azh myYOLO GmbH

Web-based, complete solutions in the area of sports for health and comprehensive IT solutions in the healthcare market.

In 2015, azh myYOLO Germany GmbH (azh myYOLO Deutschland GmbH) was founded from the azh division of NOVENTI HealthCare GmbH, the former billing and IT service center for healthcare professions along with the current provider of myYOLO software, MSL, and Partner Holding GmbH (Partner Beteiligung GmbH). azh myYOLO is web-based software that is the optimal addition to the billing and IT services offered by azh and to the azh TiM software solution.

azh myYOLO develops innovative technical solutions for studio and member management, for planning and controlling prices, as well as for efficient billing for services according to §44 SGB IX and §20 SGB V and for other means of payment.

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