zrk prescription billing center for physical therapists – secure cash flow and predictable payments as well as customized IT solutions and innovative software for every aspect of billing and organization of your practice.

s a private, independent billing agent, zrk offers practice-oriented, efficient billing and IT services to over 7,000 customers. zrk gears its services to the individual needs of physical therapists and offers customized IT solutions, products, and services for various tasks in the areas of billing and practice administration.

This includes prescription billing with statutory health insurance companies as well as private patients. In cooperation with azh, the industry software solution azh TiM rounds out zrk’s range of services.

Two strong partners join forces for zrk: the professional association ZVK that represents the interests of its members and azh as a leading billing agent.

zrk is a division of NOVENTI HealthCare LLC.


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