Taking responsibility

NOVENTI Group is excited about bees and supports biodiversity

The number of bee colonies in Germany has fallen drastically in the past 50 years. This has far-reaching consequences because bees are an important factor in our ecosystem. The NOVENTI Group is actively advocating against extinction of species and is offering 12 bee colonies a new home on the business premises of its companies at six locations. Throughout the year, these hard-working bees produce approximately 180 kilograms of bee honey. The Munich-based NOVENTI Group has gained an experienced cooperation partner with the environmental initiative Beefuture for conservation and species protection. Beefuture is establishing the bee colonies and taking care of them. Close cooperation with the initiative is another step towards a comprehensive overall Group strategy in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR) that will be consistently implemented in the coming years.

"The establishment of the bee colonies is providing an important contribution to species protection and is sending a clear signal about preserving biological diversity. Along with our partner Beefuture, we would like to help protect native plants and animals and also make a positive contribution to the climate footprint of our Group," emphasizes Dr. Hermann Sommer, chief executive officer of NOVENTI Health SE. Cooperation with the environmental initiative is a component of the NOVENTI sustainability strategy. "As an international healthcare company, multi-generational management is a top priority for us. Sustainable behavior is deeply rooted into our entire group. We will also take more actions to protect our environment and the well-being of our employees in the coming years."

The role of bees in our ecosystem and agriculture is often underestimated. After cattle and swine, bees are the third most important type of livestock and directly or indirectly contribute to one third of the global food production because of crop pollination. Pesticides, monocultures, and dwindling sources of food are threatening bees that are actually very robust, adaptable insects and are reducing the amount of bees at an alarming rate. Bee decline has devastating effects on our ecosystem. This is why the NOVENTI Group would like to make a contribution to preserving insect diversity. Initially, the honey that is extracted will be given to the employees of the NOVENTI Group.