Secure cash management and predictable payment as well as customized IT solutions and innovative software for all billing, practice organization, and business management needs for other service providers.

azh is one of the leading healthcare billing centers in Germany. Approximately 600 qualified employees at five locations ensure the smooth flow of azh’s wide range of services.

For more than 30 years, azh has stood for customer-friendly billing and IT services in the areas of medication and medical devices, outpatient care, emergency services, and patient transfer. A fully developed, broad range of services to completely take care of all billing steps based on sending prescriptions and performance records creates substantial savings for customers. azh uses its extensive specialized knowledge to continually develop advanced services and software solutions.

Personal contact persons with industry-specific specialty knowledge help customers with all billing questions and help select adequate services.

azh is a division of  NOVENTI HealthCare GmbH.

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