NOVENTI, BILD, Wall and Faceook launch the „Initiative against Corona“

The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects are one of the biggest challenges we are currently facing in Germany and around the world.

It demands a high degree of solidarity and cohesion from all of us. To clarify this, NOVENTI is therefore launching the "Initiative against Corona" together with its partners BILD, Wall and Facebook. 

he "Initiative against Corona" pursues the goal of informing the general public with eye-catching motives about particularly important behaviors and protective measures. This is to limit the further spread of the virus. Germany's leader in the healthcare market and its partners BILD, Wall and Facebook want to set an example for maintaining healthcare in Germany.

At the start of the education campaign, over 19,000 pharmacies in Germany will be supplied with the first poster motif of the “Initiative against Corona.” In the current corona crisis, healthcare professionals are making an extraordinarily remarkable and vital contribution to maintaining the health system in Germany. The local pharmacy especially is the personal contact and reliable advisor for all people in Germany. The appeal “Don't Bring Corona to Grandma” is supposed to enlighten and attract attention in the shop windows. It calls for increasingly protecting people over 60 years’ of age, because they belong to the risk group connected with the coronavirus and are particularly dependent on careful behavior.

The second motif is devoted to the need for thorough hand washing and communicates: “This advertisement can save lives.” The third motif focuses on the advantages of pre-ordering medication from home via an app under the motto "The app-otheque for the sofa".

All campaign motifs of the initiative will also be shown on BILD and BILD AM SONNTAG as well as on BILD.DE, placed on Wall's digital screens in major German cities and displayed on Facebook. The information campaign is accompanied by the initiative's central website at More motifs will follow in the next few days. Conception and implementation come from NOVENTI and the Munich brand experience agency Avantgarde.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE, explains: “In these turbulent times, we are particularly asked to take responsibility. That is why we launched the 'Initiative against Corona' with strong partners. We want to contribute actively to slowing the spread of the virus, because this is the only way to contain it. We therefore call on all media and the German population: Join the “Initiative against Corona,” talk about it and share the campaign's motives on social networks.

Stefan Betzold, Managing Director Axel Springer News Media National Digital: “Information and education are important building blocks in the fight against COVID-19. Germany's largest media brand BILD is happy to support NOVENTI as media partner in this socially important “Initiative against Corona” and shows the campaign motifs of the initiative in BILD and BILD AM SONNTAG as well as on We also urge: Stay at home and protect yourself and your fellow human beings.”

Andreas Prasse, Managing Director Wall GmbH: "The ‘Initiative against Corona’ can make a big difference and needs the greatest possible attention. Therefore, as Wall GmbH, we will broadcast the educational campaign motifs extensively on our digital premium areas in German metropolises. It goes without saying that we take such an important initiative to the streets.”

Tino Krause, Facebook Country Director: “Especially in these times, we all have to assume our responsibilities. It is important to us that people in Germany see helpful and authentic information. We therefore support this ‘Initiative against Corona’ and extend it on our platforms."

Further information and all motifs of the "Initiative against Corona" can be found at

Campaign images are available to download.