“It all adds up with us” – the billing center for billing other medication and medical device providers in Schwerin according to SGB V.

Our billing center focuses on physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, podiatry, taxi businesses, midwives, rehabilitation sports, medical technology, care services, and healthcare supply stores. Confidentiality, expertise, dependability, and a dedicated personal contact person are the trademarks of our company with its locations in Schwerin, Berlin, Erfurt, Grimma, and Augsburg.
Our practice-oriented administration software called “prothea” is based on more than 25 years of billing experience. It was made by professionals for professionals, and our modern software efficiently reproduces all of a therapist’s administration duties. Our internal IT Development department ensures the best quality, constant development, and expert personal assistance.

SRZH is a division of NOVENTI HealthCare GmbH.

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