Corporate structure


  • BoS&S GmbH, Berlin, (100%)
  • KRONSOFT Development SLR, Brasov, (RO) (99%)
  • VSA IFAK AG / CSE AG, Zürich (CH), (99%)
  • NOVENTI Immobilien Verwaltungs GmbH / NOVENTI Immobilien GmbH & CO KG, München, (100%)

Executive Board

Dr. Hermann Sommer, NOVENTI Health SE Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Hermann Sommer is an engineering school graduate and economist who has worked at the NOVENTI Group since 2012. As the managing director of our subsidiary awinta, he was initially responsible for the Product Management Solutions division (POS systems) for pharmacies. In 2014, he switched to the senior management of what was then the parent company VSA and subsequently assumed overall responsibility for the VSA group of companies, which is now the NOVENTI Group. 

Victor Castro, NOVENTI Health SE Executive Board

Victor J. Castro started his career in the German healthcare market in the year 2000 in the area of pharmacy merchandise management systems. He is a lawyer with a focus on business, and has been the managing director of NOVENTI HealthCare GmbH (formerly azh GmbH) since 2006 in the back office. NOVENTI HealthCare GmbH is a financial service provider institute. In this position, he is responsible for the business operations of Accounting, IT, HR, Controlling, & Finances.

Mr. Castro has also centrally coordinated the treasury and financial management for the NOVENTI Group with a team of finance specialists since the end of 2016. He has been a management board member of NOVENTI HealthFinance AG as well since 2017. In addition, Mr. Castro has been responsible for the financial management and financial strategy of the NOVENTI Group as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for NOVENTI Health SE since 2019. As of November 1, 2019, Viktor Castro has been appointed to the executive board of NOVENTI Health SE. 

Dr. Sven Jansen, NOVENTI Health SE Executive Board member
Dr. Sven Jansen is a graduate biochemist and started his career in 2001 in the Medical Cooperation Center of the University of Bremen and then used his management expertise in the Strategy and Management Consulting departments of companies such as Booz Allen Hamilton in Dubai and GE Healthcare in Paris starting in 2005. Most recently, he was responsible for the Healthcare Sector and Pharmaceutical Industry divisions at CSC Global Healthcare as a partner and also functioned as the managing director for the Central and Eastern European region. He has been the managing director of NOVENTI GmbH since April 2017.

Divisional Management Board

Sven Bertram, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Engineering school graduate and management expert Sven Bertram has worked for years in management positions in the software & service sector and has worked in the pharmacy industry since 2008. He managed ASYS Softwareentwicklung GmbH as the sole managing director of the company and became the managing director of awinta GmbH when ASYS transitioned to awinta in 2015.

Since May 2018, he has also been a fully authorized representative for the digital strategy of the NOVENTI Group and later became the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for the entire group company.

Dr. Michael Silvio Kusche, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Dr. Silvio Kusche is responsible for the entire communication of Germany's market leader in the healthcare market. He was previously a board member in the e-learning sector and also worked in various media sectors as well as telecommunications and digital companies. The media expert is characterized by the combination of strategic analysis and creative passion for the matter. At NOVENTI, he has set up the various marketing areas of the group of companies, which comprises more than 20 subsidiaries, in a synergetic and future-oriented manner. Dr. Kusche was awarded the international creative prize Epica Awards 2019 in Amsterdam.



Dr. Verena Heeschen, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

Heeschen, an international attorney, studied law in Freiburg and Munich and has a wealth of experience in the fields of law and human resources. Her past work experience includes various positions at Axel Springer, and she most recently served as CHRO & Head of Legal at Neusoft Technology Solutions, a Chinese software and IT firm.

Dr. Sven Simons, Chief Client Innovation Officer (CCIO)

Dr. Sven Simons is an expert pharmacist specialized in drug information and has been Chief Client Innovation Officer (CCIO) on the Executive Board of NOVENTI Health SE since September 2019. Together with his wife, he managed two pharmacies in the Sauerland region for more than eleven years. From 2011 to 2019, he was a member of the Executive Board of MVDA e.V., where he served on the Executive Committee from 2015 to 2019. He played a key role in shaping the association and the development of the LINDA Apotheken brand. Projects in which he was significantly involved include the Diabetes Initiative in partnership with PHOENIX, the greenLINDA competence concept (awarded the German Brand Award 2017) and the LINDA Interaction Management LIAM (awarded the VISION.A Award in Gold 2019).

Dr. Simons has also been active for many years as an expert for pharmacy inspections, is a regular speaker at training and further education events, a member of several expert committees and publishes in specialist journals and books.

Björn Zeien, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Björn Zeien has established and expanded health care networks in the past 15 years and is now contributing his policy and technical expertise to the group company. He has held the position of Chief Strategy Officer since October 2018 and is responsible for expanding and maintaining strategic partnerships. Most recently, he was the head of the policy division and strategic networks at Opta Data, a company in Essen focused on prescription billing. Before that, he worked at various places including HMM Deutschland, a software developer among other things for health insurance companies, a rehabilitation center, and health care supply store.

Zeien is also involved as the Chief Executive Officer of the association Deutschland.Gesund.Vernetzt. e.V. as well as a co-initiator of Essen.Gesund.Vernetzt. He is a member of the Economic Senate and was appointed to the institute board of Zukunftsinstitut Gesundheitswirtschaft. In 2016, he was honored with the DAK award for special commitment to the area of digitization in the healthcare industry.

Supervisory Board

f.l.t.r.: Josef Kammermeier, Rüdiger von Esebeck, Rainer Franz Karl Henkelmann, Jürgen Frasch, Uwe Geiß, Hans Jacob, Dr. Michael B. Vetter, Herbert Pfennig, Ursula Bockhorni-Imhoff,  Andreas von Schmidt-Pauli (ausgeschieden am 30.09.2018), Dagmar Berger (Andreas Buck and Florian Picha  are not illustrated)

Uwe Geiss: Owner of Geiss Pharmacy (Geiß’sche Apotheke) in Weinheim; chairman of the Supervisory Board since 09/13/2011; member of the FSA Representative Committee from 1991 to 1995; member of the FSA Executive Board or the VSA meeting of shareholders from 06/29/1995 to 06/30/2011; vice president of the Baden-Württemberg State Pharmacist Association (Landesapothekerverband Baden-Württemberg) until the end of 2011.

Andreas von Schmidt-Pauli: Qualified management expert, tax accountant; deputy chairman of the Supervisory Board since 09/13/2011; partner in two partnerships in the area of auditing and tax accounting, specialized for more than twenty years in assisting pharmacists and healthcare professionals as well as companies specialized in this area; chairman of Protosoft AG Munich since 2000; member of the Supervisory Board of DATEV eG from 2004 to 2008; member of the Supervisory Board of BN K Service LLC since 2009.

Dagmar Berger: Pharmacist, head market access of Hexal and 1 A Pharma. Supervisory Board member since July 2017. Delegate of the Regional Chamber of Pharmacists for Bavaria (Bayerische Landesapothekerkammer), delegate of the German Federal Pharmacy Chamber (Bundesapothekerkammer), member of the Scientific Advisory Board of BA KlinPharm. Many years of experience in pharmacies, health insurance funds, and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ursula Bockhorni-Imhoff: Owner of Ludwig’s Pharmacy (Ludwigs-Apotheke) Garmisch-Partenkirchen; Supervisory Board member since 2011; member of the FSA Representative Committee from 1991 to 1998; member of the FSA Executive Board and of the VSA meeting of shareholders from 09/01/1998 to 06/30/2011; member of the Executive Board of the Bavarian Pharmacist Association (Bayerischer Apothekerverband) from 1995 to 2012; member of the PR committee of ABDA until the end of 2012; in the Representative Committee and the election committee since 1991.

Andreas Buck: Proprietor of Neue Apotheke, Laupheim, and 7 Schwaben Apotheke, Laupheim; from 2007 to 2016, member of the delegates’ assembly of FSA e. V.; since 2016, member of the FSA managing committee; board member (treasurer) of the State Association of Pharmacists of Baden-Württemberg; member of the executive board of Treuhand-Verband Deutscher Apotheker e. V.; member of the Sanacorp delegates’ assembly and of the delegates’ assembly of the State Chamber of Pharmacists of Baden-Württemberg (statutes committee).

Rüdiger von Esebeck: Physical therapist with his own practice in Wessling; Supervisory Board member since 2011; first chairman of the ZVK (Umbrella Association of Physical Therapists) State Association for Bavaria (ZVK Landesverband Bayern) since 1990; member of the steering committee of the Association of Freelance Professions in Bavaria (Freie Berufe in Bayern); speaker of the Registered Association of the Interest Group of Bavarian Healthcare Professionals (Interessengemeinschaft Bayerischer Heilmittelerbringer, I.B.H. e.V.), member of the Executive Board of the Bavarian State Health Council (Landesgesundheitsrat Bayern).

Jürgen Frasch: Owner of City Hall Pharmacy (Rathaus Apotheke), Weinstadt and of two branch pharmacies; chairman of FSA Registered Association since 07/01/2011 and member of the Supervisory Board since March 2016 because of his office of chairman; member of the FSA Representative Committee from 2007 to 2011;
Member of the Representative Committee of the BW Regional Chamber of Pharmacists (Apothekerkammer BW) since 1992 (bylaws committee / continuing education committee) as well as a member of the LAV BW Advisory Board in the State Committee of the Bavarian Pharmacists Pension Plan (Bayerische Apothekerversorgung) and in the Representative Committees of Sanocorp and apoBank; honorary judge at the BW Tax Court (Finanzgericht BW)

Rainer Franz Karl Henkelmann: University engineering school graduate (electrical technology); management consultant for information technology and information security; Supervisory Board member since 2015; many years of experience in senior management positions in a globally-operating corporate group in the Hardware and Software Development division as well as consulting and as a head of IT Audit, as the head of IT (CIO) and as the head of information security (CISO); experience in healthcare: introduction of image processing at VSA.

Hans Jacob: Owner of Eagle Pharmacy (Adler-Apotheke), Maxdorf as well as of Fortress Pharmacy (Burg-Apotheke), Wachenheim; Supervisory Board member since 2015; member of the PROKAS User Association (PROKAS-Anwenderverein) since 1995, active on the Executive Board from 2005 to 2014. Focus: software development.

Josef Kammermeier: Owner of City Park Pharmacy (Stadtpark-Apotheke), Regensburg; Supervisory Board member since 2011; member of the Representative Committee from 1999 to 2007; member of the FSA Executive Board and the VSA meeting of shareholders from 06/20/2007 to 06/30/2011; deputy chairman of the Bavarian Pharmacy Association; vice president of the Association of Freelance Professions in Bavaria.

Dr. Michael B. Vetter: Owner of Dr. Vetter Pharmacy (Apotheke Dr. Vetter), Stockach; Supervisory Board member since 2011; member of the FSA Representative Committee from 2002 to 2010; member of the FSA Executive Board and the VSA meeting of shareholders from 10/01/2010 to 06/30/2011; member of the Executive Board of the Baden-Württemberg State Pharmacist Association; chairman since 2015 of the Technical Commission for the medicinal products billing agreement according to § 300 German Social Code V (SGB) of the German Registered Association of Pharmacists (Deutscher Apothekerverband e.V.).

Herbert Pfennig: Retired Bank Executive Board member; Supervisory Board member since 09/11/2017; domestic and foreign management duties at a large German bank until 2004. Deputy chairman of the Executive Board of Frankfurt Savings Bank (Frankfurter Sparkasse) from 2004 to 2009; chairman of the Executive Board of the German Pharmacist and Physician Bank (Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank), Düsseldorf from 2009 to 2017. Supervisory Board member at insurance companies, healthcare providers, and business enterprises.

Florian Picha: Proprietor of Internationale Ludwigs-Apotheke, Munich, and the pharmaceutical wholesale company ilapo; from 1999 to 2016, member of the FSA delegates’ assembly; since 2016, member of the managing committee; chairman of the supervisory board of parmapharm Marktförderungs GmbH & Co KG; member of the delegates’ assembly of the Bavarian State Chamber of Pharmacists (contributions committee); member of the managing committee of the Friends’ Association of the Pharmacy Technicians School Munich; member of the foundation council of the Lesmüller Foundation.