Success for “Germany’s e-Prescription”: Already more than 200 pharmacies are onboard Numerous pharmacy cooperatives support the NOVENTI project

After only a few days it has become clear: Pharmacies‘ response to the NOVENTI offer concerning the e-prescription project with Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is overwhelmingly positive.

Since the campaign started last week, over 200 local pharmacies have already opted for the Corona tariff and are taking the resolute step towards digitizing the healthcare industry with the market leader in the healthcare market. Thus, they are making an important contribution to protecting against infection. In addition, ten pharmacy cooperatives have already joined the project: Guten-Tag pharmacies (ELAC), LINDA pharmacies, MAXMO pharmacies, GESUND IST BUNT pharmacies (Parmapharm), APONAUTEN pharmacies, Carepoint pharmacies, farma-plus pharmacies, Hydra, mea – meine apotheke (Sanacorp) and ACOM pharmacies. Pro AvO is also a clear supporter of “Germany’s e-prescription.”

Dirk Vongehr, member of the MVDA e.V. presidium, clarifies LINDA pharmacies‘ support of the NOVENTI project: “MVDA and LINDA welcome NOVENTI’s commitment to involve local pharmacies early in actually applying the e-prescription. The TK project is the first step, which will help pharmacy teams and customers get to know processes as well as identify opportunities and challenges. This is because the e-prescription is being used for optimal and contactless care for our patients. We are pleased NOVENTI will ensure that all MVDA and LINDA member pharmacies are launched as soon as possible independent of merchandise. Working together in partnership on fair terms.“

When asked why they are participating in this initiative, aponauten GmbH replied: "In the north we have the idiom: ‘Butter with the fish!‘ which is an informal request for honesty, such as ‘Are you just talking or are you really doing it?‘ It is evident that NOVENTI is pursuing a comprehensive approach in this initiative. Our industry and especially the patients face many new challenges. This initiative supports everyone involved in trying this path together and ultimately being able to use a solution that is suitable for everyday use.”

In the TK cooperation, NOVENTI exclusively provides the e-prescription connection to local pharmacies: For all new customers, this is free of charge for six months as part of the Corona tariff. This Corona tariff is intended to make a further, important contribution to curbing the corona virus and saving lives. TK offers its more than ten million insured persons remote medical treatment in the event of actual or suspected corona infection. The entire treatment, medicine prescriptions, prescription redemption in the pharmacy and medicine delivery are digitized by the courier service and implemented without contact.

This measure is accompanied by a comprehensive information and marketing campaign from NOVENTI. The central motif “Germany’s e-Prescription Is Here” appears both as a printed advertisement and on cross-media to promote the website, where all information is available for the local pharmacies. At the same time, NOVENTI is also launching the information website for end-users, which makes patients aware of the need for the e-prescription. The Call to Action: “Ask your doctor or pharmacist” prompts people to ask about the e-prescription actively in order to achieve the goal of containing the coronavirus more quickly.

Pro AvO, the initiative for all local pharmacies, also supports the NOVENTI-TK cooperation. Managing director, Peter Menk, explains: “This is a very important solution for all local pharmacies in Germany. When we enter the market, we will also integrate ‘Germany’s e-prescription‘ into our new pharmacy portal.”

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