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Software firm Mauve becomes certified pro AvO partner

pro AvO demonstrates openness to external partners

Right from the start, the pro AvO initiative has always stressed that its own solution is open to all external market players and service providers that serve pharmacies locally. To ensure that all pharmacies can connect to the portal without having to change Web shop providers, pro AvO has now opened up its own interfaces. The first implementation partner certified by pro AvO will be the software firm Mauve.

Mauve Mailorder Software, a leading digital specialist in the pharmacy market, will mark the launch of the pro AvO solution by ensuring that all pharmacy customers are able to connect to the pro AvO digital platform. Right now, there are more than 400 pharmacies using the software company’s services.

“We really scrutinized pro AvO’s portal solution. We believe the concept and the technical implementation of pro AvO will set standards when e-prescriptions are introduced. That being the case, it’s only logical for us to get our pharmacy customers ‘pro AvO ready’ as soon as possible so that they can be a part of the concept when the digital platform goes live next year,” says Christian Mauve, Managing Director of Mauve Mailorder Software.

“We’re delighted that our digital platform, which is based on technology from Curacado, has found another important supporter in Mauve. With an additional strong proponent and development partner at our side, we plan to put pro AvO on as broad a basis as possible so that all pharmacies can benefit from our digital platform – regardless of the Web shop provider they have chosen,” says Peter Menk, pro AvO Managing Director.

Tanja Wilcke-Pasternacki, a member of the management of gesund leben Apotheken, is also happy: “This is just the right development for our customers.  Once pro AvO starts, all gesund leben customers will be ‘pro AvO ready’ with their Web shop solution from our partner Mauve, so they’ll be ready for e-prescriptions.”

pro AvO is all about openness – also in terms of suppliers, ERP systems and cooperative initiatives

It is a fact that the larger the number of participating pharmacies, and thus the larger the range of available options, the more attractive the digital platform is to consumers, and thus also to pharmacies in the local area. The main idea behind pro AvO is to build a joint market solution – independent of suppliers, ERP systems and cooperative initiatives. The pro AvO credo is that isolated solutions don’t have the potential to really catch on with end customers on a lasting basis.

Low technical threshold for pharmacies to connect to pro AvO

The technical prerequisites for pharmacies to be able to participate in the pro AvO platform in the future are not hard to meet. All it takes is a Web shop and an Internet connection. The Web shop is necessary in order to connect the pharmacy’s ERP system with the platform, thereby putting the pharmacy’s offerings in the digital display window. Pharmacies that already use a digital solution such as effizin, callmyApo or vimedi from NOVENTI, mea® from Sanacorp, gesund leben from GEHE, click&collect from Wort&Bild or Curacado will have an easy time connecting to the pro AvO platform.

To make certain the platform’s stringent quality requirements are met and give pharmacies and customers peace of mind, the process of obtaining pro AvO certification will take place jointly with TÜV Hessen. TÜV will act as a trust center for all external service providers wishing to connect to the portal as implementation partners.



The “pro AvO” initiative, which aims to support local pharmacies, is developing a digital supply network with pharmacy services for all of Germany, all geared toward consumers’ needs and points of contact. The portal is due to launch when e-prescriptions take effect, if not before. It aims to provide customers with direct access to the services of as many of the 19,300 pharmacies in Germany as possible – anytime, anywhere. The pro AvO initiative was launched by BD Rowa Germany GmbH, GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH, NOVENTI, Sanacorp eG and the Wort & Bild publishing group.