TI-DAY for all pharmacies in Germany: The NOVENTI complete package is here!

NOVENTI goes into advance payment for ALL pharmacies: Telematics infrastructure initial equipment in the first year cost-neutral – payment start staggered as of mid 2021

Connecting to the telematics infrastructure already today but without any financial burden this is what NOVENTI offers with the telematics infrastructure complete package, which can be ordered immediately via Germany's market leader in the healthcare market offers pharmacies the following: The initial equipment is free of charge for pharmacies in 2020, the year of installation. The costs are based on the predicted development of the share of e-prescriptions and will be calculated as of July 2021 and later, staggered over three years. A further advantage for the pharmacies: The subsidy can be applied for immediately after installation and can be claimed in full. Detailed information is available at The offer is directed at ALL pharmacies in Germany, regardless of whether they are already customers of the NOVENTI Group or not.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO NOVENTI Health SE explains: "As a pharmacy-owned group of companies, we always act in the service of the local pharmacy. Therefore, we are the natural partner of pharmacists on the way to the e-prescription. With our offer, we guarantee a reliable and secure connection to the telematics infrastructure with the aim of providing maximum financial relief to pharmacies. We are therefore proud to announce a TI allround carefree package – with the best technical equipment, the best price, the best quality and the best service. Everything for the local pharmacy.“

The NOVENTI all-inclusive package for TI-Day – "Pharmacies can sit back and relax"

The NOVENTI complete package for TI-Day contains all technical components such as connectors and card readers. When all necessary approvals as a condition for eligibility have been obtained, NOVENTI delivers.

Pharmacies are guaranteed that the conditions for eligibility will be met and that the installation – if ordered in time – will be carried out on time, so that the connection will take place within the statutory deadline of 30.09.2020. In addition, NOVENTI also takes care of the connection to the telematics infrastructure (VPN access service) and offers a service package including installation, commissioning, instruction of employees and support in questions concerning the subsidy. The TI complete package also includes the application for the cards – institutional card (SMC-B) and electronic health professional card (eHBA) – via the partner recommended by NOVENTI. The application via NOVENTI is of course a prerequisite for the package price. With the delivery of the TI complete package, all pharmacies also receive a free connection to the German pharmacy platform callmyApo, including a pre-order function and telemedicine connection to Europe's largest telemedicine provider Zava. The NOVENTI complete package also includes further training and supplementary products for the telematics infrastructure, e-prescription and IT security. "With our TI complete package, pharmacists can sit back and relax, because we will accompany them step by step on the path to further digitalization," says Dr. Hermann Sommer.

Financial relief for pharmacists: payments for initial equipment not until 2021

"The connection to the telematics infrastructure is required by law, which means that the pharmacies must guarantee the technical requirements for that already this year," says Dr. Hermann Sommer. In order to relieve the pharmacies financially here, NOVENTI is making an advance payment: With the NOVENTI advantageous offer, the pharmacies do not have to pay the one-off acquisition costs in the first year, but can claim the full subsidy for themselves, which we call "full subsidy, zero costs", Sommer continues. In 2020, only the monthly maintenance costs will be due, which will also be covered by the eligible flat-rate operating costs and the individual fees of the individual department stores for the connection. The costs for the NOVENTI complete package for the telematics infrastructure amount to 3,425 Euro. Payments for the initial equipment will not begin until July 2021 and will be staggered until 2024. The amount is based on the forecast development of the e-prescription share, starting at 15%.

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Dr. Hermann Sommer concludes: "As a market-leading shaper in the healthcare market and a pharmacy-owned company, we are the partner of local pharmacies in connecting to the telematics infrastructure and see it as our obligation to accompany and support pharmacies on their way into the e-prescription age in the best possible way.“