‘PRO AvO’ partners come together to support ‘Danke, Apotheke’ (Thank you, pharmacist) campaign

Combining strengths and resources, and developing innovative digital solutions for the pharmacy market together:

this is the stated goal of the ‘PRO Apotheke vor Ort’ (PRO AvO) (expert local pharmacist) initiative which was launched in December 2018 by the five well-known companies BD Rowa Germany GmbH, GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH, NOVENTI Group, Sanacorp and the Wort & Bild publishing group.

The five strong partners are launching the emotional, highly acclaimed ‘Danke, Apotheke’ pharmacist campaign on various channels. The advert will be broadcast on television and social media. Sanacorp will also provide pharmacy shops with their own promotional stand-up displays. BD Rowa will add the advert to the advertising loop on their pharmacy screens and thus reach over 1.5 million pharmacy customers throughout Germany. GEHE and Sanacorp are distributing 650,000 ‘Danke, Apotheke’ postcards to pharmacy shops. The NOVENTI Group will display the adverts prominently on their APO-TIPP customer monitors in German pharmacy shops.

‘The goal of our new initiative is to boost local pharmacies. The ‘Danke, Apotheke’ information campaign informs consumers, patients and policy makers about the wide range of services provided by pharmacists for the comprehensive provision of medicines, which are provided in a friendly, approachable manner around the clock,’ says Dr Peter Schreiner, Chairman of the Board at GEHE.

‘All PRO AvO partners immediately confirmed their support for the campaign and have agreed to demonstrate the high importance of personal consultation, reliability and credibility in health care across all of the channels available to them,’ says Peter Menk, managing director of the PRO AvO initiative.

The ‘Danke, Apotheke’ campaign shows the essential services provided by pharmacies in the provision of medicines in an authentic, emotional way. ‘Danke, Apotheke’ has won multiple awards, including the Superbrands® award for outstanding brand management and the expopharm special media award (see for more information).

About the PRO AvO initiative
The current supporters of the PRO AvO initiative are BD Rowa Germany GmbH, GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH, the NOVENTI Group, Sanacorp eG and the Wort & Bild publishing group. The goal of the initiative is to develop, in close collaboration with other participants, associations and pharmacies, a concept which gives pharmacies the option of a common standard, be it in the form of a marketplace, a platform or just a special application. The best approach for German patients is to combine the resources required for this.