The NOVENTI group is a market leader with all of its products and services in the international healthcare industry with a focus on the German market.


Vision & mission

Vision and mission of the NOVENTI Group

Our vision – redefine the healthcare industry
We organize healthcare. We set trends. Our expertise and strengths unite us. We focus on keeping people healthy in everything that we do. Our goal is to be at the front lines actively defining tomorrow’s healthcare market with our innovative products, services, and solution offers, and to reorganize the market for the well-being of our customers.

Our mission takes our vision a step further and explains how we will implement our vision:

    • We will be a trendsetter in the healthcare market.
    • We are not only an essential partner, but an integral part of the success stories of our customers.
    • We use our knowledge and strengths to create added value.
    • This includes new business models and innovative financial services.
    • Our employees are the most important asset in this plan.
    Our values

    Values of the NOVENTI Group

    The mutually developed mission statement of the NOVENTI Group determines our company culture. Our mission statement sets the values that we will use to maintain and achieve our vision as the market leader in the healthcare industry.

    NOVENTI Group – organizational structure

    One group. The entire health care market.

    The NOVENTI Group is a unique player in the German and European healthcare market with its highly specialized individual companies with FSA Registered Association as the sole shareholder.

    The success story
    The story begins a half century ago in Munich in 1967 where the clearinghouse of the Bavarian Registered Association of Pharmacies (VBA) [Verrechnungsstelle der Bayerischen Apotheken e. V. (VBA)] was the first billing center in Germany to give the go-ahead for electronic prescription billing. Other pharmacists from Baden-Württemberg soon adopted this modern way of billing prescriptions, and it spread rapidly. In 1971, this expansion of the customer base was accommodated by renaming the company as the “VSA Registered Association of the Clearinghouse of Southern German Pharmacists” (VSA Verrechnungsstelle der Süddeutschen Apotheker e. V.). The Association continued to grow and eventually the “Registered Association” was changed to the more contemporary legal form of an “LLC.” In 1983, the clearing business was outsourced to VSA LLC. FSA Registered Association came from what was then VSA Registered Association and is the sole shareholder as in those days. In the 80s and even more so in the 90s, many new challenges came on the agenda because of increasing technological developments, many reforms, and adjustments to the healthcare system. VSA’s core business of prescription billing for pharmacies was expanded by other IT companies as an answer to a significantly changing market environment with increasingly complex tasks. At the end of the 90s, the service portfolio was expanded into the area of other service providers, and the foundation was laid for today’s market leadership in the area of product management systems for pharmacies when awinta LLC was founded in 2009.

    Flexible structures for new challenges
    The somewhat extreme changes in the healthcare market required a fundamental realignment of the corporate strategy. In 2006, the structural basis was made in the structure of the VSA Group Company to develop new business segments in a dynamic market using specialized companies. One of these new business segments was developed by  taking a controlling interest in BoS&S LLC in 2014, which was a venture into the strongly growing area of care services. A large network of expertise has been built over many years by starting companies, by various forms of investment and cooperations, as well as by acquisitions. These specialists all operate in the healthcare market and as a result are able to quickly provide customized solutions for various market segments and target groups according to their needs.

    An ideal corporate form for the future
    Strongly advancing diversification as well as a growing number of individual companies demanded a higher-level structure with the ability to integrate. In March 2016, NOVENTI was launched, which was an entirely new type of holding company. NOVENTI is a future-oriented synergy platform with more than 20 subsidiaries and holding companies that serve the healthcare market in a highly efficient way and are closely networked with each other.

    “NOVENTI as an umbrella brand and holding company is a necessary binding element for the individual subsidiaries and is primarily responsible for developing the overall strategy, handling political issues, and promoting cross-company synergies. The goal is to position the entire company and its individual companies as trend setters in their market segments.”
    (Dr. Sven Jansen, Dr. Hermann Sommer, senior management)