest service providers in the healthcare market today."

FSA thanks Ursula Bockhorni-Imhoff for everything she has done for the association as well as VSA and NOVENTI, combined with the best wishes for the future.

news-245 Tue, 09 Feb 2021 08:12:44 +0100 #Klimanotdienst campaign. Setting an example for climate protection: With NOVENTI’s support, all German pharmacies can become climate-neutral #Klimanotdienst campaign: Under this hashtag, pharmacies together with NOVENTI are campaigning for climate protection. As a climate-neutral company, NOVENTI will continue to pursue the ambitious goal in 2021 of helping as many local pharmacies as possible become climate-neutral. NOVENTI will also cover the entire CO2 compensation costs for 2021 when pharmacies take part in the “Zeichen setzen!” initiative and apply certain measures to make their pharmacy climate-neutral. The initiative will be accompanied by a new campaign at the beginning of the year: Based on night and emergency service, local pharmacies show they also take on the "climate emergency service" for their customers and are pioneers in climate protection. More information at Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO NOVENTI: “Climate change is a global challenge that all of us must tackle. We have no time to lose - we want to draw attention to this with our new #Klimanotdienst campaign. As a climate-neutral company, we set a good example and also want to be local supporters in all health issues including the climate. We are proud to accompany our partners into a climate-neutral future in 2021 and set sustainable standards in the pharmacy industry and beyond."

Initiative „Zeichen setzen!“

The ´Zeichen setzen!’ initiative was launched in 2020 - together with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, under the patronage of Federal Minister Gerd Müller. It consists of a 5-point plan for climate protection, which enables pharmacies to become climate-neutral. And it's very simple: After an uncomplicated and quick registration on, the pharmacy engages in taking measures to protect the local climate. In addition to waste separation, this includes switching to green electricity, reducing plastic and paper and changing to recyclable print products. Pharmacies are supported by attractive partner conditions, for example with electricity providers. For all participating pharmacies, NOVENTI bears the offsetting costs of CO2 emissions for the year 2021. For this purpose, NOVENTI, together with Fokus Zukunft Institut, calculates the pharmacies’ emissions and, in return, promotes climate projects abroad, along with the Alliance for Development and Climate. “Among other things, we are promoting a hydropower plant construction in Salto Pilão (Brazil) and a wind power project of the Serum Institute of India (SIIL), which supplies children around the world with vaccines. Both projects have been carefully checked and meet a verified carbon standard,” explains Dr. Sven Jansen, NOVENTI board member.

Numerous pharmacies in Germany have already made themselves climate-neutral as part of the NOVENTI initiative. With NOVENTI, the Vatican under Pope Francis also made the Farmacia Vaticana climate-neutral, which is one of the most visited pharmacies in the world with 2,000 customers per day.

Success with a good example - that's what involved pharmacists say

One of the pharmacists who has already made his business climate-neutral with the help of NOVENTI is Jürgen Frasch, owner of four pharmacies and chairman of the FSA eV since 2011. "The ´Zeichen setzen!" initiative offers local pharmacies the opportunity to stand out from online shipping pharmacies as well as makes them attractive employers for future-oriented employees and local contacts for environmentally conscious customers.” Hans Jacob, owner of two pharmacies, is also convinced of the initiative. “As a pharmacy or health care company, we should pay attention to our environment, the future and also our children’s health. We should provide young people with acceptable conditions to maintain health. Continuing with the climate as before is no alternative. CO2 emissions will be a huge burden in the medium term. For me, that is the decisive point, which is why I take part in the NOVENTI ´Zeichen setzen!’ campaign."

Dirk Vongehr, member of the executive board of MVDA e.V., was on board with his Paradies-Apotheke in Cologne right from the start and explains: “As the best-known umbrella brand of owner-managed pharmacies, LINDA is happy to support the #Klimanotdienst campaign. With the ´Zeichen setzen!‘ initiative, NOVENTI set the first groundbreaking course for more climate protection in the German pharmacy market. LINDA was a strategic partner right from the start and will continue to be actively involved in the project for more sustainability.” You can find further information and registration for the “Zeichen setzen!” initiative at


news-244 Fri, 05 Feb 2021 11:46:01 +0100 Cooperation award 2021: NOVENTI wins again in the catego-ries "Best IT Partner" and "Best Billing Company” On February 3, at the BVDAK online cooperation summit in Munich, NOVENTI received the winning cooperation award in two categories: The market leader for pharmacy software in Germany as “Best IT partner” and the largest billing company in Europe as “Best billing center.” As a benchmark for the industry, the prestigious award is presented in cooperation with the magazine "Die erfolgreiche Apotheke”. The award is based on the results of the COOP Study, which has been carried out annually for 12 years. Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE, who gave a lecture on the German health market's future at the cooperation summit, emphasized: "As a pharmacy-owned group of companies with 120 years of experience, NOVENTI knows exactly what is important: security and reliability. It is our mission to be the strongest possible partner for all pharmacists. We are particularly pleased this mission has been honored with renewed awards from local pharmacies.  With great commitment, we will continue to fully support the local pharmacies and together shape the successful future in the healthcare that our country deserves. We look forward to our continued successful path together."

Petra Terhardt, Managing Director Sales, Pharmacy Division: “We are very pleased that with NOVENTI awinta we are repeating the victories of previous years in the “ Best IT Partner” category and we are once again taking first place in the “Best Billing Center” category this year. The outbreak of the corona pandemic, which was a challenge for all of us, showed even more clearly that pharmacies can rely on NOVENTI as a partner: We support them with a flexible liquidity solution in all life situations - and place in the context of the initiative against Corona,“ for example with the current vaccination campaign, the central and irreplaceable importance pharmacists have as personal advisors for all citizens in their highly private health issues. This mission, "In the service of the local pharmacy," is our conviction - we will continue to stand up for it every day."  

Pharmacy cooperation study "Coop Study 2021"

The aim of the independent pharmacy cooperation study "Coop Study 2021," which has now been carried out in the twelfth year, is to obtain an up-to-date and reliable picture of the cooperation market from a pharmacist’s point of view. The study was also carried out this year by DAP Networks GmbH together with IQVIA. Evaluation is based on the completed questionnaires of almost 600 pharmacy managers and branch directors who are or were previously members of a pharmacy cooperation. Based on the survey results, the best collaborations in various categories as well as the best cooperation partners from the most important areas involved were selected.

news-242 Mon, 25 Jan 2021 06:22:05 +0100 Germany's first central healthcare platform will start in the 2nd quarter of 2021 Joint venture established by PHOENIX & NOVENTI Go-live of the healthcare platform in time for the start of e-prescriptions Electronic health record as the nucleus for all patient services Pre-registration for service providers is now possible The kick-off for Germany’s first central healthcare platform will occur in the 2nd quarter of 2021, on time before the electronic prescription (e-prescription) is introduced. The platform called “” will be available as a smartphone app and accessible via browser. For the first time, it connects consumers and patients with service providers in the German healthcare system. For once, users can manage all health issues digitally in one place and compile an ecosystem of pharmacies, doctors and other healthcare professionals as well as nursing services, medical supply stores and health insurance companies tailored to their needs. The online portfolio of services for everything to do with health and service providers will continue to grow and will be open to all players in the healthcare system. The platform is operated by a joint venture between NOVENTI and PHOENIX founded especially for this purpose, which operates under the name “Gesundheit für Deutschland GmbH & Co KG” and is based in Munich. is supported by pro AvO. Managing directors of Gesundheit für Deutschland GmbH & Co KG are Maximilian Achenbach and Dr. Sven Simons, who were delegated to these positions by the two shareholders. Achenbach heads PHOENIX Group’s commercial digital business and has extensive international professional experience in e-commerce and ​​digital business models. Simons is a pharmacist and member of NOVENTI’s Executive Board for Customers & Innovations. He has in-depth knowledge of the pharmacy market. Together they are responsible for launching the new platform and its successful implementation. Further shareholders will join the joint venture soon. This approach allows all partners to contribute their strengths in areas such as inventory management, logistics, marketing, etc. to the emerging platform in the best possible way.

Bundling all participants of the German healthcare system

“With the digital offer, we focus equally on German healthcare market consumers and players. Our future digital platform offers patients suitable solutions for all their concerns and seamlessly networks them digitally with central service providers. For them, with we are opening up a digital complement to their local services for direct communication with consumers and patients throughout the country. In this way, the consistent bundling of healthcare system participants is a first in Germany,” emphasizes Marcus Freitag, CEO of PHOENIX Germany.

Electronic health record as the nucleus for all patient services

The healthcare platform, in conjunction with the electronic health record, is the central solution that for the first time allows patients to manage their health digitally: organize doctor's appointments; save e-prescriptions, diagnostic findings or invoices and share them directly with service providers if necessary. In addition, symptoms will be documented in a pain diary, a medication plan drawn up and reminders to take medication according to the prescription and on time activated in successive expansion stages.

" is the German healthcare market's answer to Amazon," says Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE. “Because only we want to ensure people’s holistic and comprehensive healthcare - in the city and country. We stand for digital networking, combined with personal advice and on-site health care, whether through pharmacies, medical practices, physiotherapists or other service providers. The special thing about this healthcare ecosystem is the electronic health record as the nucleus for all services related to and for the patient. Because only the patients or consumers decide when they want to share their personal health data with whom. This makes the only healthcare ecosystem that is 100 percent self-managed by the consumer. As the decision-maker, the human being is the main focus at Service providers as guardians of personal healthcare and German data protection combined. That is our USP, also in contrast to foreign mail order companies."

Registration is now free of charge on

Service providers can now register in advance free of charge on This will keep them up to date on all developments until the platform goes live. PHOENIX and NOVENTI are bringing their already successfully established digital health applications, the “deine Apotheke” app and “callmyApo,” to the new offering. The apps make it possible already to pre-order medicines and health products in local pharmacies. This is done via prescription photo or chat for the desired goods and can then be picked up at the pharmacy or delivered to the front door by its courier service. The platform takes into account the planned e-prescription and electronic patient record (ePA) introduction. Associated with this is the local pharmacy’s tried and tested advice.


news-240 Thu, 14 Jan 2021 18:28:16 +0100 NOVENTI is strengthening its staff and summoning Dr. Peter Schreiner for expanding digital solutions NOVENTI creates new "Digital" department. Dr. Peter Schreiner will be responsible for it from February 1. Schreiner will primarily deal with developing and marketing digital solutions for the healthcare market and coordinate NOVENTI's activities. As is well known, the group of companies also relies on strong partnerships such as the joint venture currently being established with Phoenix as well as Pro AvO. He reports to Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE. Dr. Hermann Sommer explains: “Regarding the e-prescription and entire digitization in the pharmacy market, 2021 will be the year to set the agenda. I am therefore extremely pleased that we have succeeded in winning Peter Schreiner for NOVENTI as manager and mover who is valued in the industry. Peter Schreiner is well connected through his many years of work in the market. With him we will be able to increase our effectiveness further."

Dr. Peter Schreiner says, “I am pleased to help shape the change and innovation in the interests of the local pharmacy and the end consumer at a crucial point. As a pharmacy-owned group of companies, NOVENTI is the market leader in the German healthcare market and creator of coming changes in the interests of pharmacies and service providers.”

NOVENTI is already e-prescription-ready, so that even after the official introduction of the e-prescription, prescriptions can be redeemed in on-site pharmacies. Last year, NOVENTI was the first company in Germany to bring e-prescriptions to local German pharmacies with callmyApo.

46-year-old Dr. Peter Schreiner was CEO of the pharmaceutical wholesaler GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH until 2020. The business graduate and doctorate in business administration joined the wholesale business of Celesio in Stuttgart, now McKesson Europe AG, in 2004. In 2011, Dr. Schreiner switched to GEHE. There he was appointed to the management team in 2013, before assuming overall responsibility in 2017.


news-238 Mon, 11 Jan 2021 06:58:04 +0100 “Never again 2020: Let's get vaccinated” - “Initiative against Corona” calls for vaccinations Healthcare service provider NOVENTI and the four leading vaccine manufacturers in Germany want to increase the population's willingness to vaccinate through a Germany-wide campaign- “Dispute must give way to factual clarification” posters for all 19,000 pharmacies in Germany, among others “Never again 2020: Let's get vaccinated.” This is the motto of the nationwide campaign by healthcare service provider NOVENTI as part of the “Initiative against Corona.” Its aim is to relieve the population of concerns about vaccination through objective education and intensify the fight against the corona virus. The initiative is supported by the leading vaccine manufacturers BioNTech, CureVac, Artes Biotechnology and IDT Biologika. Posters to be posted in display windows have been delivered to all 19,000 pharmacies in Germany.

According to a Heidelberg University study, only 46 percent of people living in Germany are currently willing to be vaccinated. However, in order to get the Covid 19 pandemic under control and relieve the healthcare system, a significantly higher vaccination rate of around 60 to 70 percent is important, according to WHO. Therefore, the campaign’s aim is to increase willingness in Germany to vaccinate.

“Factual information is the best immunization against vaccination doubts”

“Pharmacists are the on-site health experts who can provide information about vaccination against Covid-19 individually and nationwide throughout Germany,” says Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE. “We use this fact to continue our ‘Initiative against Corona,’ because factual information is the best immunization against rampant vaccination doubts. We must address that now - regardless of the current amount of vaccine - because personal attitudes are slow to change. Factual clarification must prevail over the currently prevailing dispute. Because this unsettles the population and reduces the willingness to vaccinate. We need competent content-related contacts for the population - such as the pharmacists - and role models from all parts of society who carry the topic in their hearts. Because it's a matter of each individual’s life.”

“Pharmacies as a place for content-related information”

“It is important that people who are worried about the COVID-19 vaccine can obtain information based on facts and that they also feel fully informed,” emphasizes Dr. Michael Boehler, Managing Director for BioNTech in Germany, which has developed a vaccine against Covid-19 in collaboration with the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer. “The ‘Initiative against Corona' brings discussions about vaccination to the right place for content-related information: in the pharmacies.” Franz-Werner Haas, CEO of the Tübingen-based biotech company CureVac, is convinced that willingness to vaccinate can be increased “if serious and independent contacts such as pharmacies provide information and recommend vaccination. That is why we are happy to support NOVENTI's 'Initiative against Corona'.”

“It only happens by working together - regardless of nationality, origin or religion”

“The campaign motto aims at the wish that is certainly at the top of most people's wish-lists for the new year: Never again 2020,” explains Dr. Silvio Kusche, CMO of NOVENTI. “That only happens by working together. With our overarching initiative, we actually want to address everyone living in Germany and have therefore implemented the motifs in the five most frequently spoken languages​ in Germany, namely German, English, French, Russian and Turkish. Media partner among others is the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet. Because the pandemic affects us all, regardless of nationality, origin or religion. In addition to technical competence, pharmacies are also ideal for the coverage, because they have - in contrast to medical practices, clinics and vaccination centers - large shop windows that everyone passes. That’s what we use for our poster campaign.”

NOVENTI bears the costs for producing and distributing the posters, and the four vaccine manufacturers lend support by providing information about the vaccinations. You can find more information and the poster motif “Never again 2020” at and

To the poster motifs in 4 other languages


news-236 Tue, 22 Dec 2020 08:45:00 +0100 Joint venture PHOENIX and NOVENTI • Pleased about clearance by the Federal Cartel Office • Joint venture provides information on further steps and all advantages for Germa-ny's pharmacists well before the introduction of the e-prescription system • Unique healthcare ecosystem is created in Germany Munich, December 22, 2020 PHOENIX Pharmahandel GmbH & Co KG and NOVENTI Health SE are pleased to announce that the German Federal Cartel Office has approved the establishment of the digital health plat-form.
The newly created company has the task of establishing Germany's central healthcare platform. Therefore, the par-ties had applied for merger clearance with the relevant competition authorities in Germany, Austria and Poland. The establishment of the joint venture is now subject to approval by the cartel authorities in Austria and Poland.
The formation of the joint venture will take place immediately after these clearances. Following this, the JV will pro-vide information on the next steps well in advance of the introduction of the e-prescription, as well as outlining the benefits for pharmacists in Germany.
The aim of the healthcare platform is to connect consumers and patients with all parties involved in the healthcare system, such as on-site pharmacies, physicians and other healthcare professionals, as well as nursing services, medical supply stores and health insurance companies, and to link them into a healthcare ecosystem that is unique in Germany.

news-234 Fri, 04 Dec 2020 09:34:00 +0100 In dialog with local pharmacies. apoKOMM2020: Successful online information series from NOVENTI extended - new edition planned for 2021 For NOVENTI, especially in Corona times, dialog with local pharmacies is very important as the backbone of healthcare. Due to the many canceled on-site events this year, the market leader in the health market invited pharmacies to apoKOMM2020 in October and November. The high demand and the success of the digital event series has led NOVENTI to extend apoKOMM2020 until December 15 and is considering a new edition for 2021. Free registration at First-hand expert knowledge, insights and information live in direct exchange and all of this online and without having to travel: Response from the numerous participants shows that apoKOMM2020 is already a complete success. NOVENTI set up a broad and varied program in which participants are given compact information about the most important and relevant topics for pharmacies. In December, additional dates will be offered for the topic of "Flexibility in liquidity management." Interested pharmacists can register free of charge at

Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO NOVENTI: “In this special Corona year, many companies, including us at NOVENTI, have had to leave familiar paths and try new things. Important platforms for direct exchange have been eliminated due to numerous cancellations of face-to-face events. In autumn, for example, we launched the new, extensive digital event series apoKOMM, so that pharmacies can communicate directly and exchange ideas intensively - with great success."

In addition to the highly topical issue of liquidity for pharmacies, expert lectures dealt with e-prescriptions and how they can be used for the success of one's own pharmacy, with an overview of current legislation status and Gematik provisions. Furthermore, participants learned how the inventory management of market leader awinta® already maps future e-prescription processes. In another online seminar, pharmacies were able to convince themselves about the importance of professionally supported prescription security and get to know what is probably the most extensive prescription and retax protection program on the market. In further events, pharmacies received tips and tricks for a successful change of owner or tenant as well as successful customer acquisition and sales growth through e-commerce offers.

Free registration for the current events at


news-232 Tue, 24 Nov 2020 13:49:11 +0100 Secure billing for hospital pharmacies. NOVENTI assumes German-market license rights for ApoFAKT ApoFAKT is the leading system for taxation in the hospital pharmacy. NOVENTI has assumed the exclusive German-market license rights for this special software. In the future, it will be available as an integral part of NOVENTI’s billing offer. Hospital pharmacies have special, highly complex requirements regarding information systems, documentation and taxation. In order to take this into consideration, ApoFAKT has been developed in close cooperation with its users since 2003 by PrivateCode Sp. Z.o.o, based in Krakow, Poland.  This company has proven special software expertise in the healthcare market and will continue to develop ApoFAKT in close cooperation with NOVENTI in the future.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO NOVENTI: "It is good news for German hospital pharmacies: By assuming ApoFAKT’s license rights, we will ensure the high quality and security of taxation in the future and thus make a significant contribution to economic security. As a pharmacy-owned company, we stand at the side of German hospital pharmacies and rely on the innovation expertise of highly specialized partners such as PrivateCode. Together we are working at high pressure on hospital solutions for e-prescriptions and connecting the clinic world with the telematics infrastructure."  

As a comprehensive taxing platform, ApoFAKT is deeply integrated into hospital processes. It offers numerous interfaces to various special applications and in-house hospital information systems (e.g. SAP-based). Users appreciate the highest possible process security and smooth interaction between internal accounting and billing. Medical supply stores also use the solution. ApoFAKT offers taxation from a single source, without a system break between GKV, co-payment or private health insurance. The system has a particularly profound specialization in the area of assessing cytostatic formulations.


Interested pharmacies are welcome to contact the NOVENTI hospital competence team on or 089 – 43 184 599.

news-230 Fri, 06 Nov 2020 17:26:18 +0100 Way to the future secured - NOVENTI takes over ScanAdhoc. Prescription checking software exclusively secured for affected old and new customers NOVENTI has taken over the exclusive license rights for ScanAdhoc in Germany. The market leader in the healthcare market is thus making an important contribution to pharmacies affected by the AvP insolvency. At the same time, ScanAdhoc will be available immediately for all pharmacies in Germany. This means that the two leading software solutions for prescription checking come from one company. Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO NOVENTI: “We are pleased that by taking over ScanAdhoc we can help pharmacies affected by the AvP insolvency cope with the already difficult situation. In the future, ScanDialog and ScanAdhoc will ensure optimal software performance for pharmacists; ScanDialog as a web application and ScanAdhoc as a local installation. The ScanAdhoc test module is independent of inventory management and is very popular with users. We are very pleased that we can offer ScanAdhoc exclusively to all pharmacists in Germany."

Interested pharmacies can contact NOVENTI customer service via or 089 -43 184 184.

news-228 Thu, 05 Nov 2020 08:31:50 +0100 High distinction: Uwe Geiß appointed honorary FSA chairman. Jürgen Frasch: "Uwe Geiß has made a valuable contribution to further developing VSA/NOVENTI" FSA's Executive Board has appointed Uwe Geiß, longstanding 2nd FSA Chairman and Chairman of the NOVENTI Health SE Supervisory Board, as Honorary Chairman. "For us pharmacists, it is important, if not vital, that we have strong partners on our side." Following this firm conviction, Uwe Geiß has been committed to consistently further developing the pharmacy's own VSA/NOVENTI for almost 30 years. Very committed and with a high level of expertise, he accompanied the company in crucial phases on the way from the prescription calculator to a broad-based group of companies.

In 1991, Uwe Geiß was elected to the FSA Representative Assembly, from 1995 to 2011 he was 2nd FSA Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the VSA Shareholders' Meeting. Since 2011, he has been Chairman of VSA's and NOVENTI’s Supervisory Board.

Long ago, Geiß announced he wanted to end his term of office in 2020 for personal reasons and resigned from the Supervisory Board at the end of the Annual General Meeting on October 20, 2020. Jürgen Frasch, 1st FSA Chairman, praised his commitment in the online meeting of the FSA Representative Assembly on October 14, 2020: "Uwe Geiß has made a valuable contribution to our company's successful development. That deserves great respect and recognition."

In addition to Geiß's enormous specialist knowledge, Frasch emphasized his calm and clever manner as well as absolute trustworthiness and loyalty and thanked him for his always pleasant, constructive cooperation.

FSA e.V. thanks Uwe Geiß very much for everything he has done and achieved for the association and company over the years. As an expression of his appreciation and recognition and appreciation of his great services, he awards him the title of "Honorary Chairman of FSA eV".

news-226 Wed, 21 Oct 2020 07:26:11 +0200 New NOVENTI Health SE Supervisory Board elected Herbert Pfennig assumes chairmanship of the NOVENTI Supervisory Board: "We want to continue actively shaping the German health market - for all service providers and in the patients’ interests"Dr. Sommer: "The election is a sign of NOVENTI’s financial stability and security as Europe's largest billing enterprise” Herbert Pfennig was elected to the head of NOVENTI Health SE's Supervisory Board, succeeding long-time chairman Uwe Geiß. Dr. Hermann Sommer sees NOVENTI as further strengthened.

Uwe Geiß chaired the NOVENTI Supervisory Board since 2011. Long ago he announced he would end his term of office in 2020 for personal reasons and resigned his mandate at the end of the Annual General Meeting on October 20, 2020. He is now succeeded by Herbert Pfennig, whom the Supervisory Board elected Chairman in its constituent meeting. Pfennig's mandate runs until the end of the ordinary general meeting in 2023.

Jürgen Frasch, FSA chairman, praised Uwe Geiß's services to NOVENTI and is pleased about Herbert Pfennig's election: “Uwe Geiß has actively accompanied our group of companies to market leadership for many years. We thank him very much for everything he has done for NOVENTI! We, as sole shareholder, very much welcome Herbert Pfennig’s election to the helm of the Supervisory Board. Thanks to his many years of experience in the finance and health sector, he is exactly the right chairman to continue successfully leading NOVENTI into the future together with his Supervisory Board colleagues and the Management Board.“

Herbert Pfennig headed the Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank from 2009 to 2017, first as Board Spokesman, then as Board Chairman. To this day he is a member of the Honorary Senate. During his time as CEO, he successfully led Apobank out of the financial crisis. Before that, in 2004 he moved from Dresdner Bank to Frankfurter Sparkasse, where he was Board of Management Deputy Chairman until 2007. Herbert Pfennig has been an active member of NOVENTI's Supervisory Board since 2017, most recently as Deputy Chairman. In addition to other functions, he is also Supervisory Board Chairman of the UKA University Hospital, Aachen, and Presidium Chairman of the KfH Board of Trustees for Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation, Neu-Isenburg.

Herbert Pfennig's clear goal is to shape the healthcare market

New Supervisory Board Chairman, Herbert Pfennig, uses his election to clearly formulate his goal: “We at NOVENTI want to continue actively shaping the German healthcare market - for all service providers and in the patients’ interests. That's what I stand for, and that's what all of our 2,200 employees work and fight for every day. I am pleased about the trust and cooperation in the Supervisory Board, NOVENTI Management Board and sole shareholder FSA. "

Pharmacist Andreas Buck was elected Supervisory Board Deputy Chairman.

Andrea Bauer, Rüdiger von Esebeck, Rainer Henkelmann, Hans Jacob, Josef Kammermeier, Tobias König and Katri Helena Lyck were also appointed to the Supervisory Board. Andreas Buck, Jürgen Frasch and Florian Picha belong to the Supervisory Board as FSA Board members in accordance with the statutes. Siegfried Fauser and Zsombor Szabó are employee representatives on the Supervisory Board.

Dr. Hermann Sommer sees further strengthening, financial stability and security

NOVENTI CEO Dr. Sommer sees the group as further strengthened: “With our new Supervisory Board Chairman Herbert Pfennig at the top and with this new Supervisory Board, we are setting another example in the direction of NOVENTI's financial stability and security as Europe's largest billing enterprise in the healthcare market. We are very much looking forward the next, crucial years for the German healthcare market."

120 years as a pharmacy-owned group of companies for the German healthcare system

The NOVENTI Group has been working in the interests of the German healthcare system for 120 years. As a result of the corona pandemic, demand for digital services in the healthcare market has again increased significantly. As the market leader, NOVENTI therefore wants to continue promoting and actively shaping the digitization of the German and European health care systems in the future. Projects such as introducing e-prescriptions nationwide in Germany (“Germany’s e-prescription is here!”) or establishing Germany’s central health platform are just two of the numerous projects NOVENTI is currently pursuing.

This goal is supported by NOVENTI’s Supervisory Board, which was newly appointed through the representative assembly of FSA, the sole shareholder of NOVENTI Health SE. FSA consists of over 4,000 pharmacists, therefore NOVENTI, as a pharmacy-owned group of companies, always acts in the interests of service providers in the German healthcare system.

news-223 Thu, 15 Oct 2020 09:00:58 +0200 Together into the future: Munich pharmacy top player “Dr. Beckers Central Pharmacy” is joining forces with the market leader in healthcare, NOVENTI, as a new partner for its 50th anniversary Dr. Beckers Central Pharmacy in Stachus Passagen in Munich has been an official partner of NOVENTI, a pharmacy-owned group of companies for 120 years. Managing director Marcel Becker has been a passionate pharmacist from the very beginning. He gained his first pharmacy experience in his father's business when he was 12 years old. He has been responsible for 50 employees in Dr. Beckers Central Pharmacy since 2009. He also founded Apovid GmbH in 2012. As part of the newly concluded partnership with NOVENTI, the managing pharmacist answers all questions about his motives. Mr. Becker, your passion has a long tradition; you are celebrating your 50th anniversary this year. What is the secret for your pharmacy's success?

We focus on two points: Absolutely customer-centered and a family atmosphere. This is part of our DNA, in our tradition, which was implemented by my father, Dr. Dr. Helmut Becker 50 years ago and continues to this day. This point of view is not only an essential part of our company philosophy towards our customers as well as our partners, which is why we have a close relationship with NOVENTI and the people involved, such as Dr. Hermann Sommer. We would like to use our anniversary as an opportunity to enter into a future-oriented partnership and make the topics “e-prescription ready” and “climate neutrality” ours.

How important is this step for your future digital strategy in the pharmacy market?

Advancing digitization is the main driving force behind our business decisions. The corona pandemic has more than clearly shown the potential and future developments in this area, which is why we as Dr. Beckers Central Pharmacy feel confirmed in having invested in this topic years ago. Establishing our own online shop, digital consulting concepts, location and time-independent customer access are THE strategic goals today and in the future.

With NOVENTI, you now have a full-service health partner by your side. What were the reasons for your choice?

Thanks to the cooperative structure that has existed for 120 years, we have already perceived NOVENTI as an essential partner in the past. The NOVENTI billing center has been a reliable partner by our side for a long time and will continue to be our first choice in the future. This was made possible by the associated software system and thus connected to expanding and consolidating Dr. Beckers Central Pharmacy’s entire IT structure. With our innovative strength and pioneering role in future topics of the telematics infrastructure and associated e-prescription, together with NOVENTI we see ourselves on the right track for the next 50 years.

We imagine the changeover to the “open heart” of 13 POS systems including merchandise management was difficult. How was the planning and conversion for you and your employees?

The complete internal IT conversion, from server to the last mouse, was a very big challenge. However, from the first minute speaking with Dr. Hermann Sommer until the last NOVENTI employee left and after successful training in the cash register system that went into operation, we felt the pharmacy was in safe and competent hands. The many years of NOVENTI/awinta experience in combination with a professional, calm team, which accompanied us very closely during the changeover, quickly gave both the pharmacy's employees and us as company management a great deal of security, which has been absolutely confirmed.

The AvP data center bankruptcy proceedings affect many of your colleagues. How do you secure your liquidity management?

Reliable partnerships are a cornerstone of market domination for local pharmacies, especially under the AvP insolvency effect. The legislature has mandated pharmacies to provide healthcare to the population, but this requires being able to work economically. The main component is therefore reliable and secure billing with the statutory health insurance, without which a pharmacy cannot exist.

What opportunities and challenges do you see from digitization in the healthcare market and especially for pharmacies? 

Cooperation of the three most important pharmacy market components will become even more important in the future: Manufacturers, service providers and local pharmacies must and will have to work even more specifically on a common goal in the future. This manifests itself, among other things, through the NOVENTI initiative in projects such as “ Pro Apotheke vor Ort ” as the booking portal of the pharmacy world. Customer access to the pharmacy independent of time and place will be an elementary component of all future strategies. NOVENTI took the first step here a few years ago with the app for the pharmacy customer "CallmyApo" and is consistently pursuing this through its pioneering role in the topics of "platform economy" in connection with "e-prescriptions" and "e-patient files." 

The local pharmacy will always be the central point of advice in the future. How important is personal advice?

A local pharmacy is not just a medicine dispensing point. It is also a social contact point and supporter in all health matters. These points already have and will become increasingly important in the course of digitization. This means that employees who act on a top level both professionally and personally are the linchpin of a relevant and successful local pharmacy. Without the human component, which goes beyond pure pharmaceutical advice, it is difficult to keep a local pharmacy on the road to success.

How has the job changed today and what advice do you give young professionals?

The local pharmacy professional group has developed even more from a healer to a holistic healthcare provider. Today, personal support and advice goes beyond the pure dispensing of medicines and additional specialized services, starting with intestinal to cosmetic advice as well as completely new subject areas such as the envisaged possibility of vaccination in pharmacies, are moving ever more into focus. Thus, we try to take our 50 colleagues on a journey to become holistic health specialists.

Corona is no longer entirely out of the question. How do you deal with this challenge?

The corona pandemic has led to rapid social development that also affects the pharmacy. TelePharmazie has also found its way, as has more intensive use of a delivery service from local pharmacies. This has contributed to the fact that the pharmacy is also perceived as a systemically important institution in the healthcare sector. Accompanying advertising campaigns such as "Don't Bring Corona to Grandma" or the latest cooperation from NOVENTI with the DoctorBox app "Stop Corona" support pharmacies in their on-site awareness.

Why should pharmacies contribute to climate neutrality?

Future and health go hand in hand. Accordingly, it should be a matter of course for every institution and company in the health sector to counteract the studies, for example on air pollution and its effects on health, in a positive sense and help shape the future, including health. Especially with regard to congested motorways and the associated environmental pollution, the local pharmacy can score points compared to mail order, and this with support, for example through campaigns such as NOVENTI’s on the subject of "climate-neutral pharmacy." In this way, trade and customers can work hand in hand with the right partners to shape their own future.

So that health has a future - in the local pharmacy's service

The focus of the new partnership between NOVENTI and Dr. Beckers Central Pharmacy lies in the holistic value chain as an answer to the social question of climate neutrality and the increasing customer needs with regard to a digitized world. This concerns the secure e-prescription connection, linking the stationary pharmacy as a central and modern advice center, digitizing healthcare, financial planning security of new visions and reliable billing solutions so that pharmacies can stay on the market and remain attractive for pharmacy customers in the future.

Marcel Becker, innovator and digital ambassador, sums up the partnership with NOVENTI as follows: “Great work that the NOVENTI team delivered during the conversion. We are all very happy. Via joint advance planning and installation implementation on site within a very short time. The new software also passed the practical test with our customers and employees no longer get out of the limelight with the new cash register system,” says Marcel Becker.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, NOVENTI CEO: “We are very pleased to have won Marcel Becker and the traditional pharmacist family as valuable partners. Together with us - in addition to billing and the NOVENTI merchandise management system - he is now also on the way to a climate-neutral future, thus setting an important footprint in the pharmacy industry. We at NOVENTI offset the pharmacy's CO2 emissions as part of our initiative “ZEICHEN SETZEN! - Initiative Climate-Neutral Pharmacies in Germany,” which we are implementing in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development under the patronage of Federal Minister Dr. Gerd Müller.

news-222 Wed, 14 Oct 2020 16:44:49 +0200 Europe's market leadership in the healthcare market expanded: NOVENTI buys the hospital business of the insolvent prescription calculator AvP and thus secures 50% operation of all hospital pharmacies in Germay - Prescription volume of 3 billion euro After AvP's filing for bankruptcy and the creation of a 250 million euro aid program for affected pharmacies, NOVENTI is taking the next step and buying the hospital pharmacy business from AvP. Thus NOVENTI ensures the operation of the pharmacies of hospitals such as Charité/Berlin, LMU Klini-kums/Munich and UKE/Hamburg. According to the recommendation of the insolvency administrator Dr. Jan-Philipp Hoos, AvP's creditors’ meeting gave its approval today for NOVENTI to buy the hospital pharmacy business. The prescription billing volume is around 3 billion euro. This ensures 50% operation of all hospital pharmacies in Germany. NOVENTI also takes over 22 AvP employees.

About the purchase , Dr. Hermann Sommer, NOVENTI Health SE CEO says: “We guarantee the hospitals in Germany that we will continue to operate their pharmacies according to the highest standards; so that health has a future, because that is what we have stood for since our foundation 120 years ago. We already helped the affected AvP pharmacists with our aid program and I can announce that all pharmacies that have signed with us have already been billed and paid out. Overall, NOVENTI's prescription billing volume will increase to 28 billion euro, which will enable us to further expand our market leadership in the European healthcare market. And the most important thing is that we are doing our part to maintain German healthcare."

After the AvP insolvency, NOVENTI supported the owner-managed on-site pharmacies quickly and unbureaucratically with a 250 million euro aid program.

NOVENTI contacts all hospital pharmacies in Germany personally. The letter and a corresponding ad motif are part of NOVENTI's information campaign “Safety at Europe's Largest Billing Company.” Every hospital in Germany can now contact NOVENTI at the e-mail address provided or by telephone at 089/43 184 184. Further information is available online at and

news-219 Fri, 09 Oct 2020 10:27:00 +0200 Successful expopharm Impuls. NOVENTI prominently represented in the leading trade fair’s online format. Numerous expert lectures / booth in the digital Schlossallee expopharm is one of the most important events in the pharmacy calendar. So that pharmacies could exchange technical information despite the corona pandemic, this year's leading trade fair took place in a new digital format - and with great success: The pharmacy industry met from October 5 to 8, 2020 for the first expopharm Impuls. As market leader in the healthcare market, NOVENTI was also prominently represented in the new format for local pharmacies with a wide range of topics. Along with various expert lectures and participation in round tables and discussions on various pharmaceutical topics, NOVENTI was also available live to pharmacies with an exhibition stand in the digital Schlossallee for all questions about innovative and future-oriented pharmacy management. NOVENTI is continuing the online dialog with customers through apoKOMM2020. Exciting lectures, interesting rounds of talks, professional exchange and discussions about the pharmacy market's future - that was this year's expopharm Impuls with over 150 contributions and 120 speakers on 6 key topics. According to Dr. Hermann Sommer, NOVENTI CEO: “Expopharm is the most important trade fair and the pharmacy industry's annual highlight. It was therefore a matter of course for us as trade fair partner to accompany the digital live event as well as possible and participate actively. Because right now, support, professional exchange and intensive communication with local pharmacies are more important than ever. Expertise is required: NOVENTI was present at a total of 11 events on various topics during expopharm Impuls."

Focus on digitization

One topic that again shaped expopharm this year was the advancing digitization in the pharmacy and healthcare market. Dr. Sven Jansen, NOVENTI Board member and Dr. Sven Simons, Divisional Director Customers & Innovations, spoke in the panel discussion "Pharmacy (R)evolution: Changing the Game“ inter alia about challenges local pharmacies face as digitization progresses. Dr. Sven Simons explained: “Current, very turbulent times require a look outside the box. In addition to their core business, local pharmacies are required to expand their network with other healthcare professionals and enter into strategic partnerships. As a pharmacy-owned company, we support them to become even more capable of acting in the future and taking an effective position. This is particularly true in the context of introducing the e-prescription and our digital health platform, which positions the pharmacy with its range of services as the central hub for patient care."

Carlos Thees from NOVENTI Health SE Client Organizations gave a concrete insight into the current status of e-prescriptions in his lecture: "Digitization - How Do I Use the e-prescription for My Pharmacy's Success?” Dirk Vongehr, owner of LINDA Paradies-Apotheke in Cologne and member of the MVDA Presidium, invited as a guest, gave the plentiful participants an interesting insight into pharmacy practice and e-prescriptions. Carlos Thees: “Significant changes are taking place in a new dynamic. Introducing the telematics infrastructure and e-prescription will raise prescription process digitization to a new level. With NOVENTI at their side as a strong partner, local pharmacies are already well prepared to design their processes proactively and thus benefit from e-prescriptions."

Full flexibility in liquidity management

How important, reliable and, above all, flexible liquidity planning is for pharmacies nowadays, Thomas Vogt, together with financial experts, explained in the lecture "Liquidity - Just As You Want It." Vogt, responsible in NOVENTI Customer Management Finance / Finance & Special Business, emphasized in his lecture that security and strengthening of pharmacies on site, especially in financial matters, always have top priority for NOVENTI. “The issue of liquidity is always a top priority for pharmacies. Besides the need for modernization measures, there are now additional requirements for pharmacies. New competitors are entering the market, legal specifications are reducing income and, last but not least, pharmacies are shaken up by the rapid pace of digitization. Many customers have reported to us that necessary loans are often difficult to obtain. This is where we come in with our flexible payment models and financing options - with the aim of making money available exactly when the pharmacies need it,” says Thomas Vogt.

Opportunities for the digital pharmacy - pharmacists report from practice

In addition to many expert presentations, the market leader in the healthcare market also gave insights into pharmacy practice at this year's expopharm Impuls. Pharmacy owners Dr. Philipp Hofmann, Dr. Björn Schittenhelm and Dirk Vongehr in conversation with Frank Süßenbach, NOVENTI Head of Special Supply Solutions, in the event "Opportunities for Digital Dispensing: Digitization Direct and Up Close” shared personal experience with online sales in their pharmacies. Discussion participants benefited from online specialists’ tips and tricks and learned, among other things, how a digital pharmacy can increase sales and acquire new customers.

Great response at the NOVENTI booth in the digital Schlossallee

Also in this special expopharm year, companies had the opportunity to present their innovations and services. NOVENTI invited customers and interested parties to the virtual NOVENTI exhibition stand in the digital Schlossallee. Dr. Hermann Sommer says: “The high frequency of participants and response at the exhibition stand were consistently positive. Our team of experts had many interesting conversations at the digital exhibition stand in an interactive dialog and intensive exchange. Together we are looking ahead and, as the market leader in the healthcare market, we are strengthening local pharmacies."

Save the date: NOVENTI apoKOMM2020

In order to continue the intensive industry dialog with experts, NOVENTI invites you to apoKOMM2020 - a new series of digital events. ApoKOMM2020 will take place from October 15 to November 26 and will include a large number of online events. In dialog with numerous experts, participants will learn everything about the most important developments in the healthcare and pharmacy market as well as innovations and modern pharmacy management requirements.

Information and registration:

news-215 Fri, 25 Sep 2020 13:12:00 +0200 Mourning for Gerhard Weber With great respect and gratitude, NOVENTI remembers the deceased entrepreneur and founder of the most important German ATP tennis tournament, the Gerry Weber Open – known as the NOVENTI OPEN since 2019 It is with dismay and sadness that NOVENTI has learned of the death of the fashion entrepreneur Gerhard Weber. The founder of Gerry Weber International AG died in the night from September 23 to 24, 2020 at the age of 79. Gerhard Weber became world-famous not only through his economic successes, but also as the founder of the Gerry Weber Open in Halle/Westphalia in 1993, the German ATP tennis tournament with the highest attendance, whose name sponsorship was taken over by health service provider NOVENTI in 2019.

For the Gerry Weber Open, now known as the NOVENTI OPEN, Gerhard Weber had designed his own stadium – a multi-functional location that not only serves as the venue for the ATP grass tournament, but also brought world stars such as Elton John, Rod Stewart, and José Carreras to Halle / Westphalia.

“On behalf of NOVENTI, I would like to express our deepest sympathy to the family of Gerhard Weber,” says Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO NOVENTI. “I am deeply grateful to have met Gerhard Weber personally. With his impressive personality, his rousing enthusiasm, and his great passion for the sport he will be remembered by us all. The NOVENTI OPEN will always carry the spirit of its founder Gerhard Weber and honor his memory.”

news-216 Thu, 24 Sep 2020 16:26:00 +0200 apoKOMM2020: Experts in a dialog with your local pharmacy – Online event series from NOVENTI Due to the corona pandemic, many things are different at the moment, including the options for communication: NOVENTI to host an intensive industry dialog with apoKOMM2020 from mid-October to the end of November – a new comprehensive digital event series from the market leader in the healthcare sector. In a large number of online meetings with numerous experts, participants will learn everything about the most important developments in the healthcare and pharmacy market as well as the innovations and requirements of modern pharmacy management. An overview of the respective topics, dates, and terms of registration is available at Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO NOVENTI: “Due to the corona pandemic, important events for the pharmacy industry such as Interpharm or expopharm had to be canceled in their usual form and are now taking place digitally. NOVENTI, as a market leader in healthcare, is also well represented at both meetings for local pharmacists despite the new format. With an eye to the future, we are also breaking new ground in communication: With our online event series apoKOMM2020, we would like to enable pharmacists to communicate directly and engage in an intensive exchange. We have created a very broad and varied program for this. First-hand information that is communicated online, compactly, and to the point in order to prepare local pharmacies optimally for the future and the current challenges.”

apoKOMM2020 – In communication with your local pharmacy

First-hand expert knowledge, insights and information live in exchange – this is what apoKOMM2020 is to offer as a new dialog format from NOVENTI. The online event series takes place from October 15 to November 26. The extensive program offers a broad spectrum: On around 30 dates, the experts will give lectures on various topics that are particularly relevant to the pharmacy world, including:

Digitalization – how do I use e-prescription for the success of my pharmacy? The event provides an overview of the current status of legislation and the specifications of geomatics. Furthermore, participants will learn about the state of the e-prescription model projects and their importance. Participants will also be informed very clearly about the future “e-prescription Journey”: a comparison of the current handling process of paper prescriptions in the pharmacy compared to the future handling of e-prescriptions in everyday life shows what will change for pharmacy employees in the future. In addition, experts will show how pharmacies can optimally prepare themselves for the application of the e-prescription and how they can already actively prepare for a successful future through six simple tricks.

Fit for the future at the POS – supported by innovative software and hardware

With NOVENTI, pharmacies are ideally positioned for the future and digitalization. Participants in the online seminar will learn how the merchandise management system of the market leader awinta is adapting to the needs of pharmacies with customized solutions and already setting up for the future processes of e-prescription. Appropriately, innovative hardware such as the POS highlight aDesignONE® or the process professional aT1® will be presented.

Retax protection begins at the pharmacy: Current events show how fundamental reliable prescription billing and punctual payment is for pharmacies. This makes it all the more important to focus on recipe safety right from the start. As part of the online informational event, participants will get to know what is probably the most extensive prescription and retax protection program on the market. They will learn how NOVENTI – Europe’s largest billing enterprise – offers the greatest possible protection against retaxation with FIVERX, scanDialog, himiDialog, rezeptCheck-plus, and the prescription tracking tool rezept360°.

E-Commerce: Customer acquisition and sales potential: E-commerce experts from NOVENTI will show how important a successful Internet presence is in the age of digitalization and what customers expect from the service of a pharmacy website. Participants will have the opportunity to get to know the awinta solutions and learn how they can be optimally integrated into pharmacies.

Changes of owner/tenant for pharmacies: A pharmacy purchase or change of ownership is always a challenge that should be approached with caution and in which many players are involved. For a comprehensive view NOVENTI has brought together some important partners and will inform participants, together with Treuhand Hannover, the Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank (the German Pharmacist and Physician Bank), as well as the respective associations of pharmacists, on what is involved when changing owners or tenants. Also, what kind of important information prescription data can provide for the new pharmacy location will also be discussed.

Liquidity, just the way you want it: The importance of reliable liquidity planning is evident time and again. With strong partners, the pharmacies can also get through turbulent times. The market leader’s flexible payment models and financing options always keep the load off your shoulders and provide you with leeway for special projects. NOVENTI experts will inform participants about the different innovative products and services surrounding liquidity planning and management. 

At each event date experts and participants will have the opportunity to enter into a dialog.

Simple registration: All online events are free of charge and easy for participants to attend by simply registering online. Registration is done digitally via, where all topics and dates can also be found in the overview. The topic experts and NOVENTI employees are also available for possible individual consultations.


news-213 Tue, 22 Sep 2020 08:27:40 +0200 Security through 5 market leader advantages. Maximum financial security for pharmacies by NOVENTI HealthCare After AvP's filing for insolvency, many of the pharmacy customers affected are in existential trouble. If the liquidity bottlenecks cannot be bridged, in the worst case scenario there is a risk of insolvency. Now it is important for the injured customers to switch billing service providers quickly in order to continue their pharmacy operations as smoothly as possible. But after the current experience, the question arises: Is my money really safe with a new billing provider? NOVENTI has been the reliable partner of pharmacies and other service providers for 120 years and, as a pharmacy-owned group of companies, knows pharmacists’ concerns and needs from the bottom up.

NOVENTI offers its customers the greatest financial security - and has solid evidence for this:

  1. At almost 1.5 billion euro, NOVENTI currently has the highest credit line in the billing market in Germany.
    The credit line is used by NOVENTI to refinance the billing business with pharmacies and other service providers. Thus, NOVENTI is optimally refinanced for all eventualities.

  2. NOVENTI is Europe's largest billing enterprise in the healthcare sector and Germany's pharmacy billing center with the highest equity capital and thus the largest "emergency cushion."
    With NOVENTI Group's equity amounting to more than 80 million euro, in the extremely unlikely event of unplanned damage, this failure can be absorbed with its own capital cushion. More precisely, in finance one speaks also of the risk cover amount. At NOVENTI HealthCare this amounts to around 45 million euro. With a probability of 99.9%, a maximum of approximately 30 million euro is required to cover unexpected risks. The remaining almost 16 million euro can be seen as additional cushion. From a human point of view, this practically rules out a total loss.

  3. Of all billing data centers, NOVENTI has the highest degree of diversification, which puts the risk burden into perspective through portfolio effects.

  4. NOVENTI’s billing occurs with special company codes that are separated from other business. Customer billing is thus strictly separated from the NOVENTI billing subsidiary's assets.
    There is no intermingling, so it is always easy to determine which funds will be allocated to which billing customer - down to the level of each individual prescription submitted for billing. Apart from the auditor also the own refinancing banks check this regularly as part of assignment reviews.
    In the theoretical case of insolvency, the customer can assert a so-called right of separation from the claims according to § 47 of the Insolvency Order; if these have already been confiscated, the customer has a right of substitute withdrawal. Creditors with the right of separation therefore do not report their claims to the table and do not have to wait for a distribution corresponding to a quota, but pursue their claims outside the Insolvency Code.

As an emergency measure, NOVENTI launched an aid program worth 250 million euro just a few hours after AvP’s insolvency application became known. Every AvP customer can register for the emergency aid program at the email address or by phone at 089/43 184 184. NOVENTI transfers the required liquidity to new customers within 24 hours after receipt of prescriptions at NOVENTI in Munich and upon fulfillment of other contractually required conditions.

You can find more information summarized at and on

news-211 Wed, 16 Sep 2020 15:55:22 +0200 Ensuring liquidity within 24 hours - EUR 250 million aid program for AvP customers from NOVENTI In light of AvP's filing for insolvency, NOVENTI wants to help affected pharmacies as quickly and unbureaucratically as possible. To this end, NOVENTI has launched a EUR 250 million aid program for AvP customers concerned. The situation at AvP’s computing center has brought existential difficulties to more than 3,000 pharmacies throughout Germany. As Europe's largest billing company in the healthcare sector, NOVENTI is offering the affected companies quick help. With immediate effect, every AvP customer can register for the 250 million euro NOVENTI aid program at the e-mail address or by telephone at 089/43 184 184. NOVENTI ensures the necessary liquidity for participating pharmacies within 24 hours, if possible. Requirements for support from the aid package include concluding a billing contract with NOVENTI and the first delivery of prescriptions. Further information is available online at


Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE, explains: “First of all, I would like to assure pharmacists concerned that we at NOVENTI understand their existential concerns. We will do everything we can to help you. That is why we have developed on short notice an aid program to ensure the necessary security and liquidity for local pharmacies’ ongoing operation. We are providing the sum of 250 million euro ad hoc for this purpose. We hope we can make a significant contribution to local pharmacies’ maintenance and continuance. Because that has always been our goal as a pharmacy-owned group of companies since 1900."

NOVENTI has already set up an emergency hotline and has informed all 19,000 pharmacies in Germany by personal letter. This letter and the corresponding advertisement, which will be placed in the magazines DAZ and PZ on Thursday, September 17, are part of NOVENTI's corresponding information campaign “Safety at Europe's largest billing company.”

Further information at: and on

news-207 Tue, 01 Sep 2020 09:00:00 +0200 AGAINST THE SECOND WAVE - #STOPCORONA Initiative by NOVENTI, WORT & BILD Verlag and DoctorBox. Pharmacy kit for location-based early corona warning - free of charge for all pharmacies The number of corona infections has risen again in Germany in the last few weeks and with it the risk of a renewed lockdown. At the moment, the greatest challenge for preventing the further spread is reliable tracking of infection chains in busy places such as pharmacies. As part of a joint initiative, NOVENTI, WORT & BILD Verlag and DoctorBox are now making a #STOPCORONA pharmacy kit available. A central component is a signal transmitter (beacon) that enables location-based early warning and contact tracking. The pharmacy kit including information package, available free of charge to all German pharmacies, is an effective addition to the federal government's personal corona warning app. As of September 1, the first 5,000 pharmacies are already being equipped with the kit.  Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO NOVENTI: "The situation is serious. As a leading company in the healthcare market, NOVENTI has been a pioneer in the fight against the corona virus since the beginning of the pandemic - with high-profile measures such as the Initiative against Corona. With the #STOPCORONA pharmacy kit, we are effectively supplementing the federal government's safety and hygiene concept and making pharmacies safe places - completely free of charge:  To protect pharmacists, pharmacy staff and, of course, customers."

Behind the #STOPCORONA pharmacy kit is the DoctorBox corona warning system for the economy. PD Dr. Oliver Miltner, founder & CEO of DoctorBox GmbH: “Our new technology concept is based on so-called beacons, compact signal transmitters in combination with a digital contact diary. This is an important innovation for containning COVID-19, because in the case of an infection, citizens can track the places and contact points they have visited and voluntarily make them available to health authorities. The DoctorBox corona warning system not only saves valuable time in tracking infection chains, it gives companies the opportunity to take action themselves to prevent a second lockdown."

The compact signal transmitter is installed at a central location in the pharmacy. At the same time, staff and customers can keep a digital contact diary on their mobile phone on a voluntary basis, for example using the free DoctorBox app. As soon as an employee or customer enters the pharmacy, an automatic entry is generated in the contact diary via the app, not encroaching on privacy, in compliance with data protection regulations and without transmitting personal data. In case of infection, the business owner reports this to the DoctorBox corona warning system. The contact diary app regularly synchronizes possible infectious locations. If the location agrees, those affected are informed via the DoctorBox contact diary app on the mobile phone via push notification. The automated DoctorBox contact diary supports the time-critical fight against infection chains. It corresponds to the Robert Koch Institute's template, which people must fill out in case of infection at the health department's request. The pharmacy kit contains a comprehensive information package for the pharmacy and its customers.

Andreas Arntzen, CEO of WORT & BILD Verlag: "We are happy to support #STOPCORONA in order to make an active contribution to securing pharmacies."

The #STOPCORONA pharmacy kit has been successfully used in 200 pilot pharmacies since the beginning of August. This includes the LINDA Paradies pharmacy in Cologne. Dirk Vongehr, pharmacy owner and member of the Presidium of the MVDA e.V: “As an essential contact point for people, pharmacies have a special responsibility. I have led the way in combating the corona virus, and the #STOPCORONA pharmacy kit ideally complements my previous measures. Our employees are also completely enthusiastic, especially because the concept works without personal data and is based on voluntariness."

news-205 Thu, 20 Aug 2020 09:29:00 +0200 To strengthen local pharmacies: NOVENTI is further expanding its telemedicine offering with callmyApo. New cooperation with Fernarzt and Wellster Healthtech Telemedicine is on the rise: Additionally, driven by the corona pandemic, more and more people are using digital offers when it comes to their health. As a pioneer in healthcare market digitization, NOVENTI began early this year to establish telemedicine as a service for local pharmacies through its cooperation with ZAVA. Now NOVENTI is further expanding the connection of telemedical offers: Fernarzt and Wellster Healthtech will be additionally integrated into callmyApo - THE German pharmacy platform - free of charge and without any hurdles. Healthcare digitization is taking place at all levels. Customers expect their pharmacy to be digitally set up and act according to their needs. In order for the pharmacy to be in the best possible position to serve all online channels, NOVENTI, as a pharmacy-owned company and market leader in the healthcare sector, is continuously expanding and promoting the digital offering. Also in the increasingly important area of ​​telemedicine: Through the new cooperation with Fernarzt and Wellster Healthtech, NOVENTI ensures additional sales opportunities and supports contemporary customer loyalty through local pharmacies.

Fernarzt - ambitious to establish itself as one of the leading providers of telemedicine - enables fast, safe and competent medical care for all common clinical procedures at With Wellster Healthtech, known among other things for, pharmacies are opening up a particularly important customer group: The digital health brand based in Munich is dedicated to all topics relating to men's health.

Dr. Sven Jansen, Executive Board of NOVENTI Health SE: “Against the background of the currently very dynamic market, it is of the utmost importance to strengthen the position of the local pharmacy as a central pilot, advisory body and service provider for health. As a reliable partner, NOVENTI ensures that local pharmacies can play a leading role even in times of digital health. Through the connection via callmyApo, we bring telemedicine to local pharmacies and away from mail order companies abroad. Pharmacies are thus offering an attractive additional digital service that gives their customers the greatest possible freedom of choice, including making contactless pharmaceutical services through to delivery by messenger service." 

Connection to the future

With ZAVA, Fernarzt and Wellster Healthtech, local pharmacies now have a seamless connection to telemedicine with high market coverage and thus have the opportunity to use this trend in an attractive way. After an online consultation and telemedical support, patients can conveniently order the medication they need in the local pharmacy.

callmyApo is free for pharmacies in Germany and all pharmacy customers, a connection is non-discriminatory and possible without any special additional technical framework conditions. Handling is very comfortable and worthwhile, especially because callmyApo is the direct connection to the pharmacy platform of pro AvO, in which various providers are organized centrally and their market-relevant services can be integrated into the pharmacy management. 


Participation in callmyApo is easy via

news-203 Thu, 13 Aug 2020 10:19:00 +0200 NOVENTI MORE tariff for Hesse's e-prescription. Exclusive interface to merchandise management and entry for free - NOVENTI supports the "MORE" project Telemedicine and e-prescription - a pilot project in Hesse shows how they can work together: “MORE - My Online Prescription” was recently launched under the leadership of the Hesse association of statutory health insurance physicians, Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung Hessen (KVH), where patients can use video consultation hours and receive an e-prescription if required. As the market leader in the healthcare market, NOVENTI is the only merchandise management provider to support the project with a corresponding interface. Thanks to the NOVENTI MORE tariff, there are no costs for pharmacies in the first six months in order to promote the topic of e-prescriptions in the interests of local pharmacies and enable as many pharmacies as possible to participate.  Not only in times of the corona virus, it is an added value when patients do not have to see a doctor personally and can redeem e-prescriptions at the local pharmacy: In the Hesse MORE project, telemedicine is successfully linked to the electronic prescription. It enables patients to have a video consultation in the medical on-call service (ÄBD), after which they can also receive an e-prescription. KVH offers MORE ( together with the Hesse pharmacy association, Hessischer Apothekerverband (HAV), and the health insurance companies, AOK Hessen, DAK-Gesundheit and Techniker Krankenkasse (TK). Optica (Dr. Güldener Group) and Nortal are involved in the technical implementation. The project builds on experience in Estonia, which is considered a pioneer in digital health care. 

Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO NOVENTI: “Digitization is advancing. For NOVENTI, it is essential that this always happens in the local pharmacies’ interests. That is why we are involved in all important e-prescription projects, which include KVH's MORE project.”

Of the 1,400 pharmacies eligible to participate, nearly 600 have already registered for the project. As a leading healtcare provider, NOVENTI supports these levels so that its success can be expanded even further:

Smooth connection to the pharmacy: As the only merchandise management provider, NOVENTI offers an interface to pharmacy merchandise management in order to enable smooth integration into pharmacy management. This also includes the full billing process via NOVENTI HealthCare GmbH with the brands ALG, VSA and SARZ. This enables contactless implementation ranging from the complete treatment, medication prescription and prescription redemption in the pharmacy to medication delivery by messenger service.

Entry for free: As part of a cooperation with the health insurance company Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), NOVENTI is already offering a free entry-level tariff for e-prescriptions and is now expanding this offer for Hesse's e-prescription solution*: NOVENTI's MORE tariff is free of charge for new customers for six months. The offer enables free access to the e-prescription as part of the MORE project. In addition, pharmacies do not pay any rental or service fees for their awinta merchandise management and/or NOVENTI prescription billing for six months.

Existing NOVENTI customers also benefit: Here the costs for merchandise management and billing are deferred for six months.

All information on registration, prerequisites for participation and tariff details can be found at:

*Both offers cannot be combined with each other.

news-201 Mon, 10 Aug 2020 08:51:00 +0200 NOVENTI reports a successful year 2019 at the first digital FSA meeting of representatives and publishes a new annual report At the first digital meeting of representatives, NOVENTI Health SE's supervisory and management boards reported on the successful 2019 financial year. NOVENTI Group continued its stable growth in 2019 and showed a positive development of all important key figures. With a prescription billing volume of 20.5 billion euro, the past financial year was the strongest year in the company's history, NOVENTI continues to be Europe's largest billing company in the healthcare sector. In fact, sales increased from 190 million euro in 2018 to 227 million euro in 2019. NOVENTI rates the growth in customer numbers achieved in 2019 as particularly positive: 53 percent of all German pharmacies are currently customers of the NOVENTI Group, which has more than 2,200 employees.

Shaper of the health system

Jürgen Frasch, FSA Chairman, explains: "We are very happy about this great result and are looking very positively into the new year. Current activities, for example around ‘Germany's e-prescription,’ show that NOVENTI, as a pharmacy-owned group of companies, always works and acts in the service of the local pharmacy.“ Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE, emphasizes: "We have been able to achieve such a great record result as the result of a joint effort and I am sure we will continue to play a decisive role in shaping the German healthcare system in the future."

In addition to pharmacies, two other customer groups will come into focus increasingly in the future: The group of other service providers – such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, orthopedic technicians, nurses as well as care service providers. In both segments, NOVENTI is recording strong growth and increasing demand for tailor-made, digital products.

Europe's market leader and pioneer in the e-prescription

NOVENTI continues to invest heavily in digitizing the German healthcare system and is a leader in developing future-oriented services and offers, such as advancing and implementing the technological infrastructure around the e-prescription.

Due to the corona pandemic, the need for digital services in the healthcare sector has increased significantly. In order to meet demand quickly and easily and at the same time make a contribution to containing COVID-19, NOVENTI has implemented a completely contact-free approach to corona patients and suspected cases ("NO TOUCH"). In the course of various pioneering measures, NOVENTI has successfully brought the e-prescription to local German pharmacies, e.g. as part of ABDA’s model project "GERDA" ("pharmacies’ protected e-prescription service"), the partnership with telemedicine provider Zava and the Techniker Krankenkasse ("Germany's e-prescription") project.

Another NOVENTI digital flagship is the apora pharmacy portal. The portal developed by the Pro AvO initiative, in which NOVENTI is the largest shareholder, enables participating pharmacies to add digital solutions to their fixed business and thus acquire new customers.

Annual report with sustainability report for the first time: "World's greatest passion"

In terms of content, for the first time NOVENTI Group's newly published annual report includes key financial figures as well as the previous year’s highlights and shows NOVENTI's strategy and motivation through various interviews, analyses and background reports. In addition, the annual report reflects the market leadership of NOVENTI (Germany's largest pharmacy inventory management and Europe's largest billing company) with the message “World's greatest passion.”

NOVENTI Group's 2019 annual report (with sustainability report) is available at

news-196 Thu, 06 Aug 2020 11:18:32 +0200 Germany's first Digital Health Fund: NOVENTI and Wort & Bild strengthen the digital health market  60 million euros for the digital health sector NOVENTI, the Wort & Bild publishing group and pharmaceutical manufacturer URSAPHARM's family office together with "Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures" have developed a venture capital fund focusing on investments in digital health solutions. The 60 million Euro fund is aimed at young companies with innovative, digital business models in order to strengthen the healthcare sector in general and the local pharmacy in particular.

Innovations for the local pharmacy

Important goals are building bridges and sustainable know-how transfer. The corona crisis has once again demonstrated to the healthcare industry how important digital solutions are. “We need innovations that benefit stationary pharmacies as well as their customers. We cannot stop the trend of digitization, but we can help shape it and try to use it for the local pharmacy's benefit. ”says Andreas Arntzen, CEO of Wort & Bild Verlag, about his motivation and the publisher’s commitment. 

“Health and our health maintenance is the greatest asset - the current time makes this very clear to us. With market-leading expertise as part of the Digital Health Fund, NOVENTI provides all those outstanding start-ups with a platform, which actively shapes our healthcare market with innovative business ideas. After founding Germany's first central health platform, this further investment in digital health solutions is the next logical step for NOVENTI. It is high time for “The Lion's Den" in the healthcare market.“ says Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE.

Along with capital, the new Digital Health Fund supports young start-ups with extensive industry expertise, their own experience in building successful start-ups and access to strong founder and investor networks. In addition, the new Digital Health Fund offers exclusive access to strong brands such as Apotheken Umschau, Senioren Ratgeber, Digital Ratgaber, Baby und Familie, DIE ZEIT, Handelsblatt and other publications and thus an enormous coverage of start-ups’ individual target groups. With the combined media power, over 50% of German households can be reached via cross-media. "We are sure we will see many exciting start-ups in the digital health field in the coming years and are very happy to support the market leaders of tomorrow early on." says Peter Richarz, Managing Partner of DvH Ventures.

(Contact options for start-ups:

news-183 Thu, 09 Jul 2020 07:24:00 +0200 “The digital platform of German healthcare”: PHOENIX and the shareholders of the pro AvO initiative are developing a common digital platform for health services. PHOENIX and the shareholders of the pro AvO initiative are developing Germany's first central health platform. For the first time, consumers will be able to find and use healthcare providers’ offers easily via this digital platform. Service providers include pharmacies, doctors and other health professions, nursing services and medical supply stores. The integration of health insurance companies is also planned. The new health platform will be accessible online and via app for everyone. Consumers should use the new platform to coordinate their entire healthcare needs and be able to access their electronic patient files in the future. The digital connection supplements the existing relationship of trust with local health care providers such as doctors and pharmacists seamlessly.

Service providers benefit from faster communication with consumers, stronger patient loyalty and increased transparency for holistic healthcare.

Strong partners join forces for the new health platform

Developer and operator of the new health platform is a company founded for the purpose as a joint venture by the operators of the pro AvO initiative (NOVENTI, Wort & Bild Verlag, Sanacorp, GEHE and BD Rowa) and PHOENIX. As a first step, the various digital offers from PHOENIX (e.g. your pharmacy), NOVENTI (e.g. callmyApo), pro AvO (apora), GEHE (e.g. healthy living pharmacies) and Sanacorp (mea) are integrated on the platform. The launch date is planned for this year.

Marcus Freitag, Managing Director, PHOENIX Pharmahandel GmbH & Co KG: "With the new health platform, we are consistently developing the digital healthcare network concept in a consumer-oriented manner. Rather than isolated solutions, this single standardized and open access to the most important services in the healthcare market benefits both patients and service providers. This is groundbreaking for Germany."

Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE: “A digital presence based on partnership is the decisive step towards the future for health professionals in Germany in general and for owner-managed local pharmacies in particular. We can only survive against the marketplaces of large global conglomerates together. Furthermore, the platform is much more than a marketplace: It will be a trustworthy place for all health-related questions."

Andreas Arntzen, CEO Wort & Bild Verlag: “Bundling forces also means generating scope. Leading companies cooperating in the field of pharmacy, pharmacies and other service providers ensures that the patient portal has the necessary impact right away."

Highlights of the central health platform:

  • Scope: By bundling the partners' existing digital activities, the new platform will be one of the largest health platforms in Germany right from the start. We assume that more than 10,000 pharmacists and thousands of other service providers will join the platform already within the first year. The aim is to become the most important digital contact point for consumers’ health issues in Germany.
  • Accessibility: The health platform strengthens local care and guarantees patients nationwide low-threshold access to local health care providers.
  • Speed: The platform enables the end user to access medicines quickly, for example, from local pharmacies that have a medical product in stock or can obtain it promptly. Day and night, even in emergency service. Pharmacy-owned courier services can take care of home delivery, faster and more sustainably than any mail order company.
  • Security: The platform's technical infrastructure is operated exclusively in Germany and is subject to the corresponding strict European data protection regulations.
  • Openness: Open, standardized interfaces guarantee the smooth integration of all providers offering health benefits to consumers.
  • Future orientation: Even before the widespread introducing the electronic prescription (e-prescription) and electronic patient record (ePA), the platform creates the necessary digital channels so that patients can easily access these and future digital solutions in the care process.
  • Scalability: The platform will soon commence with existing digital solutions and will be continuously expanded. Due to the partners’ different activities that the partners and the platform's rapid scaling, the company is setting new standards in establishing a health platform. 
news-181 Fri, 03 Jul 2020 11:07:00 +0200 „Leading Brand in the Health Care Market”: NOVENTI Restructures the Group and Establishes a New Executive Board With the aim of optimizing processes and combining strengths, NOVENTI, Germany’s market leader in the health care market, unites two groups into one company: “We bring together what belongs together.” A decisive step towards the future: The health care provider NOVENTI has merged the two former sister companies NOVENTI GmbH and NOVENTI Health SE. The merger of the two subsidiaries of pharmacy-owned FSA e.V. should optimize processes within the group, enable closer internal exchange and significantly increase synergy effects. By taking this step, NOVENTI Health SE’s capital stock increases from euro 2 million to euro 45 million. FSA e.V. owns all of NOVENTI Health SE’s shares.

“With this restructuring, we are further strengthening NOVENTI as a strategic operational holding company and bringing together what belongs together,” explains Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of the NOVENTI Group. “NOVENTI’s aspiration is to be the leading brand in the German health care market. Therefore, it is all the more important to reduce boundaries within the group and pool forces in a targeted manner in order to shape the health care market even more actively in the future.”

New allocation of the executive board

At the same time, NOVENTI’s executive board has been reassigned. In the changed structure, Dr. Hermann Sommer assumes the function CEO & Transformation Department with the areas of strategic corporate development, human resources & law, internal audit, IT architecture & strategy, IT development, new product management and business development financial products & switzerland. The data protection officer will report directly to the CEO in the future.

Board member Victor Castro heads the Finance & Operations Department. This area is assigned to: finance, controlling, governance, risk & compliance, treasury & trust, production, IT services as well as strategic purchasing & administration.

Dr. Sven Jansen leads the Sales & Marketing Department with the individual areas of sales management, pharmacy sales, sales of other service providers, product management pharmacy, product management other service providers, industry solutions, client organizations and marketing & communications.

news-176 Mon, 11 May 2020 11:07:39 +0200 Success for “Germany’s e-Prescription”: Already more than 200 pharmacies are onboard Numerous pharmacy cooperatives support the NOVENTI project After only a few days it has become clear: Pharmacies‘ response to the NOVENTI offer concerning the e-prescription project with Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is overwhelmingly positive. Since the campaign started last week, over 200 local pharmacies have already opted for the Corona tariff and are taking the resolute step towards digitizing the healthcare industry with the market leader in the healthcare market. Thus, they are making an important contribution to protecting against infection. In addition, ten pharmacy cooperatives have already joined the project: Guten-Tag pharmacies (ELAC), LINDA pharmacies, MAXMO pharmacies, GESUND IST BUNT pharmacies (Parmapharm), APONAUTEN pharmacies, Carepoint pharmacies, farma-plus pharmacies, Hydra, mea – meine apotheke (Sanacorp) and ACOM pharmacies. Pro AvO is also a clear supporter of “Germany’s e-prescription.”

Dirk Vongehr, member of the MVDA e.V. presidium, clarifies LINDA pharmacies‘ support of the NOVENTI project: “MVDA and LINDA welcome NOVENTI’s commitment to involve local pharmacies early in actually applying the e-prescription. The TK project is the first step, which will help pharmacy teams and customers get to know processes as well as identify opportunities and challenges. This is because the e-prescription is being used for optimal and contactless care for our patients. We are pleased NOVENTI will ensure that all MVDA and LINDA member pharmacies are launched as soon as possible independent of merchandise. Working together in partnership on fair terms.“

When asked why they are participating in this initiative, aponauten GmbH replied: "In the north we have the idiom: ‘Butter with the fish!‘ which is an informal request for honesty, such as ‘Are you just talking or are you really doing it?‘ It is evident that NOVENTI is pursuing a comprehensive approach in this initiative. Our industry and especially the patients face many new challenges. This initiative supports everyone involved in trying this path together and ultimately being able to use a solution that is suitable for everyday use.”

In the TK cooperation, NOVENTI exclusively provides the e-prescription connection to local pharmacies: For all new customers, this is free of charge for six months as part of the Corona tariff. This Corona tariff is intended to make a further, important contribution to curbing the corona virus and saving lives. TK offers its more than ten million insured persons remote medical treatment in the event of actual or suspected corona infection. The entire treatment, medicine prescriptions, prescription redemption in the pharmacy and medicine delivery are digitized by the courier service and implemented without contact.

This measure is accompanied by a comprehensive information and marketing campaign from NOVENTI. The central motif “Germany’s e-Prescription Is Here” appears both as a printed advertisement and on cross-media to promote the website, where all information is available for the local pharmacies. At the same time, NOVENTI is also launching the information website for end-users, which makes patients aware of the need for the e-prescription. The Call to Action: “Ask your doctor or pharmacist” prompts people to ask about the e-prescription actively in order to achieve the goal of containing the coronavirus more quickly.

Pro AvO, the initiative for all local pharmacies, also supports the NOVENTI-TK cooperation. Managing director, Peter Menk, explains: “This is a very important solution for all local pharmacies in Germany. When we enter the market, we will also integrate ‘Germany’s e-prescription‘ into our new pharmacy portal.”

Further information, all tariff details and conditions of participation on:

news-174 Mon, 04 May 2020 08:00:17 +0200 Germany’s e-prescription is here. E-prescription for the first time nationwide in Germany and start of the Corona tariff: 6-month free e-prescription billing for local pharmacies. The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) offers its more than 10 million insured persons remote medical treatment in case of a corona infection or suspected illness. The entire treatment, medication order and prescription payment in the pharmacy including drug delivery are digitized by the courier service and implemented without contact. NOVENTI supports TK’s offer exclusively as a technical service provider for connecting the e-prescription to local pharmacies. With a special corona tariff, pharmacies can now process the e-prescriptions free of charge because they do not pay any rental and service fees for their NOVENTI products for six months.

According to Dr. Hermann Sommer, NOVENTI CEO: “After our ‘Initiative against Corona,’ the ‘Contactless Touch’ campaign and the cross-competitive support of the express courier service by Federal Health Minister Spahn, we are now taking the next logical step: introducing Germany’s e-prescription, i.e. bringing the e-prescription to local pharmacies nationwide for the first time. It is free for all local pharmacies for six months. With this Corona tariff, we are making a further contribution to curbing the coronavirus and saving lives. In addition, the more local pharmacies participating, the more decisively we counter mail order pharmacies from abroad.”

With regard to the telematics infrastructure (TI), Dr. Sommer clarifies:

“This corona tariff is an exception and a necessary intermediate step that does not replace introducing the TI as of September 30, 2020. To the contrary: The connection of the local pharmacies to the telematics infrastructure is urgently necessary due to the required uniform networking and freedom from discrimination (without particular interests). As soon as TI is ready and usable, all steps of our e-prescription project will be transferred as a matter of course to the telematics infrastructure. As NOVENTI, we connect pharmacies with our complete TI package and our range of telematics infrastructure (that’s why NOVENTI is written with TI).”

The Corona tariff is free six months for all new customers. The offer enables free access to the e-prescription within the scope of the e-prescription project with TK. Pharmacies pay no rental and service fees for six months for their awinta merchandise management and/or the NOVENTI prescription billing if they meet these requirements: a billing contract with NOVENTI Health Care, the awinta merchandise management PROKAS® and registration with TK for the e-prescription project. All other awinta merchandise management systems will follow in the short-term. Existing NOVENTI customers also benefit: here the costs for inventory management and billing are deferred for six months. All tariff details on:

NOVENTI accompanies this measure with a comprehensive information and marketing campaign. The central B2B motif – “Germany’s e-Prescription Is There” – appears as a printed advertisement and on cross-media, advertising the website.

At the same time, NOVENTI is also launching the B2C information website,, on which patients are clearly made aware of the need for e-prescriptions. The claim “Ask your doctor or pharmacist” prompts people to ask actively about the e-prescription in order to achieve a positive demand effect and contain the coronavirus more quickly.

You can find more information at

news-172 Fri, 17 Apr 2020 14:05:03 +0200 NOVENTI supports the urgent messenger service ordinance of the Federal Ministry of Health with a cross-competition information campaign mit wettbewerbsübergreifender Aufklärungskampagne The "Initiative against Corona" promotes the use of apps for patients to pre-order medication contact-free in order to relieve pharmacies and reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. Munich, April 17, 2020. The "Initiative against Corona," launched by Germany's market leader in the health care market NOVENTI together with BILD, Wall and Facebook, supports the urgent messenger service ordinance for pharmacies issued by Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn. With “The Pharmacy for the Sofa” awareness campaign, patients are made aware of contact-free options for pre-ordering medication in order to relieve local pharmacies and reduce the coronavirus spread.

The urgent ordinance of the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) stipulates that health insurance companies pay for messenger services through the local pharmacy. This ensures the supply of pharmaceuticals in the COVID-19 crisis by reducing social contacts in the pharmacies and thus, infection risks for both pharmacy staff and customers. The “Initiative against Corona” uses a window poster that has been sent to all 19,000-plus pharmacies in Germany, BILD ads and social media (Facebook) to announce the free apps. And this regardless of the competitive situation. Advertised are “callmyApo,” “APOJET” and “your pharmacy.”

Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE, explains: "With our high-profile ‘Initiative against Corona,’ we do not want to advertise companies or products; rather we inform the population across competitive and industry sectors with eye-catching campaigns. Also – applying our mission as NOVENTI – we make a decisive contribution to maintaining health care in Germany."

With the help of the pre-order medication apps, customers can check whether a product is available in their local pharmacy. In addition, medications can be pre-ordered safely and free of charge from home.

"As part of the 'Initiative against Corona’ information campaign, NOVENTI intends to strengthen and support both the Federal Ministry of Health and local pharmacists," says Dr. Summer. “We made a conscious decision to make the awareness campaign cross-competitive. The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects are one of the biggest challenges in Germany and worldwide. The corona virus can only be defeated by a high degree of solidarity and responsibility as well as by bundling innovations."

news-170 Wed, 01 Apr 2020 16:53:00 +0200 The persistent Coronavirus/COVID-19-Pandemic also forces NOVENTI OPEN to postpone Tournament Director Ralf Weber: “We'll come back even stronger in 2021 – with top-class sports, entertainment and a zest for life.” Tournament name partner NOVENTI prolongs its three-year commitment for the years 2021 to 2023

Dr. Hermann Sommer, Chief Executive Officer of NOVENTI Health SE: “For us as shapers of the German health care system, health and its protection come first.“

Entrance tickets remain valid • „Thank you“ to loyal fans

Halle in Westphalia (Germany). Due to the persistent Coronavirus/COVID-19-Pandemic, the 28th NOVENTI OPEN cannot be held in June 2020 as scheduled. After joint consultations of the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) with the tournament organisers, today, on Wednesday (1st April) the entire professional tennis grass court season until, including 12th July, the day of the originally scheduled men’s final at Wimbledon, is rescheduled.

“It is an unfortunate step. However, given the current situation, there is no alternative,” explained Ralf Weber, Tournament Director of the NOVENTI OPEN. “We would also like to take this moment to thank all partners, sponsors and helpers for their understanding and their solidarity. We are all looking towards the year 2021 now in which our 28th edition of the tournament will be held.” Germany’s greatest ATP tennis event will then be held at the OWL ARENA in Halle in Westphalia from 12th to 20th June 2021.


Thank you to loyal fans: Raffle for  VIP box seats including access to the VIP area

Five-Euro voucher for NOVENTI OPEN Fanshop in 2021 or for selected event from summer 2021 ongoing

Tournament Director Ralf Weber already announced that the world-famous ATP 500 grass court event in Halle, the NOVENTI OPEN, will thank its loyal fans with a “Thank you” gift in the coming year. “The success of our tournament is inseparably connected with the many hundreds of thousands of visitors which keep coming to Halle since its very beginning. We have never forgotten that and especially in this depressing situation, we are not going to forget that.” Also for this year’s tournament edition, more than 110,000 spectators were expected, who, apart from world class tennis, would also have been offered a high-class framework programme.

Weber continues: “Our thank you to our loyal fans: Every customer who has already purchased an entrance ticket for the 2020 tournament will receive a five-Euro voucher either on site for the NOVENTI OPEN Fanshop in the coming year or for a selected event at the OWL ARENA or OWL EVENT CENTER, respectively, which can only be redeemed at the OWL ARENA TICKET CENTER or via our online ticket shop - this applies to an event starting from the summer of next year.

Furthermore, in the near future, we will raffle off one day in the “NOVENTI OPEN Thank You Box” via our social media channels for 21 winners plus one accompanying person – two exclusive VIP box seats for the entire tournament week including access to the VIP area.“

“And, it’s only a pleasure deferred,” continues Ralf Weber who also stresses that “also in the coming year our spectators will be presented outstanding ‘tennistainment’ - with tennis superstar Roger Federer leading the way who, as is well known, entered a lifetime contract during his active time as a pro with us. Already today, we have started planning the 28th NOVENTI OPEN. We'll come back even stronger in 2021 - with top-class sports, entertainment and a zest for life!“ And the Swiss Federer says: “We experience difficult times, however, we will arise from it strengthened. Already today I am glad and excited about my return to Halle the next year. Stay healthy!“

Tournament name partner NOVENTI confirms commitment and extends for the years 2021 to 2023

The name partner of the prestigious ATP 500 competition NOVENTI, Germany’s market leader in the healthcare market, meanwhile confirms its commitment at the Halle in Westphalia location. The pharmacy-owned corporate group adheres to its three-year commitment and will also be the 2021 to 2023 name partner of the world’s top tournament. When Roger Federer won his tenth title in the previous year, NOVENTI was the name partner of the NOVENTI OPEN for the first time.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, Chief Executive Officer of NOVENTI Health SE: “For us as shapers of the German health care system, health and its protection come first.” We also show this through our big “Initiative against Corona” for strengthening the German health care system. Therefore, of course, we support the decision of the ATP.“

Dr. Sven Jansen, Board of Directors of NOVENTI Health SE added. “Already now, we would like to set an example for the NOVENTI OPEN and for Germany as tennis location and therefore already yesterday have extended our three-year contract to the years 2021 to 2023. Also, at the NOVENTI OPEN 2021, we will continue our commitment for a healthy and sustainable tournament - we are already looking forward to it.“

Main sponsor Tennis-Point already focusses on NOVENTI OPEN 2021 today

Main sponsor Tennis-Point, the renowned multi-channel retailer from the neighbouring Herzebrock-Clarholz (North Rhine-Westphalia) will remain closely linked to NOVENTI OPEN until 2022. “We would have loved to present our extended offer to all fans this year already,” commiserated Christian Miele, Managing Director of Tennis-Point GmbH and now focusses the planned, intense cooperation to the coming year: “It is now important for everyone in tennis to stick together and, if necessary, direct the perspective towards 2021. As before, our goal is to provide visitors with an extraordinary fan experience.” The company, amongst other things, plans a huge “Tennis-Point Village” with several sales tents around the topic of tennis, as well as to install a court for the trend sport “Padel”.

Sponsoring partners of the OWL ARENA approve of tournament postponement

On 14 January 2020, a new era began in Halle in Westphalia with renaming the stadium to OWL ARENA. The prominent event location in the East Westphalian region was bestowed a new concept which includes up to 16 renowned sponsors from the East Westphalia-Lippe region. “Since then, we have only received positive feedback from all partners and sponsors,” said Managing Director Ralf Weber (OWL Sport & Event GmbH & Co. OHG). “They all expressed their extraordinary identification with the East Weastphalia-Lippe region and their solidarity with the OWL Arena.” And Managing Director Alexander Hardieck added that “also on the part of our visitors and guests, all reactions were pleasant and appreciative.“

Thus, the tournament postponement of the 28th NOVENTI OPEN to the year 2021 is also supported by Martin J. Hörmann, Managing Partner of the Hörmann Group (Steinhagen): “Given the current exceptional situation, it is a correct and responsible decision to postpone this year’s NOVENTI OPEN event. Instead, we are looking forward to the year 2021 and are certain that the prestigious ATP grass court tournament will be held as usual.” “We highly appreciate this step.  Even if it is very unfortunate for all tennis fans, it is the right decision and shows a sense of responsibility.” Also Michael Zink, Managing Director of August Storck KG (Halle in Westphalia) explains: “We highly appreciate this step.  Even if it is very unfortunate for all tennis fans, it is the right decision and shows a sense of responsibility.”

To date, 14 partnership contracts with the OWL Sport & Event GmbH & Co. OHG and the following companies have been concluded within this sponsoring concept: DSC Arminia Bielefeld GmbH & Co. KGaA, August Storck KG, Beresa OWL GmbH & Co. KG, DMG MORI AG, Gauselmann AG, Gehring-Bunte Getränke-Industrie & GmbH & Co. KG, heristo AG, Hörmann KG Verkaufsgesellschaft, Johannes Lübbering GmbH, Nobilia-Werke J. Stickling GmbH & Co. KG, Porta Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Schüco International KG, Wortmann AG and the Zeitungsverlag Neue Westfälische GmbH & Co. KG.


The tickets already purchased for this year’s ATP 500 grass court event, the 28th NOVENTI OPEN in Halle in Westphalia remain valid for the postponed event. The respective ticket holders will be contacted in order to be informed about the details.


This five-Euro voucher can be either used for the 28th NOVENTI OPEN (12th until 20th June 2021) in the NOVENTI OPEN Fanshop. Or it can be used for a selected event from summer 2021 ongoing in the OWL ARENA or OWL EVENT CENTER. This is only possible as part of the NOVENTI OPEN 2021 - either in the OWL ARENA TICKET CENTER or in our online ticket shop.


You find the ticket prices for the 28th tournament edition of the NOVENTI OPEN on our website. Tickets can be purchased via the ticket hotline +49-(0)5201 81 80, as well as on the internet at; and all eventim-booking agencies. You can reach the OWL ARENA TICKET CENTER via e-mail at; or at the following address: Weidenstrasse 2 (directly situated at the B68 in the direction of Osnabrueck/Bielefeld) in 33790 Halle in Westphalia (Germany).


Sascha Detlefsen (Chief Communication Officer)
33790 Halle in Westphalia, 1st April 2020

news-168 Tue, 24 Mar 2020 10:04:29 +0100 NOVENTI, BILD, Wall and Faceook launch the „Initiative against Corona“ The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects are one of the biggest challenges we are currently facing in Germany and around the world. It demands a high degree of solidarity and cohesion from all of us. To clarify this, NOVENTI is therefore launching the "Initiative against Corona" together with its partners BILD, Wall and Facebook. 

he "Initiative against Corona" pursues the goal of informing the general public with eye-catching motives about particularly important behaviors and protective measures. This is to limit the further spread of the virus. Germany's leader in the healthcare market and its partners BILD, Wall and Facebook want to set an example for maintaining healthcare in Germany.

At the start of the education campaign, over 19,000 pharmacies in Germany will be supplied with the first poster motif of the “Initiative against Corona.” In the current corona crisis, healthcare professionals are making an extraordinarily remarkable and vital contribution to maintaining the health system in Germany. The local pharmacy especially is the personal contact and reliable advisor for all people in Germany. The appeal “Don't Bring Corona to Grandma” is supposed to enlighten and attract attention in the shop windows. It calls for increasingly protecting people over 60 years’ of age, because they belong to the risk group connected with the coronavirus and are particularly dependent on careful behavior.

The second motif is devoted to the need for thorough hand washing and communicates: “This advertisement can save lives.” The third motif focuses on the advantages of pre-ordering medication from home via an app under the motto "The app-otheque for the sofa".

All campaign motifs of the initiative will also be shown on BILD and BILD AM SONNTAG as well as on BILD.DE, placed on Wall's digital screens in major German cities and displayed on Facebook. The information campaign is accompanied by the initiative's central website at More motifs will follow in the next few days. Conception and implementation come from NOVENTI and the Munich brand experience agency Avantgarde.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE, explains: “In these turbulent times, we are particularly asked to take responsibility. That is why we launched the 'Initiative against Corona' with strong partners. We want to contribute actively to slowing the spread of the virus, because this is the only way to contain it. We therefore call on all media and the German population: Join the “Initiative against Corona,” talk about it and share the campaign's motives on social networks.

Stefan Betzold, Managing Director Axel Springer News Media National Digital: “Information and education are important building blocks in the fight against COVID-19. Germany's largest media brand BILD is happy to support NOVENTI as media partner in this socially important “Initiative against Corona” and shows the campaign motifs of the initiative in BILD and BILD AM SONNTAG as well as on We also urge: Stay at home and protect yourself and your fellow human beings.”

Andreas Prasse, Managing Director Wall GmbH: "The ‘Initiative against Corona’ can make a big difference and needs the greatest possible attention. Therefore, as Wall GmbH, we will broadcast the educational campaign motifs extensively on our digital premium areas in German metropolises. It goes without saying that we take such an important initiative to the streets.”

Tino Krause, Facebook Country Director: “Especially in these times, we all have to assume our responsibilities. It is important to us that people in Germany see helpful and authentic information. We therefore support this ‘Initiative against Corona’ and extend it on our platforms."

Further information and all motifs of the "Initiative against Corona" can be found at

Campaign images are available to download.

news-165 Thu, 05 Mar 2020 10:42:00 +0100 Protection against the coronavirus: NOVENTI cancels its participation in the ALTENPFLEGE 2020 trade fair Appeal to responsibility to organizer Vincentz of Messe Hannover Germany’s market leader in the healthcare market NOVENTI cancels its participation in the ALTENPFLEGE 2020 trade fair for protection against the further spreading of the coronavirus and makes an urgent appeal to Vincentz, the organizer of the trade fair in Hanover: “Meet your responsibility to protect Germany’s nursing staff and patients and cancel the trade fair!”

This means that the leading exhibitors at the trade fair, NOVENTI BoS&S and NOVENTI azh, will not be represented in Hanover from March 24 to 26.

“As the market-leading designer of the German healthcare system, health and its protection are our top priority. It is our task to help ensure that the players in the German healthcare system remain capable of working, especially in the current situation, and that the healthcare of the people continues to be guaranteed,” says Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO NOVENTI Health SE.

NOVENTI especially sees the organizer of the fair as having a duty, the company Vincentz Network GmbH & Co. KG. NOVENTI board member Dr. Sven Jansen explains: “In order to protect against a possible further spread of the coronavirus possibly at the fair and in particular to the nursing staff present there – who of course will then no longer be able to fulfill their duty of care – the cancellation of the entire Altenpflege fair is absolutely essential. Therefore, we hereby make an appeal to the organizer of the Hanover Fair: Assume your responsibility and cancel the fair for the protection of Germany's nursing staff and patients! Thus, NOVENTI is  acting completely in line with our corporate DNA and our message: So that healthcare has a future.”

As the leading trade fair in the care sector, exhibitors and trade fair visitors are primarily active in the care sector. As a result, there are numerous contacts with elderly and health impaired persons, who are a considerable risk group in the case of a corona infection.

news-163 Mon, 17 Feb 2020 10:57:25 +0100 TI-DAY for all pharmacies in Germany: The NOVENTI complete package is here! NOVENTI goes into advance payment for ALL pharmacies: Telematics infrastructure initial equipment in the first year cost-neutral – payment start staggered as of mid 2021 Connecting to the telematics infrastructure already today but without any financial burden this is what NOVENTI offers with the telematics infrastructure complete package, which can be ordered immediately via Germany's market leader in the healthcare market offers pharmacies the following: The initial equipment is free of charge for pharmacies in 2020, the year of installation. The costs are based on the predicted development of the share of e-prescriptions and will be calculated as of July 2021 and later, staggered over three years. A further advantage for the pharmacies: The subsidy can be applied for immediately after installation and can be claimed in full. Detailed information is available at The offer is directed at ALL pharmacies in Germany, regardless of whether they are already customers of the NOVENTI Group or not.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO NOVENTI Health SE explains: "As a pharmacy-owned group of companies, we always act in the service of the local pharmacy. Therefore, we are the natural partner of pharmacists on the way to the e-prescription. With our offer, we guarantee a reliable and secure connection to the telematics infrastructure with the aim of providing maximum financial relief to pharmacies. We are therefore proud to announce a TI allround carefree package – with the best technical equipment, the best price, the best quality and the best service. Everything for the local pharmacy.“

The NOVENTI all-inclusive package for TI-Day – "Pharmacies can sit back and relax"

The NOVENTI complete package for TI-Day contains all technical components such as connectors and card readers. When all necessary approvals as a condition for eligibility have been obtained, NOVENTI delivers.

Pharmacies are guaranteed that the conditions for eligibility will be met and that the installation – if ordered in time – will be carried out on time, so that the connection will take place within the statutory deadline of 30.09.2020. In addition, NOVENTI also takes care of the connection to the telematics infrastructure (VPN access service) and offers a service package including installation, commissioning, instruction of employees and support in questions concerning the subsidy. The TI complete package also includes the application for the cards – institutional card (SMC-B) and electronic health professional card (eHBA) – via the partner recommended by NOVENTI. The application via NOVENTI is of course a prerequisite for the package price. With the delivery of the TI complete package, all pharmacies also receive a free connection to the German pharmacy platform callmyApo, including a pre-order function and telemedicine connection to Europe's largest telemedicine provider Zava. The NOVENTI complete package also includes further training and supplementary products for the telematics infrastructure, e-prescription and IT security. "With our TI complete package, pharmacists can sit back and relax, because we will accompany them step by step on the path to further digitalization," says Dr. Hermann Sommer.

Financial relief for pharmacists: payments for initial equipment not until 2021

"The connection to the telematics infrastructure is required by law, which means that the pharmacies must guarantee the technical requirements for that already this year," says Dr. Hermann Sommer. In order to relieve the pharmacies financially here, NOVENTI is making an advance payment: With the NOVENTI advantageous offer, the pharmacies do not have to pay the one-off acquisition costs in the first year, but can claim the full subsidy for themselves, which we call "full subsidy, zero costs", Sommer continues. In 2020, only the monthly maintenance costs will be due, which will also be covered by the eligible flat-rate operating costs and the individual fees of the individual department stores for the connection. The costs for the NOVENTI complete package for the telematics infrastructure amount to 3,425 Euro. Payments for the initial equipment will not begin until July 2021 and will be staggered until 2024. The amount is based on the forecast development of the e-prescription share, starting at 15%.

Further information and contact persons at

Dr. Hermann Sommer concludes: "As a market-leading shaper in the healthcare market and a pharmacy-owned company, we are the partner of local pharmacies in connecting to the telematics infrastructure and see it as our obligation to accompany and support pharmacies on their way into the e-prescription age in the best possible way.“

news-160 Tue, 11 Feb 2020 08:39:57 +0100 NOVENTI cooperates with Europe’s leading telemedicine provider Patients can get care from a physician online and, effective immediately, obtain medications from their local pharmacy. Two pioneers in the digitization of the healthcare market show how it works: NOVENTI, Germany’s market leader in the healthcare market, NOVENTI connects online physician practice Zava to a network currently comprising 5,000 pharmacies all across Germany via pharmacy platform callmyApo. This will allow patients, for the first time ever, to get the medications they need from a local pharmacy of their choice in just a few clicks right after a digital consultation.

Through telemedicine, Zava already saves its patients long waits for a doctor’s appointment or at a doctor’s office. Building a bridge to local pharmacies helps further shorten the time between seeing a doctor and starting a course of medication. Prescriptions are approved by the doctor remotely and then transmitted to the chosen local pharmacy right away via callmyApo. There is no need for patients to make a special trip. Instead, they receive a convenient notification as soon as the medication they need is ready to pick up at their chosen pharmacy. This also boosts sales at German pharmacies.

Says Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI: “Our cooperation with Zava brings things full circle: The patient receives medical advice and treatment from the physician online and can decide with just one click which local pharmacy should receive the prescription digitally. That means our connection brings the prescriptions right to local pharmacies.” That will strengthen brick-and-mortar pharmacies, which had previously been excluded from prescriptions issued via telemedicine.

The service is free to pharmacy customers and pharmacies alike. Any pharmacy in Germany can connect to callmyApo right away, without any discrimination.

“Our goal is to incorporate medical care into our patients’ day-to-day lives. The combined customer journey from online doctor's visit to local pharmacy is another important milestone on the path toward that goal,” says David Meinertz, CEO of Zava. “We’re giving patients back the freedom to choose where and how they obtain healthcare.”

NOVENTI is the market leading shaper of the German healthcare market and acts in the service of local pharmacies. In the future, every participating pharmacy will be able to receive prescriptions from European market leader Zava electronically. Via callmyApo, feedback can be provided immediately once the medication is ready to pick up. That’s a big gain in terms of customer loyalty and customer acquisition for individual local pharmacies.

news-158 Fri, 17 Jan 2020 17:37:00 +0100 A strong pairing for the future: Germany’s biggest healthcare provider to remain name partner of NOVENTI OPEN until 2022 Dr. Hermann Sommer, Chief Executive Officer of NOVENTI Health SE: 

”A logical step to continue our commitment to the biggest tennis tournament in Germany”

Tournament Director Ralf Weber:

“Looking forward to our strong partner and Germany’s leading healthcare company”

Germany’s biggest ATP tournament and Germany’s biggest healthcare provider NOVENTI remain a successful pairing: The corporate group from Munich will also continue to serve as the name partner at the OWL ARENA at the next three tournaments from 2020 to 2022. Last year, when Roger Federer won his tenth title, NOVENTI, the market leader in all segments of the healthcare market in Germany, was the name partner of the traditional tournament.

”After last year’s successful premiere, it is the logical step for us to continue our involvement as name partner of the biggest tennis tournament in Germany,” said Dr. Hermann Sommer, Chairman of NOVENTI Health SE. ”Hence, we further support the strengthening of health services in Germany and, in particular, of owner-operated local pharmacies. Furthermore, we would like to set an example for health care in our country this year – the year of the introduction of e-prescriptions. Therefore, we will present this with our NOVENTI eRezept-Lounge (e-prescription lounge) at the venue.“

”I am delighted that NOVENTI will remain by our side as a strong and renowned partner for another three years,” said Ralf Weber. ”The first joint appearance last June was a real win for all. “Tournament director Weber sees the decision of NOVENTI as a “confirmation for the enormous appeal” of the ATP 500 competition, as well as of the tennis venue in HalleWestfalen as a preparation tournament for Wimbledon. ”There is a massive interest in our tournament and the brand which we have developed over the past almost three decades,” Weber adds. ”Also, as Germany’s biggest tournament, we only want to work with Germany’s biggest healthcare company and therefore are very happy to continue our success story with NOVENTI for a very long time.”

Dr. Sven Jansen, Board of Directors of NOVENTI Health SE explains: “As strategic partner of the NOVENTI OPEN, it is our goal to also transfer our values and visions regarding the topic of health and sustainability in Germany and the world to the most important tennis tournament in Germany. We already started with this last year by making the NOVENTI OPEN the first climate-neutral ATP 500 tennis tournament in the world. We will continue to develop this and therefore look forward to the future together.”

Last year, the NOVENTI OPEN was broadcast live on TV in over 170 countries worldwide. For the 28th edition of the tournament from 13 to 21 June 2020, a world class field has once again announced itself, with defending champion Roger Federer (ATP world number 3) leading the way. A top-class quartet of contenders intends to prevent the Swiss “maestro” of making another clean sweep: Alexander Zverev, Germany’s number 1 (ATP 7), has, as have Russia’s star Karen Khachanov (ATP 16), Japan’s ace Kei Nishikori (ATP 17) and the Croatian tournament winner of the year 2018, Borna Coric (ATP 28),committed to attend the event. ”Once again, we will experience absolute world class tennis in Halle,” said tournament director Ralf Weber. ”The fans worldwide can look forward to great tennis days at the OWL ARENA.”

news-154 Wed, 04 Dec 2019 09:12:00 +0100 NOVENTI meets Pope Francis for Climate Talks at the Vatican and makes the Vatican Pharmacy climate-neutral Germany’s leading healthcare company NOVENTI discusses ideas for more climate protection and for sustainable, responsible entrepreneurship with the Holy Father. NOVENTI is the first German company to be part of the pontifical “Laudato si‘ Challenge”. As keynote speaker, NOVENTI executive board member Dr. Sven Jansen will present the activities of the group of companies for climate-neutral and sustainable action to Pope Francis on December 4, 2019.

The “Laudato si' Challenge” is Pope Francis’ annual initiative, based on his environmental encyclical Laudato si', published in 2015 and proclaimed before the United Nations General Assembly. From December 3 to 5, selected international representatives from business and NGOs will meet at the Vatican.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE, explains: “Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. With the encyclical Laudato si', Pope Francis has expressed his concern for the creation and the future of the planet. We share this stance. The responsible use of natural resources and the reduction of CO2 emissions are important concerns for us. In doing so, we want to contribute to the preservation of the foundations of our lives, in the spirit of the Holy Father’s environmental encyclical.”

Because good words and good deeds are important in the fight against global warming, the NOVENTI delegation will take its visit to Rome as an opportunity to make the Vatican’s only pharmacy climate-neutral. Together with Fokus Zukunft Institute, the emissions of the Vatican Pharmacy, founded by monk Eusebio Fronmen in 1874, were calculated and offset. Talks about additional sustainable measures for the busiest pharmacy in the world are taking place between the Vatican and NOVENTI.

Dr. Sven Jansen, member of the NOVENTI executive board: “As a leading healthcare company, we focus on keeping people healthy in everything we do. We put this in a nutshell by saying: For the future of healthcare. Sustainability is part of our company philosophy. Because healthy people require a healthy environment.

With this campaign and our participation in the 'Laudato si' Challenge', we also want to encourage other companies to work for more climate protection and thus become the engine for more sustainability in the economy. Of course, NOVENTI does not have the perfect answer to the climate crisis. However, by working shoulder to shoulder with other companies, we are certain to find more ways to reduce our ecological footprint and pave the way towards a healthier future.”

NOVENTI has made environmental protection an important benchmark for the company's success. This includes a large number of activities and measures in the field of environmental protection for which NOVENTI has already received awards, including “Climate Promoter 2019 / 2020” from the Senate of the Economy.

news-149 Fri, 15 Nov 2019 11:05:33 +0100 VISION.A 2020: NOVENTI becomes exclusive partner The NOVENTI group of companies is the new exclusive partner to VISION.A 2020, the industry meeting point for the pharmaceutical and healthcare market. Berlin – NOVENTI, a system-relevant shaper of the German healthcare market, is now, for the first time, joining APOTHEKE ADHOC as the exclusive cooperation partners of VISION.A. Featuring more than 50 speakers, the presentation of the VISION.A Awards, a start-up audition, the Gallery of Inspiration and much more, the VISION.A event on March 11 and 12, 2020, will once again put knowledge, innovation and networking front and center with an eye to all aspects of digitization in pharmaceuticals and the pharmacy sector.  For the first time, a special award is being added to the VISION.A Awards – the NOVENTI eHealth Award, specifically for outstanding e-health startups in this segment. The motto for 2020 is ALL ABOUT COMMUNICATION.

In its role as Germany’s largest ERP firm and Europe’s largest billing company, NOVENTI is an innovative market leader in the national and international healthcare market. NOVENTI will be supporting the upcoming digital conference for the pharmacy and healthcare market and discussing plans and ideas for a forward-looking digital healthcare market with participants. After all, VISION.A 2020 is once again is all about digitization. The event is dedicated to the question of the pharmacy of tomorrow. The 2020 event will also focus on communication.

Everyone on the organizing team headed by VISION.A initiator Thomas Bellartz is delighted to have NOVENTI on board as a strong partner: “NOVENTI stands like no other company for successful ongoing change in continuously realigning the pharmacy and healthcare market, not least as a result of digitization and social change. We are delighted to have NOVENTI at our side as an innovative, dedicated partner.”

NOVENTI also views the cooperative relationship with VISION.A 2020 as something very special, as Dr. Michael Silvio Kusche, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), points out: “We are excited to step out of the role of visitor and award winner and into that of exclusive partner and presenter. VISION.A is a noteworthy event that brings together industry leaders, innovators and specialists from various industries and with diverse perspectives from all over Germany. With this partnership, NOVENTI is also making it clear that we will actively and successfully monitor and support the digital transformation in our role as a system-relevant shaper of the German healthcare market.”

VISION.A 2020, to be held on March 11 and 12, 2020, will mark the fifth time that innovators, visionaries and industry insiders from the pharmaceuticals and healthcare market come together in a spectacular venue: Kühlhaus Berlin offers enough room for an exciting program featuring more than 50 speakers, inspiring ideas and grand visions. Guests can look forward to a full-service package, featuring nonstop knowledge, networking opportunities, an awards ceremony and after-show party, and of course culinary highlights. It’s worthwhile to book early: Until December 20, 2019, tickets are available at the “Super Early Bird” rate. The discount is 400 euros.

Register now to be a part of it!

news-148 Wed, 13 Nov 2019 16:37:59 +0100 We are ready for e-prescription GERDA project: Integration immediately available as of launch – pharmacies with NOVENTI systems benefit from full-spectrum e-prescription solution in real-world operation Berlin e-prescription project: call for open market access

The GERDA project is an important step in charting the course for the nationwide rollout of e-prescriptions in Germany. After extensive preliminary work, GERDA has now gone live in Baden-Württemberg, with the pilot starting in the Stuttgart and Tuttlingen region in early November. In its role as a system-relevant shaper of the German healthcare market, NOVENTI is involved in implementing the e-prescription technical service as a technological cooperation partner, but that is not all. The pharmacies involved that work with NOVENTI systems are also playing a major role in the success of the program. Initial experience already shows that NOVENTI’s concept – comprehensive, seamless integration into the pharmacy systems used by German pharmacies on site – is being well received.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE, explains: “One thing that’s just as important as providing the technical infrastructure, is making sure the process goes smoothly at the pharmacy itself. We are already proving that now, with the pharmacies participating in the project who work with awinta’s ERP system and use NOVENTI’s billing services.” These local pharmacies benefit from a full-spectrum NOVENTI solution for e-prescriptions, which is now being used for the first time in live operation as part of the GERDA project. From processing at the pharmacy through to billing, the e-prescription is seamlessly integrated into normal pharmacy operations, without any losses due to friction. 

Ms. Daniela Naumburger, a pharmacist from Nordbahnhof Apotheke in Stuttgart, agrees: “We really had a lot of reservations about what we should expect from the change – but for no reason at all. Our initial experience has already shown that with NOVENTI’s help, we have everything under control when it comes to e-prescriptions.”

Thanks to extensive planning, everything works well in practice: The patient receives a prescription from the doctor – now, for the first time, in the form of an e-prescription stored to the central e-prescription memory developed by NOVENTI.  The key for the e-prescription is then transmitted directly to the patient via an app. In the case of the GERDA project, the docdirekt app is the one used. One important security feature is that the patient only receives a digital key, which can be used to authorize a pharmacy of the patient’s choice to pull the e-prescription from the central e-prescription memory. It is also possible to pre-order the medications at the pharmacy using the app, of course.  Says Naumburger, “To us, the handling is really very simple and convenient. It doesn’t take any extra time, and it’s basically not much different from how we did things before. At the pharmacy, incoming e-prescriptions are displayed directly in the ERP system and can be imported with just one click and then processed further as usual. One especially positive development is that reading errors are a thing of the past. Closely checking the prescribing physician’s signature, which has caused us quite a bit of trouble with health insurers refusing reimbursement in the past, is also no longer necessary now.” And that’s not all, she adds: “The information on when the patient can pick up their medication is also very easy to transmit to the patient directly from the pharmacy system. I wouldn’t have thought my ERP system could even chat with an app. Since the prescription is already digitally available format, it can also be transmitted directly to the NOVENTI billing system at the push of a button and billed. There’s no need to scan the prescription anymore. Thanks to NOVENTI, we have a solution that shows the entire e-prescription process, from start to finish, at the pharmacy.”

Project open to other pharmacies

awinta pharmacies from the Stuttgart and Tuttlingen area that are interested in participating in the project are welcome to visit the website of Landesapothekerverband Baden-Württemberg, the state association of pharmacists for that region, to learn more about their options:

Base technology from innovation leader NOVENTI sets standards

In its role as a system-relevant shaper of the German healthcare market, NOVENTI is involved in developing the technological prerequisites that go into the GERDA project. Says Dr. Hermann Sommer: “The launch of e-prescriptions is making great strides. As a technological cooperation partner for the GERDA project and a pharmacist-owned company, we are committed to make sure that e-prescriptions will be a recipe for success for local pharmacies as well. We are delighted to be able to play such a large role in this project, which is pointing the way forward for the German healthcare sector, including to have been commissioned to implement the central e-prescription technical service, which manages not only the e-prescription memory, but also the e-prescription status transitions, and provides the necessary interfaces.”

Berlin e-prescription project – call for open market access

The GERDA project is having an impact across Germany. For example, another e-prescription project is being initiated in Berlin, this time by Berliner Apothekerverein (BAV), the Berlin association of pharmacists, in cooperation with the German Pharmacists’ Association (DAV). The content of this project builds primarily on the structures of the GERDA project, which were put in place with support from NOVENTI, including the central e-prescription technical service and the implementation in the pharmacy systems and billing system. Dr. Hermann Sommer explains: “NOVENTI is ready and willing, now and in the future, to share the experiences we have gleaned through GERDA and our wealth of other expertise with the project in Berlin and other e-prescription projects. This project in Berlin is apparently not prioritizing or including the experiences of successful market players like NOVENTI, though. Still, we have already received various inquiries from pharmacies in Berlin that have NOVENTI systems and would like to participate in the project. We hope there will be open access to the market.”

Other pharmacies that are interested, have select awinta systems and are located in the area covered by postal codes 10623 to 10827 should indicate their interest in participating early on by contacting the BAV, DAV or NOVENTI.

news-147 Thu, 07 Nov 2019 16:54:00 +0100 Software firm Mauve becomes certified pro AvO partner pro AvO demonstrates openness to external partners Right from the start, the pro AvO initiative has always stressed that its own solution is open to all external market players and service providers that serve pharmacies locally. To ensure that all pharmacies can connect to the portal without having to change Web shop providers, pro AvO has now opened up its own interfaces. The first implementation partner certified by pro AvO will be the software firm Mauve.

Mauve Mailorder Software, a leading digital specialist in the pharmacy market, will mark the launch of the pro AvO solution by ensuring that all pharmacy customers are able to connect to the pro AvO digital platform. Right now, there are more than 400 pharmacies using the software company’s services.

“We really scrutinized pro AvO’s portal solution. We believe the concept and the technical implementation of pro AvO will set standards when e-prescriptions are introduced. That being the case, it’s only logical for us to get our pharmacy customers ‘pro AvO ready’ as soon as possible so that they can be a part of the concept when the digital platform goes live next year,” says Christian Mauve, Managing Director of Mauve Mailorder Software.

“We’re delighted that our digital platform, which is based on technology from Curacado, has found another important supporter in Mauve. With an additional strong proponent and development partner at our side, we plan to put pro AvO on as broad a basis as possible so that all pharmacies can benefit from our digital platform – regardless of the Web shop provider they have chosen,” says Peter Menk, pro AvO Managing Director.

Tanja Wilcke-Pasternacki, a member of the management of gesund leben Apotheken, is also happy: “This is just the right development for our customers.  Once pro AvO starts, all gesund leben customers will be ‘pro AvO ready’ with their Web shop solution from our partner Mauve, so they’ll be ready for e-prescriptions.”

pro AvO is all about openness – also in terms of suppliers, ERP systems and cooperative initiatives

It is a fact that the larger the number of participating pharmacies, and thus the larger the range of available options, the more attractive the digital platform is to consumers, and thus also to pharmacies in the local area. The main idea behind pro AvO is to build a joint market solution – independent of suppliers, ERP systems and cooperative initiatives. The pro AvO credo is that isolated solutions don’t have the potential to really catch on with end customers on a lasting basis.

Low technical threshold for pharmacies to connect to pro AvO

The technical prerequisites for pharmacies to be able to participate in the pro AvO platform in the future are not hard to meet. All it takes is a Web shop and an Internet connection. The Web shop is necessary in order to connect the pharmacy’s ERP system with the platform, thereby putting the pharmacy’s offerings in the digital display window. Pharmacies that already use a digital solution such as effizin, callmyApo or vimedi from NOVENTI, mea® from Sanacorp, gesund leben from GEHE, click&collect from Wort&Bild or Curacado will have an easy time connecting to the pro AvO platform.

To make certain the platform’s stringent quality requirements are met and give pharmacies and customers peace of mind, the process of obtaining pro AvO certification will take place jointly with TÜV Hessen. TÜV will act as a trust center for all external service providers wishing to connect to the portal as implementation partners.



The “pro AvO” initiative, which aims to support local pharmacies, is developing a digital supply network with pharmacy services for all of Germany, all geared toward consumers’ needs and points of contact. The portal is due to launch when e-prescriptions take effect, if not before. It aims to provide customers with direct access to the services of as many of the 19,300 pharmacies in Germany as possible – anytime, anywhere. The pro AvO initiative was launched by BD Rowa Germany GmbH, GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH, NOVENTI, Sanacorp eG and the Wort & Bild publishing group.

news-145 Mon, 04 Nov 2019 13:15:51 +0100 Dr. Verena Heeschen starts as CHRO – Leadership circle now complete Dr. Verena Heeschen is assuming the role of Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) as of November 2019, completing the leadership circle at NOVENTI Heeschen, an international attorney, studied law in Freiburg and Munich and has a wealth of experience in the fields of law and human resources. Her past work experience includes various positions at Axel Springer, and most recently, she served as CHRO & Head of Legal at Neusoft Technology Solutions, a Chinese software and IT firm.

NOVENTI CEO, Dr. Hermann Sommer, comments: “The ranks of our management as Europe’s market leader are now complete. Now that Victor Castro has been appointed to the board and Dr. Verena Heeschen is starting out as Chief HR Officer (CHRO), joining our proven board members Sven Bertram, who is in charge of IT (CTO), Dr. Silvio Kusche, head of marketing (CMO), Dr. Sven Simons, who works with customers and innovation (CCIO), and Björn Zeien, the head of strategy (CSO), we are in an excellent position to transform the healthcare sector and continue to grow as the system-relevant shaper of the German healthcare market.”


news-115 Fri, 11 Oct 2019 12:47:50 +0200 NOVENTI, MVDA and LINDA are starting a joint venture Strengthening on-site Pharmacies together The NOVENTI Group, the Marketing Association of German Pharmacists (MVDA e.V.), and Germany’s most well-known quality umbrella brand of owner-managed pharmacies, “LINDA” managed by LINDA AG, are starting a partnership and for that, among other things, are founding a joint venture to strengthen on-site pharmacies.

The joint venture between MVDA e. V., LINDA AG, and NOVENTI Group was contractually sealed by a letter of intent at this year’s expopharm in Düsseldorf. Its goal is to establish an operative basis from which joint actions can be developed to strengthen local on-site pharmacies. The plan is to transfer the joint venture into a partnership under the German Civil Code as of 01/01/2020. The Managing Board is composed of two representatives from each, NOVENTI and MVDA/LINDA. Jointly developed projects can be implemented non-bureaucratically and efficiently by a deliberately lean organizational structure. The goal of these projects is to position and strengthen owner-managed on-site pharmacies. Pharmacy teams will also get support for their day-to-day work by targeted actions, for instance regarding technical aspects of e-prescriptions, connectors, etc.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, chief executive officer of NOVENTI Health SE, explains: “With MVDA, managed by pharmacists, and the very well-established LINDA pharmacies, we as pharmacist owned NOVENTI have found the optimal partner in the market of pharmacy cooperation to sustainably strengthen on-site pharmacies with their indispensable service for end customers.”

Volker Karg, Management Board speaker of LINDA AG, explains the purpose of the cooperation: “The innovative strength and system relevance of the NOVENTI Group for the Germany healthcare market, especially with regard to the introduction of the e-prescription, the associated advantages for pharmacies, and NOVENTI’s large market coverage in Germany are a perfect fit for the strategic orientation of LINDA AG and for the pharmacies that have embraced the LINDA concept.”

An initial action that has already been implemented is joint management and support of the pro AvO (pro on-site pharmacy) initiative to promote digital networking of local pharmacies. The digital supply network with pharmacy services was developed for all of Germany and is geared toward the needs and points of contact for end consumers. NOVENTI is one of the five founding members of pro AvO. MVDA and LINDA already have cooperation partnerships with Rowa and Wort & Bild Verlag. The association and the pharmacy brand cooperation are intended to actively support the initiative and will contribute solid expertise with the LINDA 24/7 digital concept.

Another joint project is a plan for climate awareness in everyday pharmacy life. The NOVENTI Group is already a leader in the German healthcare market when it comes to climate protection because sustainability is one of the basic principles of NOVENTI’s corporate strategy and is also a benchmark for its entrepreneurial success. The NOVENTI Group in Munich has been compensating all of its CO2 emissions since 2018 and is operating completely climate-neutral. The NOVENTI OPEN was the first climate-neutral ATP500 tennis tournament in the world, and NOVENTI was the first exhibitor at the expopharm to make its tradeshow stand climate-neutral. The greenLINDA expert plan from LINDA pharmacies has also been serving increasing customer desires for sustainability and naturalness for a few years.

“Our strategic partnership with NOVENTI is an important step for our independent community of pharmacists.” We have the same pharmaceutical values ingrained into our structures. Starting 10/14/2019, we will be visiting 18 member locations throughout Germany and are glad to be able to welcome NOVENTI as a guest speaker, said Gabriela Hame-Fischer, president of MVDA e.V.

news-112 Tue, 24 Sep 2019 10:26:58 +0200 NOVENTI and DoctorBox are forming a strategic partnership Strengthening digital networking with electronic health records Munich, 24 September 2019. With immediate effect, the NOVENTI Group and DoctorBox GmbH are starting a strategic cooperation for further development of electronic health records. Being a systemically relevant shaper of the German healthcare market, the NOVENTI Group is taking a further logical step to actively organise the interfaces for networked services.

The electronic health record or its enhancement, the electronic patient record (EPR), is the key element of networked healthcare provision and telematic infrastructure. At the latest from January 2021, the statutory health insurers must offer their policyholders such an EPR. The electronic patient record enables case by case and cross-institutional documentation of the medical history – from an electronic medication plan, electronic doctor’s letters and results to doctor's appointments – and thus, EPR becomes a fulcrum of communication between the service providers in the healthcare system.

DoctorBox offers a stand-alone solution for digital medical records. The iOS and Android app is useful for the individual management of personal health records and the app is a leader in the German market in terms of data protection and its functions, e.g. document recording, the interaction between the doctor and the patient, it has everything from a pain diary to an emergency ticker with integrated vaccination card and organ donor card. All the documents and information are saved centrally; the data sovereignty lies with the patients. The required connection to the telematics infrastructure and end-to-end encryption is expected to be completed by December 2019.

As a neutral platform, the DoctorBox-App is in line with NOVENTI’s strategy, that is to develop general solutions for the networked healthcare system that are accessible to everyone and offer advantages to all customers of the NOVENTI Group. For the first time, a pharmacist-owned company has invested in an independent health record, which enshrines the patient’s data sovereignty as a corporate philosophy. Thus, the cooperation offers a variety of connecting factors for NOVENTI solutions, which will contribute to implement synergies among the subsidiaries of the group. With the cooperation, NOVENTI is taking the next logical step to actively shape the digital networking of healthcare provision with the interface between the pharmacy and other service providers. At the same time, NOVENTI offers its own customers the security to be already prepared today for the mandatory introduction of the electronic patient record.

NOVENTI chairman, Dr. Hermann Sommer, speaking about this: “In an increasingly networked provision, the competitiveness of our group is strengthened by the fact that we network with competent partners. With DoctorBox we have a partner that will further increase the strength of our group with innovative solutions.”

"DoctorBox has completed an oversubscribed growth financing round amounting to a mid single-digit million range with NOVENTI as the anchor investor and other existing investors from the fields of healthcare (Müller Medien, Labor Becker, Leica, etc.), artificial intelligence (arago, etc.), data management (Ximantix, etc.) and finance (Raiffeisen and Volksbanken, Evercore, IEG). DoctorBox and NOVENTI as a minority investor will together provide a decisive impetus to the prevalence of ePrescription. Together, we will continue to place the patient at the centre of the exchange of health records” says Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Oliver Miltner, CEO of DoctorBox.

news-110 Mon, 23 Sep 2019 08:40:37 +0200 Open letter to the President of the United States of America – The New York Times UN Climate Action Summit 2019NOVENTI is part of the Delegation of the German Senate of Economy In the context of the UN climate summit 2019 in New York City, NOVENTI is part of the delegation visit of the German Senate of Economy and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and as a representative of Germany, the company presents its activities for climate-neutral and sustainable action.

At the same time, in an open letter in The New York Times, NOVENTI calls on the President of the United States of America to take action. No one can escape the climate.

On this, the chairman of NOVENTI Health SE, Dr. Hermann Sommer: “We are thankful and happy to be able to present our activities on the occasion of the UN climate summit 2019 together with the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Dr. Gerd Müller, in the context of the delegation visit of the Senate of Economy in New York City.

Of course, we don’t have the perfect answer to the climate crisis. However, as the systemically relevant shapers of the German healthcare market, we would like to set an example and are convinced that companies like NOVENTI can be an important force for sustainable development and good environmental performance - if such companies work on climate initiatives. We hope to contribute a small step towards conserving our natural resources, in the spirit of the climate protection program 2030 adopted by the German Federal Government.”

NOVENTI Health SE management board, Dr. Sven Jansen, is in New York to talk and discuss this topic with the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Dr. Gerd Müller, the Ambassador of the Permanent Delegation of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United Nations, Dr. Christoph Heusgen and Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c., Franz-Josef Radermacher, as well as other important actors in this field.

“Dear Mr. President” - Call to action

At the same time, NOVENTI has published an open letter to the President of the United States of America this Monday, 09/23/2019, in The New York Times in over 60 countries, as well as in BILD and in Handelsblatt. Explaining this, Dr. Sven Jansen says: “In our open letter, we call upon the President of the United States of America to take action. First and foremost, he is responsible for conserving our natural resources. No one can escape the climate. With this, we want to shake up and show that everyone is responsible for environmentally conscious behavior – from a child to the head of state. But especially the President of the United States of America must not evade this responsibility. He must be a role model and a leader at the same time on the way to a better climate, a better environment and a better health.

At the same time, naturally, every company must do its part to reduce the effects on the environment. We cannot solve the climate crisis alone – but everyone can be an integral part of a more sustainable future.”

Responsibility as the market leader and the technology driver

As Germany’s largest pharmacy inventory management company and Europe’s largest billing company, we are system-relevant shapers of the German healthcare market and we want to initiate new dynamics for the digitalization of the healthcare market. At the same time, we are also aware of our responsibility: Thus, sustainability is an important part of our company strategy and a yardstick for corporate success. The sustainability efforts have been integrated in all business divisions and processes. Our goal is to keep effects on the climate as low as possible, and we are constantly looking for opportunities to reduce our ecological footprint.

news-76 Tue, 09 Jul 2019 16:54:48 +0200 Industry Standard for Product Management Systems pro AvO calls for a Mutual Web Interface for all On-Site Pharmacies When the e-prescription is introduced in the coming year, it will permanently change the pharmacy world. In order for on-site pharmacies and patients to equally benefit from this development, an industry standard for a digital platform interface is necessary that all pharmacy product management systems can be connected to. pro AvO is calling for this sort of a mutual standard in terms of interoperability. To do so, pro AvO is already meeting with the ADAS and is supporting its initiative to develop a uniform interface.

E-prescription will permanently change pharmacy customer behavior

Currently, customers personally hand in almost all prescriptions in on-site pharmacies. When the e-prescription is introduced, it can be assumed that patient behavior will change, and the number of prescriptions that are sent electronically to pharmacies will increase significantly.

On-site pharmacies must also be digitally accessible in order to participate in growing online channels. Solutions will prevail that have a direct connection to the pharmacy’s product management system. Pharmacy customers will only immediately order and pay if they can be sure that the ordered product is actually available and ready for them. And in pharmacies, online orders will only be able to be processed in an economical way if they are directly integrated into product management without great expense.

Interoperability: Interfaces for product management must be completely open

To connect product management systems to new digital ordering channels, completely open interfaces must be developed that also ensure effective data exchange between the e-commerce offers of the various software producers. This is the only way that pharmacies and end customers can universally communicate regardless of the pharmacy software that is used. And local pharmacies and patients can only benefit from universal, digital platform offers if the systems are interoperable.

“Pharmacies expect their suppliers and service providers to provide them with instruments to make it possible for them to benefit from the e-prescription,” says Peter Menk, Managing Director of pro AvO. “This is why we need an industry standard now for a mutual platform interface that connects all pharmacy product management systems to existing online shops as well as especially to new platform solutions and takes all General Data Protection Regulation requirements into account.”

ADAS as the right entity to define the mutual interface

As an association of leading German software companies in the pharmacy market, the ADAS (Federal Association of German Pharmacy Software Companies) has the goal of promoting interoperability of various pharmacy software systems. This is why pro AvO supports the ADAS initiative of developing a uniform interface.

“All initiatives should be open to all pharmacies. We should all sit down at one table and come up with a way to connect using a mutual industry interface so that we do not lose valuable time now in a competition between platform initiatives. We would like to open our interfaces to all pharmacies and in the process of doing so are already meeting with the ADAS. We are also inviting all other digital industry initiatives and all software companies to support the ADAS in mutually defining the industry standard as quickly as possible,” says Peter Menk.

news-74 Fri, 21 Jun 2019 09:09:06 +0200 Advantage Earth NOVENTI OPEN on the way to becoming the world’s most climate-neutral tennis tournament! Munich, June 21, 2019. Sustainability is one of the core principles of NOVENTI's corporate strategy, a benchmark for corporate success and a better tomorrow. As a new strategic partner of the NOVENTI OPEN in Halle (Westphalia), it is the German healthcare market leader’s declared goal to extend these values ​​and visions to the largest tennis tournament in Germany.

"Our mission is to make the NOVENTI OPEN the most climate-neutral tennis tournament in the world," explains Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE. “We consider economic, ecological and social aspects in all our decisions – and as one of the few industry representatives in the healthcare market, we are already certified as a climate-neutral company." In concrete terms, this means that the actions of the NOVENTI Group do not leave a carbon footprint.

To minimize the environmental impact of the NOVENTI OPEN, Dr. Sommer and his team are already making a mark in the first year of the partnership: Assuming around 100,000 visitors, NOVENTI has calculated the total amount of CO2 and the food and drinks consumed during the event, and other factors that are significant for the amount of CO2. The sustainability experts at the "Fokus Zukunft" institute came up with a total of around 13,600 tonnes of CO2. NOVENTI is now compensating this factor by supporting a water project in Brazil under the authority of the United Nations. "Fokus Zukunft” will award a corresponding certificate to the strategic partner of the NOVENTI OPEN and the tournament director Ralf Weber during the quarter-finals in Halle (Westphalia).

But the eRezept experts from Munich are also making a mark besides the CO2 compensation: they have swapped the plastic cups used at the beverage stalls at the tennis tournament for sustainable, climate-friendly packaging solutions and disposable tableware made of renewable or recycled raw materials – a good conscious to go, so to speak. "We want visitors to the biggest tennis tournament in Germany to feel our commitment right there in Halle, and to get a better picture of what we stand for," explains Dr. Sommer. "That's why it's important for us today, and in the future, not only to compensate CO2, but to reduce it and ultimately avoid it – both as a company and as a partner of the NOVENTI OPEN." Ralf Weber, founder and tournament director, is delighted: "That's a great sign for our ATP tournament and for the entire region. And, of course, also for our content partnership with NOVENTI."

Since January 1, 2018, NOVENTI has compensated all CO2 emissions, and thus operates completely climate-neutrally. NOVENTI’s emissions calculated on the basis of their CO2 footprint, including the 16 locations throughout Germany, are offset by three internationally recognized climate protection projects: an award-winning cooking stove project in Ghana, an FSC sustainable forestry project in Uruguay, and a UN certified hydropower project in India. The sustainability consultancy Fokus Zukunft certified NOVENTI as a "climate-neutral company” in recognition of its commitment. In addition, NOVENTI was honored as a "Climate Sponsor 2019/2020” by the Economic Senate.

The CEO of NOVENTI, Dr. Hermann Sommer, is a member of the Economic Senate and thus NOVENTI supports the "Development and Climate Alliance" of the Development Minister, Dr. Gerd Müller, and the Economic Senate.

Further information on sustainability at NOVENTI can be found here.


news-71 Sat, 08 Jun 2019 10:37:00 +0200 Germany’s biggest healthcare provider NOVENTI takes over title sponsorship for 2019 Tournament Director Ralf Weber: “A very strong signal for the future of our tournament”Dr. Hermann Sommer, Chief Executive Officer of NOVENTI Health SE: “We are proud to be the title sponsor of this great and long-standing grass court tournament.” Halle in Westphalia (Germany). Germany’s most important ATP tennis tournament has a new title sponsor for the 27th edition which is held from June 15th to 23th 2019. In 2019, the globally renowned ATP 500 grass court event in Halle in Westphalia, Germany, will be called NOVENTI OPEN. On Saturday, June 08th, the local organiser, the Gerry Weber Management und Event GmbH & Co. OHG, and the NOVENTI group, Germany’s biggest health care provider, signed an agreement for a three-year partnership, i.e. from 2019 to 2021. “We are very happy about the cooperation which is also a very strong signal for the future of our tournament,” said Tournament Director Ralf Weber. “Thanks to this trend-setting partnership, the tournament will continue to position itself firmly as a major event.” Both parties have not disclosed any information about the financial details of the contract.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, Chief Executive Officer of NOVENTI Health SE, explained: “At NOVENTI, we work for the strengthening of the health services in Germany and thus, in particular, support owner-operated local pharmacies. Thereby, we ensure national health care. We are proud to be the title sponsor of this great and long-standing grass court tournament.”

“NOVENTI will take over the title sponsoring of the top-class ATP tennis event for 2019 and we have a very cooperative partnership” explained tournament director Ralf Weber. The parties will discuss the details of the cooperation for the years 2020 and 2021 in autumn. Weber thanked the former title sponsor, the Gerry Weber International AG, for the long-standing partnership from the start-up phase via the further development of the tournament to becoming one of the best known global tennis competitions of the ATP Tour. Again this year, the NOVENTI OPEN will be broadcast to 130 countries, more than 350 accredited journalists will report on site.

Dr. Sven Jansen, Board Member of NOVENTI Health SE explains the background of the cooperation: “Sport and health just belong together. And NOVENTI allows its customers, i.e. pharmacies, doctors and other service providers, to focus on the most important topic – on their customers. Therefore, it was an obvious step for us to take our commitment to a healthy lifestyle to a wider audience.“

The Tournament Director Ralf Weber is also very happy about the support from the players and the pros’ management agencies: “Many top players will come this year without having a contractual obligation.”

Also the record champion Roger Federer who won the tournament in Halle in Westphalia nine times immediately affirmed his support. “We always offered the players ideal surroundings to play here and to perform at their best. Halle was and is a feel good oasis for the pros, as well as for their families,” said Ralf Weber. “That is one of the reasons why we received so much encouragement from the tennis world.”

news-67 Fri, 07 Jun 2019 07:54:00 +0200 Petra Terhardt to become Managing Director of awinta GmbH Petra Terhardt will take over as Managing Director of awinta GmbH with effect from 07/01/2019. Munich, 07 June 2019. Together with Managing Directors Sven Bertram and Gordian Schöllhorn, Ms. Terhardt will take responsibility for the entire market segment. Along with the Key Account Management, Special Supply Solutions and Strategic Market Development departments, she will thus also oversee awinta GmbH’s six regional operations. Gordian Schöllhorn will henceforth focus on customer service as well as strategic themes at awinta and synergies with NOVENTI.

Ms. Terhardt is a qualified pharmacist and has many years’ experience in the healthcare and pharmacy sectors. She built her career at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, Stada GmbH and Lauer Fischer before joining awinta GmbH at the end of 2016 as central region Managing Director, where she proved exceptionally successful. In July 2018 she became Sales Director and transferred to head office at Bietigheim Bissingen.

Awinta GmbH is a subsidiary of NOVENTI GmbH. With about 7,000 customers, awinta is market leader for pharmacy software in the German healthcare sector.

news-64 Tue, 04 Jun 2019 07:54:00 +0200 New CCIO Dr. Sven Simons NOVENTI is reinforcing its position with Pharmacy Expert Munich, 4. June 2019. The NOVENTI Group is reinforcing its top management. Dr. Sven Simons is joining the Divisional Management Board of NOVENTI Health SE as of 09/01/2018 as the CCIO (Chief Client Innovation Officer).

Dr. Simons will manage the changes from digitization for the pharmacy profession in the future and will also refine the focus of the NOVENTI Group’s products.

Dr. Simons was employed for many years at MVDA e.V., was a member of the Management Board from 2011 until 2019, and from 2015 until recently was a member of the Executive Committee and responsible for the Pharmaceutical Expertise division.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, Chairman of the Executive Board of NOVENTI Health SE explains: “As a pharmacist-owned company, we are now glad to be able to also welcome a pharmacist into our Divisional Management Board who will naturally pay attention to pharmacists and their needs with a special insight.”

Dr. Sven Simons studied pharmaceutics in Bonn and Glasgow and is a pharmacist specialized in drug information. Until recently, he managed two pharmacies together with his wife in the Sauerland region.

The NOVENTI Group is reinforcing its top management. Dr. Sven Simons is joining the Divisional Management Board of NOVENTI Health SE as of 09/01/2018 as the CCIO (Chief Client Innovation Officer).

Dr. Simons will manage the changes from digitization for the pharmacy profession in the future and will also refine the focus of the NOVENTI Group’s products.

Dr. Simons was employed for many years at MVDA e.V., was a member of the Management Board from 2011 until 2019, and from 2015 until recently was a member of the Executive Committee and responsible for the Pharmaceutical Expertise division.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, Chairman of the Executive Board of NOVENTI Health SE explains: “As a pharmacist-owned company, we are now glad to be able to also welcome a pharmacist into our Divisional Management Board who will naturally pay attention to pharmacists and their needs with a special insight.”

Dr. Sven Simons studied pharmaceutics in Bonn and Glasgow and is a pharmacist specialized in drug information. Until recently, he managed two pharmacies together with his wife in the Sauerland region.

news-62 Mon, 13 May 2019 13:18:20 +0200 pro AvO welcomes the E-Prescription Initiative from the ABDA and recommends a round table discussion for all market partners The Federal Union of German Associations of Pharmacists (ABDA) announced at its business forum last week that it is developing a patient app. This app should be geared towards forthcoming e-prescriptions. pro Apotheke vor Ort (pro AvO) warmly welcomes the ABDA initiative as a shareholder in gematik mbH to shape the design and development of standards at the federal level for the upcoming e-prescriptions.

“We are glad and think that it is absolutely right that the ABDA has received the leadership for introducing e-prescriptions. The ABDA is pursuing the same goal as we are of creating a uniform digital standard to provide patients the best possible access to medications,” says Peter Menk, Managing Director of pro AvO.

Bring all market partners to a round table discussion now
“The Pro AvO Initiative recommends that the ABDA approach all relevant market partners now to develop common standards that all patients and all pharmacies can use. All market participants should pull together so that on-site pharmacies can participate in the growing online channel to generate the greatest-possible added value for patients,” Menk says to encourage a joint approach.

Consistent design for independent patients
According to the notification from the ABDA, e-prescriptions should be able to be consistently used in a way that is neutral, free of advertising, and does not guide or control patients. The joint venture, pro AvO, also supports this fundamentally important approach for introducing e-prescriptions as Peter Menk states: “We share the goals that the ABDA has of strengthening the role of on-site pharmacies with digital options and also securing nationwide supply in the future.” pro AvO also advocates that patients keep possession of their e-prescription and independently decide on the pharmacy where they would like to fill the prescription. In pro AvO’s view, there should be no trading of data either or other use of data without explicit patient consent.

On-site pharmacy competitiveness by joining forces
In pro AvO’s view, is also important to make every effort to work together on an open solution that includes all pharmacies. This will not work with stand-alone solutions, but only with an industry-wide solution, which is what pro AvO has been advocating for since it was founded. Pharmacists expect solutions that work at all pharmacies and that offer their patients and customers the greatest amount of added value. In pro AvO’s view, this can only work by joining forces along the entire supply chain. For example, product management must be integrated, and pharmacy deliverability must be ensured for all digital solutions so that pharmacy processes can continue to function smoothly. The best way to do this is to get all relevant market partners at one table and to mutually define the necessary standards and guidelines.

news-60 Tue, 07 May 2019 06:32:00 +0200 Committed to the environment: NOVENTI awarded as a climate-neutral company The NOVENTI Group in Munich is one of the first industry representatives in the healthcare market that is operating on a completely climate-neutral basis. It has been compensating all of its CO2 emissions since January 1, 2018. Emissions from operations determined on the basis of the group company’s CO2 footprint are compensated by three internationally recognized climate protection projects: with a cook stove project in Ghana that we were awarded, with a reforestation project according to the FSC standard for sustainable forestry in Uruguay, and with a UN certified hydropower project in India. The sustainability consulting company Fokus Zukunft is now giving the NOVENTI Group an award as a “climate-neutral company” for its involvement.

Sustainability is one of the basic principles of NOVENTI’s corporate strategy and is also a benchmark for its entrepreneurial success. The NOVENTI Group complies with sustainability by a group-wide sustainability strategy: at the economic, ecological, and societal level. The group’s holistic involvement has resulted in a series of activities in the area of corporate social responsibility: for example, the group company is actively advocating against extinction of species and is offering 12 bee colonies a new home on the business premises of its companies. In addition, NOVENTI, the market leader, is continually working on optimizing its business travel, such as by using video conferences and is working on reducing material consumption in office areas. The NOVENTI Group is becoming increasingly more sustainable in mobility as well: Hybrid vehicles are being increasingly used in the group’s vehicle fleet, and employees also have the option of leasing bicycles.  
The NOVENTI Group sees climate change as the greatest challenge of our time. The goals of the World Climate Change Conference in Paris that are just as necessary as they are ambitious can only be implemented to a limited extent by political action. They are substantially dependent on more and more companies being willing to compensate their own CO2 emissions by purchasing climate protection certificates. This is why the NOVENTI Group has now had its emissions recorded and compensated by purchasing 6,700 climate protection certificates. Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG determined the climatic stress associated with the group companies as the basis for the NOVENTI Group’s climate-neutral position.

 “Handling natural resources in a responsible way and reducing CO2 emissions to protect the climate is important to us as NOVENTI,” says Dr. Hermann Sommer, Chief Executive Officer of NOVENTI Health SE. “As an international healthcare company, multi-generational management is a top priority for us. Sustainable behavior is deeply rooted into our entire group. We are obligated to make a contribution to solving worldwide climate problems. That is why I am very glad that our company is one of the first companies in our industry that is voluntarily compensating its emissions according to the Kyoto Protocol.”

As a partner of the Alliance for Development and Climate launched by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, NOVENTI supports the common objective of attracting as many companies and people in its sphere of influence as possible to the climate protection goals defined in Paris.

news-58 Thu, 14 Mar 2019 11:08:00 +0100 NOVENTI: Successful “SINNPOSIUM” in 5 cities throughout Germany Network and industry meeting about the future of pharmacies BE A “SINNFLUENCER” – This is the slogan that NOVENTI used to invite pharmacists in March to its “SINNPOSIUM” in five different cities. Many pharmacists accepted the invitation and came to our exclusive network and industry meeting about the future of pharmacies. The meetings were interesting evenings at extraordinary locations in Bremen, Berlin, Dresden, Munich, and Stuttgart. Topics of the meetings were NOVENTI’s strategic alignment, the progress of our digital strategy, as well as a keynote speech on the digital transformation and new work. The speakers were Dr. Hermann Sommer and Dr. Sven Jansen who are both members of NOVENTI’s Board of Directors and Sven Bertram who is responsible for NOVENTI’s digital strategy. The renowned trend and futurologist, Oliver Leisse, was able to be brought in for the keynote speech. Dr. Hermann Sommer: “We are very glad that so many pharmacists came to the events, and this shows us that on-site pharmacies have a great interest in mutual, digital solutions for the future.”

NOVENTI – Interaction with all healthcare participants: “The concept of me turns into us”
After a short welcome, Dr. Hermann Sommer and Dr. Sven Jansen emphasized in their presentation how important it is to NOVENTI to strengthen on-site pharmacies. “From our company’s history, it goes without saying that one of NOVENTI’s goals is to strengthen and support pharmacists as our most important core target group. We enable on-site pharmacies to successfully master the challenges of digitization. The quality of information obtained from the internet involves special risks especially in healthcare and in particular if information from the internet is not professionally curated. It is even more important that pharmacies take the role of “guides” because they are an especially important interface for clients and patients to all healthcare service providers,” says Hermann Sommer. NOVENTI is already an important player and shaper on the healthcare market because of its sales and customer numbers. The NOVENTI corporate group is the largest health care biller in Europe and has the most possible patient touch points in Germany via its customers. NOVENTI sees its role as a partner of all participants in the healthcare industry and not only for pharmacies. Dr. Hermann Sommer is sure that: “The challenges of digitization can only be successfully handled if we work together.”

NOVENTI’s digital strategy
In his presentation, Sven Bertram specifically informed participants about the progress of NOVENTI’s digital strategy. “In recent years, the behavior of customers and patients has changed drastically away from solution-oriented behavior to needs-oriented behavior independent of time and place.” This is exactly where NOVENTI’s strategy comes into play because NOVENTI supports pharmacies by solutions and by positioning pharmacists as strong partners in healthcare. Sven Bertram: “Pharmaceutical counseling and the digital world do not contradict each other but belong together. Community pharmacies are and will always remain a focus and a pivotal point of contact for patients. The in-creasing 24/7 communication is only another communication channel.” Bertram showed pharmacists what these communication channels can look like using various use cases with digital solutions from the NOVENTI OTES portfolio. An example of these solutions is callmyApo, THE German Pharmacy App, and its new version also provides patients with a clear, innovative tool for patient medication management in addition to its time-proven function of pre-ordering medication.
Sven Bertram: “We are currently adapting ourselves and our customers to future changes with our strategic alignment and a clear goal of strengthening the position of on-site pharmacies even in times of digitization – today and tomorrow.”  

Oliver Leisse gave the attendees an inspiring conclusion with a look beyond our horizons and into the future. He used many examples to make it crystal clear that: “It is a very sure thing that there will be change caused by a variety of factors. Some of the causes of change are already known, others are being identified, and some are not even on our radar yet.”

news-56 Wed, 30 Jan 2019 15:08:28 +0100 ‘PRO AvO’ partners come together to support ‘Danke, Apotheke’ (Thank you, pharmacist) campaign Combining strengths and resources, and developing innovative digital solutions for the pharmacy market together: this is the stated goal of the ‘PRO Apotheke vor Ort’ (PRO AvO) (expert local pharmacist) initiative which was launched in December 2018 by the five well-known companies BD Rowa Germany GmbH, GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH, NOVENTI Group, Sanacorp and the Wort & Bild publishing group.

The five strong partners are launching the emotional, highly acclaimed ‘Danke, Apotheke’ pharmacist campaign on various channels. The advert will be broadcast on television and social media. Sanacorp will also provide pharmacy shops with their own promotional stand-up displays. BD Rowa will add the advert to the advertising loop on their pharmacy screens and thus reach over 1.5 million pharmacy customers throughout Germany. GEHE and Sanacorp are distributing 650,000 ‘Danke, Apotheke’ postcards to pharmacy shops. The NOVENTI Group will display the adverts prominently on their APO-TIPP customer monitors in German pharmacy shops.

‘The goal of our new initiative is to boost local pharmacies. The ‘Danke, Apotheke’ information campaign informs consumers, patients and policy makers about the wide range of services provided by pharmacists for the comprehensive provision of medicines, which are provided in a friendly, approachable manner around the clock,’ says Dr Peter Schreiner, Chairman of the Board at GEHE.

‘All PRO AvO partners immediately confirmed their support for the campaign and have agreed to demonstrate the high importance of personal consultation, reliability and credibility in health care across all of the channels available to them,’ says Peter Menk, managing director of the PRO AvO initiative.

The ‘Danke, Apotheke’ campaign shows the essential services provided by pharmacies in the provision of medicines in an authentic, emotional way. ‘Danke, Apotheke’ has won multiple awards, including the Superbrands® award for outstanding brand management and the expopharm special media award (see for more information).

About the PRO AvO initiative
The current supporters of the PRO AvO initiative are BD Rowa Germany GmbH, GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH, the NOVENTI Group, Sanacorp eG and the Wort & Bild publishing group. The goal of the initiative is to develop, in close collaboration with other participants, associations and pharmacies, a concept which gives pharmacies the option of a common standard, be it in the form of a marketplace, a platform or just a special application. The best approach for German patients is to combine the resources required for this.

news-54 Thu, 24 Jan 2019 06:57:00 +0100 The PRO AvO Initiative Gains Peter Menk as Managing Director The PRO AvO (PRO on-site pharmacy) Initiative to strengthen owner-operated pharmacies and to harmonize pharmacists’ digital applications is picking up speed. The five founding members BD Rowa Germany GmbH, GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH, NOVENTI Group, Sanacorp eG, and Wort & Bild Verlagsgruppe are appointing Peter Menk as the new managing director.

“We founded PRO AvO to develop a concept for independent, local pharmacies. With Peter Menk, we have found the ideal candidate who will press ahead with our idea and implement it with his specific and extensive expertise,” says Frank Hennings happily, executive board member of Sanacorp.

Experienced pharmacy expert for concept development and digitization
Peter Menk (49) has been active for more than 15 years in various functions on the pharmacy market. He is a former business consultant who set up one of the first nationwide pharmacy cooperations with partner pharmacies in 2003. Menk and a large advertising agency also founded their own healthcare subsidiary and converted a successful treatment concept for alternative practitioners and physicians into modern multi-channel customer communication. Peter Menk has first-hand experience with pharmacists’ worries. He helps his wife, a pharmacist, run their two pharmacies in Hamburg and has already successfully implemented his own pharmacy app there as well as social media activities.

Using digitization to strengthen on-site pharmacies
Many pharmacies see digitization as a threat because nowadays individual on-site pharmacies are inferior to the large online giants or to foreign mail-order pharmacies. This causes fears and especially leads to pharmacists demanding that, “something has to be done.”
“Above all, we see digitization as a great opportunity for on-site pharmacies,” says Peter Menk. “While mail order companies are trying everything to have direct contact with customers, German pharmacies already have an extensive, very functional, secure supply network.” Every day almost four million people come into pharmacies, and pharmacy courier services make more than 250,000 deliveries. “We have the best basis to make digitization options usable for all pharmacies – by customer focus, cooperation, and creativity,” says Menk.

What is the focus of PRO AvO?
The goal of the initiative is to give customers and pharmacies security in the digital world as well. To do this, digital ideas and applications that are being formed everywhere on the market will be harmonized and further developed, and market standards will be formulated. Ultimately, a digital solution is to be formed that offers on-site pharmacies and patients a platform that is just as secure and trustworthy as the red pharmacy “A” has been for many years in the stationary world. For many stakeholders, the understanding has grown in recent weeks and months that only a mutual solution that is open to everyone and geared toward the interests of customers and pharmacists has the opportunity to sustainably strengthen local pharmacies, which makes a unique opportunity for on-site pharmacies.

news-52 Thu, 06 Dec 2018 16:54:20 +0100 Digitization: New Initiative Launched to Strengthen On-Site Pharmacies Five strong partners, one goal Five renowned companies are founding the “PRO AvO” (PRO on-site pharmacy) initiative to strengthen owner-operated pharmacies and to harmonize pharmacists’ digital applications. One thing unites the participants in the new initiative: they are combining strengths and resources serving local pharmacies. This has laid the cornerstone for many innovative companies to collaborate to develop a new solution and implement it together with other partners.

Developing the necessary expertise and size together
The current supporters are BD Rowa Germany GmbH, GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH, NOVENTI Health SE, Sanacorp eG, and Wort & Bild Verlagsgruppe. The goal of the initiative is to create a concept in close cooperation with other participants, associations, and pharmacists that gives pharmacists the opportunity to have a mutual standard whether it is as a marketplace, platform, or only as a special application. The most promising way to do this appears to be to bundle the resources that are necessary to create the concept. “There are so many that have shown interest in this sort of a campaign that we just had to start. The decisive factor is that by themselves no one on the market can establish something that is really a sustainable benefit to pharmacists, end-users, and patients,” says Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE.

Quality and security for pharmacies geared towards clients
The new initiative is in the conceptual phase. “In the current situation, it is first and foremost about quality and security for pharmacies and a clear focus on customer needs,” emphasizes Andreas Arntzen, CEO of Wort & Bild Verlagsgruppe. Customers are requesting a digital answer where they can find all relevant information about medicinal products and pharmacies. It is also crucial that this sort of initiative be open to everyone.

For many stakeholders, the understanding has grown in recent weeks and months that only a mutual solution that is open to everyone and geared toward the interests of customers and pharmacists has the opportunity to sustainably strengthen local pharmacies, which makes a unique opportunity for on-site pharmacies.

Information about the five partners (in alphabetical order):

Rowa® Technologies by Becton Dickinson (BD) is automating warehouses and medication distribution of pharmacies and other healthcare institutions. With more than 8000 systems worldwide, the Rowa brand stands for quality and dependability that is, “made in Germany.” BD is a global technology company that is promoting preventive healthcare by improving research, diagnostics, and care. BD employees over 65,000 employees in 50 countries. Rowa Technologies is managed from Kelberg (Eifel), Germany with approximately 750 employees.

GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH is a pharmaceutical wholesale company and is a subsidiary of McKesson Europe. From 18 places of business, GEHE supplies pharmacies with medical products every day throughout Germany and contributes to secure pharmaceutical supply in Germany. Based in Stuttgart, Germany, GEHE is a pharmaceutical distributor that assists its customers with services in pharmacy management and marketing via the pharmacy cooperation called “live healthy” that is the leading pharmacy cooperation in Germany with 2,100 members and more than 60 industry partners.

As a holding company, NOVENTI combines many separate individual companies that have one thing in common: they all operate in the healthcare market with the core target groups of pharmacies, other service providers, care services, and physicians. In addition to financing security, NOVENTI offers its network platform, which promotes important cross-company transfer of expertise. At the same time, the individual companies operate separately. Group sales are currently at about 156 million euros. Over 1,900 employees contribute to the success of the entire NOVENTI Group. This also includes being repeatedly given the award of being a great place to work.

Sanacorp and its corporations achieved annual sales in their operational business of 4.5 billion euros in 2017 and are one of the largest pharmacy-specific pharmaceutical wholesale companies in Germany. With around 3,000 employees at 17 places of business, this pharmacy company ensures that around 7,500 pharmacies throughout Germany are securely and dependably supplied with medicinal and healthcare products around the clock. On top of this, the “mea® - my pharmacy” pharmacy cooperation offers attractive marketing campaigns to its members. Sanacorp eG Pharmazeutische Grosshandlung and all members of the pharmacy cooperative are at the head of the group company. The company emphatically advocates for strengthening owner-operated individual pharmacies in Germany.

Wort & Bild Verlag is the leading provider of popular healthcare media in Germany. Its print titles reach 22 million readers, and its online platforms receive over 18 million visits per month. Direct user value for the health of readers and expert pharmacy advice are always the focus. Wort & Bild Verlag publishes the following magazines: Apotheken Umschau [Pharmacy Review] (9,185,378 copies sold monthly according to IVW III/2018), Baby und Familie [Baby and Family] (666,642 copies sold monthly), Diabetes Ratgeber [Diabetes Guide] (1,171,058 copies sold monthly), Senioren Ratgeber [Guide for the Elderly] (1,702,317 copies sold monthly), Ärztlicher Ratgeber [Medical Guide] (published three times per year with 250,540 copies distributed annually) medizini [medicini – a medical magazine for children] (1,389,192 copies sold monthly), and HausArzt PatientenMagazin [Family Doctor Patient Magazine] (published four times per year with 388,550 copies sold annually).

news-48 Wed, 17 Oct 2018 09:54:16 +0200 Taking responsibility NOVENTI Group is excited about bees and supports biodiversity The number of bee colonies in Germany has fallen drastically in the past 50 years. This has far-reaching consequences because bees are an important factor in our ecosystem. The NOVENTI Group is actively advocating against extinction of species and is offering 12 bee colonies a new home on the business premises of its companies at six locations. Throughout the year, these hard-working bees produce approximately 180 kilograms of bee honey. The Munich-based NOVENTI Group has gained an experienced cooperation partner with the environmental initiative Beefuture for conservation and species protection. Beefuture is establishing the bee colonies and taking care of them. Close cooperation with the initiative is another step towards a comprehensive overall Group strategy in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR) that will be consistently implemented in the coming years.

"The establishment of the bee colonies is providing an important contribution to species protection and is sending a clear signal about preserving biological diversity. Along with our partner Beefuture, we would like to help protect native plants and animals and also make a positive contribution to the climate footprint of our Group," emphasizes Dr. Hermann Sommer, chief executive officer of NOVENTI Health SE. Cooperation with the environmental initiative is a component of the NOVENTI sustainability strategy. "As an international healthcare company, multi-generational management is a top priority for us. Sustainable behavior is deeply rooted into our entire group. We will also take more actions to protect our environment and the well-being of our employees in the coming years."

The role of bees in our ecosystem and agriculture is often underestimated. After cattle and swine, bees are the third most important type of livestock and directly or indirectly contribute to one third of the global food production because of crop pollination. Pesticides, monocultures, and dwindling sources of food are threatening bees that are actually very robust, adaptable insects and are reducing the amount of bees at an alarming rate. Bee decline has devastating effects on our ecosystem. This is why the NOVENTI Group would like to make a contribution to preserving insect diversity. Initially, the honey that is extracted will be given to the employees of the NOVENTI Group.

news-46 Wed, 19 Sep 2018 09:12:04 +0200 Cooperation between NOVENTI and ARZ Darmstadt: The pharmacy app for Germany Joint press release with ARZ Darmstadt GmbH

NOVENTI and ARZ Darmstadt have signed a cooperation agreement that will promote the launch of a standardized pharmacy app for all German pharmacies with the goal of establishing THE German pharmacy APP on the market. Both companies are combining their free pharmacy apps and thus the further development of the apps so that the two apps callmyApo and Apojet can work on a mutual technological basis. This makes the two current leading apps on the market fully compatible for their approximately 4000 pharmacy users. It is also possible via both apps to use standardized digital access to pharmacies. The two companies are providing the innovative apps for free to all German pharmacies in the interest of safeguarding the future of local pharmacies in Germany. The apps can be used by all pharmacies and their customers throughout the country. This means that today several million people can already use the pharmacy app. Users do not have to switch in the user interface and operation. The apps will be able to be used on a centralized base, and the way for THE German pharmacy APP will be promoted with great strides by joint technical adaptations.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, chairman of the NOVENTI Health SE Management Board: "callmyApo and Apojet are currently the leading pharmacy apps in the German market. The market leadership of these apps will once again be clearly expanded by the cooperation. We are sure that together we are setting a new standard for digital access to pharmacies." Reiner Haupt, managing director of ARZ Darmstadt, "The concept of a standardized pharmacy app for all of Germany is finding great support among pharmacists and shows us that we are on the right path. We are pleased about the positive response from all over the country."

With their pharmacy apps, NOVENTI and ARZ Darmstadt are helping pharmacies provide more customer service and are combining the digital world with the expertise of on-site pharmacies. Local pharmacies can position themselves better as essential partners in health care with a powerful, innovative pharmacy app that is the market leader. This app can put pharmacies at the cutting edge of the digital world and make them available at any time with the decisive advantage of personal, pharmaceutical care in a local pharmacy.

news-40 Mon, 30 Jul 2018 07:54:00 +0200 Björn Zeien comes to the NOVENTI Group NOVENTI brings in expert for cross-sector collaboration Experienced new employee: Bjorn Zeien will boost NOVENTI Health SE as the chief strategy officer (CSO) and help develop and maintain strategic partnerships as of October 1, 2018. Zeien has established and developed successful networks in the healthcare industry in the last 15 years and is now bringing his political and technical expertise to our Group Company in Munich.

Björn Zeien currently works as the head of the Politics and Strategic Networks staff unit in the opta data Group Company. He also is active as the Chief Executive Officer of the Germany.Health.NETWORKED Registered Association (Verein Deutschland.Gesund.VERNETZT. e.V.) as well as the Co-initiator of Essen.Health. NETWORKED (Essen.Gesund.VERNETZT). He acts as a member of the Senate of Economy and was selected for the Institute Board of the Institute of the Future Healthcare Industry. His professional focus is entirely on cross-sector networking at the political and technical level. Zeien is a proven healthcare expert, and the move to NOVENTI is a new challenge that he is excited to take on. A key element in this process is holistic action including new technologies and digital solutions.

He was given the DAK award in 2016 for special dedication to the field of digitization in healthcare.

"Björn Zeien strengthens our position as a digital driver of innovation to interact with lawmakers, scientists, and business. He is a leading expert in the healthcare industry who always uses his knowledge and ability with customers in mind," says Dr. Hermann Sommer, chief executive officer of NOVENTI Health SE. Dr. Sommer is convinced that with Zeien another milestone will be able to be set for the Group Company.


news-39 Tue, 26 Jun 2018 15:39:00 +0200 Advisory Board meeting and FSA Representative Committee NOVENTI Group records a successful 2017 fiscal year At the third ordinary Advisory Board meeting in Augsburg, NOVENTI’s Supervisory Board and senior management reported on the past 2017 fiscal year. The company gave a positive summary in view of the persistently challenging market environment in the healthcare industry. NOVENTI is continuing its stable growth course and ended the 2017 fiscal year with another increase of all important figures. In addition to strong economic growth, the company made notable accomplishments in 2017 as well. The focus of the accomplishments was an expansion of our extensive range of services that the Group is using to continue to clear the way to patient-oriented networking in the German and international health care market.

The NOVENTI Group is continuing its restructuring process that it launched about two years ago to make a synergy network of more than 20 subsidiaries and holdings. The company’s financial position, earnings position and changes in the financial position showed a positive trend in 2017 as well in spite of the associated investments. With annual sales of 156.4 million euros and net income of 21.5 million euros, NOVENTI is securing its top position among the leading international providers of billing services in the healthcare industry. The profit distribution based on capital contributions for the members of FSA Registered Association – the sole shareholder of NOVENTI – was 12 percent. Managing Director, Hermann Sommer, regards the company group as optimally prepared for the challenges of the future and not only because of the satisfying economic situation, “You can only help in a targeted way if you see the whole picture. With this in mind, we provide the right answers to the core issues of the healthcare market as a holistically focused healthcare service provider – as a go-between for lawmakers, business, and society.” His colleague in senior management, Dr. Sven Jansen, adds, “We are organizing healthcare, and that makes us strong. As a market leader, we primarily understand our role as an obligation to offer our customers the highest quality overall approach and as an obligation to set trends as an initiator.”

Strong markets, strong growth
In its core markets, the NOVENTI Group looks back at an eventful year that was marked by a series of milestones. VSA celebrated an important anniversary in April 2017: 50 years of digital prescription billing. In 1967, the company made its first digital billing. Since then, NOVENTI subsidiaries in the pharmacy market have been consistently using technical advances to continually optimize their billing processes. The conditions for innovative developments are also generally positive in the care market: digitization in the care market is going faster than previously assumed. The NOVENTI subsidiary BoS&S LLC wants to use the advantages of this to make more efficient use of what are generally very limited resources in the care industry to be able to meet the growing need for care. With notable success: BoS&S LLC was able to achieve a sales increase of 2 million euros in 2017.

Europe’s largest billing company: NOVENTI HealthCare LLC
The segment of other service providers is important for the company group and is also in a phase of profound change. The main challenges are structural changes from the quickly advancing digitization, growing bureaucracy, mounting cost pressure, and increasing competition. The subsidiaries azh, zrk, and SRZH that operate successfully in this area were merged into the new company NOVENTI HealthCare LLC in 2017 as a reaction to these challenges. Together, these brands serve significantly more than 26,000 customers and have a market share of approximately 22 percent with annual sales of around 51 million euros.

The position of NOVENTI HealthCare LLC was strengthened again in May of this year. Three high-performance pharmacy billing centers from the NOVENTI company group were merged with ALG, SARZ, and VSA under the umbrella of NOVENTI HealthCare LLC. Our new company is now one of the most important providers for billing services in the healthcare industry on an international level with more than 33,500 customers, a transaction volume of around 19 billion euros, and over 1,000 employees. Financial services complete NOVENTI HealthCare LLC’s portfolio. Because of our license, innovative, new billing products such as “sofortGeld” (immediate money) can be offered to pharmacy market customers.

Firmly focused on digitization
Digitization is going strong in all areas of our society and economy and will also fundamentally change the healthcare industry in the coming years. According to expert estimates, the worldwide market volume of the digital healthcare market will more than double by the year 2020 to over 200 billion euros. NOVENTI is well prepared for this development and has set the parameters for innovation at an early stage. The Group supports its customers with developing digital business models and considers itself an important link between the real and digital world.

2018 Outlook
For 2018, the senior management is expecting the profitable growth course to continue and is counting on a good overall result in the corporate group. “The NOVENTI Group is well positioned for the future since it has entered into new, digital business segments and included financial services. I’m glad that the Group is setting a trend from a position of strength for the technological and societal change in the healthcare industry,” says Supervisory Board Chairman Uwe Geiss in the name of the NOVENTI Supervisory Board. FSA Chief Executive Officer Jürgen Frasch is also optimistic, “As a company owned by pharmacists, NOVENTI is setting new standards in the area of digitization and is strengthening the role of German pharmacists in the healthcare industry. The Group is creating extensive digital access to on-site pharmacies using the pharmacy order app callmyApo. This service is even free for members of the pharmacist associations.” The Advisory Board and the Representative Committee formally approved of the actions of all members of the Supervisory Board and the FSA Executive Board for fiscal year 2017.

Hans-Joachim Niermann named as an honorary member of FSA
FSA Registered Association is the sole shareholder of NOVENTI. At the 37th ordinary Representative Committee meeting, First Chairman Jürgen Frasch named long-time Executive Board member Hans-Joachim Niermann as an honorary member. By doing so, the Executive Board honored Niermann’s achievements and loyalty. Niermann has served on FSA boards since the year 2000. He was an Executive Board member from 2002 to 2015, and starting in 2011 he held the office of second chairman.

news-38 Tue, 15 May 2018 09:08:26 +0200 NOVENTI Group founds Europe’s largest billing company in the healthcare industry and combines pharmacy billing centers under one roof ALG, SARZ, and VSA as future brands of NOVENTI HealthCare LLC The healthcare market is in a state of change, and the NOVENTI Group is reacting to the challenges in its core markets. ALG, SARZ, and VSA make the Group Company the market leader in the field of pharmacy billing centers. The Group Company is now building strength: the three pharmacy billing centers will be combined under the roof of NOVENTI HealthCare LLC in the future. This will make it Europe’s largest billing company in the healthcare industry with a billing volume of 19 billion.

With a billing volume of more than 15 billion euros, the pharmacy billing centers ALG, SARZ, and VSA are already an important financial partner for the customers of the NOVENTI Group. The Group’s position is being systematically strengthened by expanding the range of services and products in the area of “billing and finances". This license has already been obtained for NOVENTI HealthCare LLC and its brands azh, SRZH, and zrk within the NOVENTI Group. The “new” NOVENTI HealthCare LLC is now one of the most important providers for billing services in the healthcare industry on an international level with more than 33,500 customers, a transaction volume of around 19 billion euros, and 1,000 employees.

NOVENTI Managing Director Dr. Hermann Sommer explains the circumstances of the decision: "Combining our very successful pharmacy billing centers, emphasizes the excellent market position of the entire NOVENTI Group as a systemically relevant provider in the healthcare market. We are also taking advantage of the current opportunities to design the processes and standards for tomorrow. The company mergers should be finished by the end of June 2018. This makes it possible for NOVENTI HealthCare LLC to introduce new, innovative billing products even on a grand scale such as ‘sofortGeld’ (immediate money) to customers in the pharmacy market."

The management of the new NOVENTI HealthCare LLC will consist of Susanne Hausmann, Victor Castro, André Dietmann, and Roman Schaal.


news-37 Fri, 06 Apr 2018 02:01:00 +0200 NOVENTI will introduce new trends for the digital healthcare industry at the conhIT 2018 The NOVENTI Group will discuss the future of the market with companies and associations as well as decision-makers from government, healthcare, business, and industry at the leading European tradeshow in the industry, the conhIT 2018 in Berlin. From April 17-19, 2018, the company will be providing information about its own newest developments (Hall 1.2, Stand A-110). This includes the new products vimedi, the digital prescription collection point, and the newest innovations for care software.

vimedi stands for the medication management of the future and is an interactive app from our subsidiary NOVENTI Digital. This app allows users to create individual medication plans and to have close interaction with their trusted pharmacy. It can be used intuitively, it makes it easier for patients to monitor their most important health information at any time, and indicates side effects and interactions. VSA is a NOVENTI company that is breaking new, digital ground. It is the market leader for prescription billing and is presenting the new digital prescription collection point to help on-site pharmacies with local supply. The focus is on innovative mobile device management (MDM) and mobile care documentation in the field of care software from the NOVENTI company BoS&S. Innovative mobile device management and mobile care documentation along with the current care cell phone XCover 4 from SAMSUNG make the everyday work of care workers easier and safer.

The experts of the NOVENTI Group will explain these solutions and more to interested conhIT 2018 attendees at the NOVENTI stand. "At the tradeshow, we will focus on topics such as patient-centered care, networking, and digital transformation as well as the associated convention," says Managing Director Dr. Sven Jansen. As a provider of IT solutions and services for the healthcare industry, the company is at the crossroads of these areas and creates innovative, digital solutions and applications that meet the growing demands of the market. "The conhIT informational websites and platforms give us the fresh momentum to continue to be able to push our work forward," Dr. Sven Jansen continues. "We are very much looking forward to the inspiring interaction with other industry representatives at the conhIT."


news-36 Mon, 18 Dec 2017 11:07:51 +0100 NOVENTI Group Managing Director Peter Mattis retires An impressive career: after 21 years Managing Director Peter Mattis is leaving the NOVENTI Group Company in Munich at the end of the year and is taking a well-deserved retirement. Peter Mattis looks back on a successful career at the age of 60. Under his leadership, the NOVENTI Group (formerly the VSA Group Company) grew from VSA, a regional prescription biller, to one of the most important actors on the German health care market. By April 1, 2017, the Supervisory Board had decided on Dr. Sven Jansen as the successor of Peter Mattis and his Co-managing Director Dr. Hermann Sommer.

The success story of the NOVENTI Group is also the story of Peter Mattis. As a forward thinker and strategist, he decisively paved the Group Company’s way to being an innovative and also financially successful driving force in the healthcare industry. In January 1997, Mattis succeeded long-time company executive Dr. Herbert Reber at VSA and jointly managed VSA with Dr. Andreas Lacher until the end of 2015. Mattis recognized the opportunities of digitization at a very early stage and the market requirements for comprehensive services. VSA was expanded from a regional billing center to an integrated software and billing company under his management. When the holding in what was then called Dr. Ing. Stahl LLC and CSE Stock Corporation was acquired in 1998, VSA expanded its business sector to the area of pharmacy software, which now is successfully represented by the market leader awinta. It was a strategically important decision and the beginning of the current company architecture.

Another important milestone in Mattis’ career was founding the new NOVENTI parent company as a logical reaction to the constant growth of the entire VSA Group Company. It is also to Mattis’ credit that the NOVENTI Group today is economically sound, is growing sustainably, and is consistently expanding its target groups. This can be seen by expansion in the area of prescription billing for pharmacies by purchasing ALG LLC, in the area of prescription billing and industry software for other service providers with the azh and SRZH brands, the entry into the care market by taking over majority shares in BoS&S LLC, or most recently by founding NOVENTI Digital as part of the digitization strategy.

"Peter Mattis significantly pushed the constant advancement of NOVENTI with his clear, analytical, and even sometimes critical view as a thinker and director. The NOVENTI Group is so stable today thanks to his openness to innovative technologies, his creativity and determination, his untiring effort, and his absolute loyalty and integrity," says FSA Chief Executive Officer Jürgen Frasch. NOVENTI Chairman of the Supervisory Board Uwe Geiss adds, "Now that Peter Mattis is leaving us, we are not only losing a recognized expert in the healthcare market, but also a coworker and person who was highly appreciated by everyone."