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NOVENTI cooperates with Europe’s leading telemedicine provider

Patients can get care from a physician online and, effective immediately, obtain medications from their local pharmacy. Two pioneers in the digitization of the healthcare market show how it works: NOVENTI, Germany’s market leader in the healthcare market, NOVENTI connects online physician practice Zava to a network currently comprising 5,000 pharmacies all across Germany via pharmacy platform callmyApo. This will allow patients, for the first time ever, to get the medications they need from a local pharmacy of their choice in just a few clicks right after a digital consultation.

Through telemedicine, Zava already saves its patients long waits for a doctor’s appointment or at a doctor’s office. Building a bridge to local pharmacies helps further shorten the time between seeing a doctor and starting a course of medication. Prescriptions are approved by the doctor remotely and then transmitted to the chosen local pharmacy right away via callmyApo. There is no need for patients to make a special trip. Instead, they receive a convenient notification as soon as the medication they need is ready to pick up at their chosen pharmacy. This also boosts sales at German pharmacies.

Says Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI: “Our cooperation with Zava brings things full circle: The patient receives medical advice and treatment from the physician online and can decide with just one click which local pharmacy should receive the prescription digitally. That means our connection brings the prescriptions right to local pharmacies.” That will strengthen brick-and-mortar pharmacies, which had previously been excluded from prescriptions issued via telemedicine.

The service is free to pharmacy customers and pharmacies alike. Any pharmacy in Germany can connect to callmyApo right away, without any discrimination.

“Our goal is to incorporate medical care into our patients’ day-to-day lives. The combined customer journey from online doctor's visit to local pharmacy is another important milestone on the path toward that goal,” says David Meinertz, CEO of Zava. “We’re giving patients back the freedom to choose where and how they obtain healthcare.”

NOVENTI is the market leading shaper of the German healthcare market and acts in the service of local pharmacies. In the future, every participating pharmacy will be able to receive prescriptions from European market leader Zava electronically. Via callmyApo, feedback can be provided immediately once the medication is ready to pick up. That’s a big gain in terms of customer loyalty and customer acquisition for individual local pharmacies.