The PRO AvO Initiative Gains Peter Menk as Managing Director

The PRO AvO (PRO on-site pharmacy) Initiative to strengthen owner-operated pharmacies and to harmonize pharmacists’ digital applications is picking up speed.

The five founding members BD Rowa Germany GmbH, GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH, NOVENTI Group, Sanacorp eG, and Wort & Bild Verlagsgruppe are appointing Peter Menk as the new managing director.

“We founded PRO AvO to develop a concept for independent, local pharmacies. With Peter Menk, we have found the ideal candidate who will press ahead with our idea and implement it with his specific and extensive expertise,” says Frank Hennings happily, executive board member of Sanacorp.

Experienced pharmacy expert for concept development and digitization
Peter Menk (49) has been active for more than 15 years in various functions on the pharmacy market. He is a former business consultant who set up one of the first nationwide pharmacy cooperations with partner pharmacies in 2003. Menk and a large advertising agency also founded their own healthcare subsidiary and converted a successful treatment concept for alternative practitioners and physicians into modern multi-channel customer communication. Peter Menk has first-hand experience with pharmacists’ worries. He helps his wife, a pharmacist, run their two pharmacies in Hamburg and has already successfully implemented his own pharmacy app there as well as social media activities.

Using digitization to strengthen on-site pharmacies
Many pharmacies see digitization as a threat because nowadays individual on-site pharmacies are inferior to the large online giants or to foreign mail-order pharmacies. This causes fears and especially leads to pharmacists demanding that, “something has to be done.”
“Above all, we see digitization as a great opportunity for on-site pharmacies,” says Peter Menk. “While mail order companies are trying everything to have direct contact with customers, German pharmacies already have an extensive, very functional, secure supply network.” Every day almost four million people come into pharmacies, and pharmacy courier services make more than 250,000 deliveries. “We have the best basis to make digitization options usable for all pharmacies – by customer focus, cooperation, and creativity,” says Menk.

What is the focus of PRO AvO?
The goal of the initiative is to give customers and pharmacies security in the digital world as well. To do this, digital ideas and applications that are being formed everywhere on the market will be harmonized and further developed, and market standards will be formulated. Ultimately, a digital solution is to be formed that offers on-site pharmacies and patients a platform that is just as secure and trustworthy as the red pharmacy “A” has been for many years in the stationary world. For many stakeholders, the understanding has grown in recent weeks and months that only a mutual solution that is open to everyone and geared toward the interests of customers and pharmacists has the opportunity to sustainably strengthen local pharmacies, which makes a unique opportunity for on-site pharmacies.