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NOVENTI publishes annual report: Strong customer growth, new business models to strengthen NOVENTI customers and record results in 2021

  • Strong customer growth – more than 57% of the approximately 19,000 pharmacies in Germany are served by at least one of the NOVENTI Group's subsidiaries.
  • NOVENTI supports around 30,000 service providers in the areas of medical aids and health care with industry-specific software in their everyday work and with billing.
  • Invoicing security for service providers was further strengthened.
  • NOVENTI strengthens its customers' business by launching, and other customer offers.

Munich, 30 June 2022. The signs are pointing to growth and customer strengthening at the NOVENTI Group: With annual sales of €235.5 million, the 360° provider in the healthcare market achieved an increase of 16.2% compared to the previous year. Those are the results shown in the annual report of 2021, which the corporate group published on Thursday, June 30, 2022. Accordingly, the billing volume rose once again to more than €30 billion. About 57% of the approximately 19,000 pharmacies in Germany cooperate with at least one of the subsidiaries of the NOVENTI Group. In 2021, there was also a focus on the customer field of hospital pharmacies, which was newly acquired at the end of 2020. The number of customers in this business area rose by 29.2% compared to the previous year. In 2021, NOVENTI supported around 30,000 service providers from the fields of medical aids and health care with industry-specific software in everyday life and with billing. All this proves: The service providers in Germany they have great confidence in the market leader in the industry since it was founded in 1900.

Shaping the healthcare market together
"The German healthcare market cannot be shaped alone, but only by joining forces in such a way that everyone can participate and health has a future," emphasizes the CEO of NOVENTI Health SE, Dr. Herman Sommer. Everyone pulls together: "Especially in challenging times it is of immense importance to have a trustful collaboration between the board of directors, the supervisory board and the FSA e. V. as the sole shareholder of NOVENTI. The will to cooperate and the openness to constructive support are the keys for the visible success in the operative business in 2021, but also for the continuous transformation of NOVENTI," explains Herbert Pfenning, Chairman of the Supervisory Board NOVENTI Health SE. Jürgen Frasch, 1st Chairman of the FSA e. V., adds: “The FSA e. V. supports the constant efforts of NOVENTI as THE guarantor for the German on-site pharmacies as well as the development to the leading brand in the German healthcare market, which covers all areas of the healthcare industry.”

Strong financial security for customers
The strong economic position of NOVENTI is also confirmed by the strong EBITA, which has increased significantly over the past year to €36.6 million (2020: €16.2 million). It demonstrates that the corporate group stands for strong financial security that customers can rely on. Despite the very high investments for the digitization and transformation of the group, the group result before taxes increased to EUR 14.5 million in 2021. "The strong result was due to increased billing volumes, constant customer growth and additional revenue during the corona pandemic," says CFO Victor J. Castro. “But it is also the result of forward-looking decisions. The mergers carried out in the last two years from a strategic and synergy-creating point of view have made NOVENTI one of the strongest groups in the German healthcare market. At the same time, a financially strong holding company was created which, thanks to this strength, was able to successfully master all the challenges of the pandemic.”

NOVENTI has long been perceived as a trustworthy and interesting partner in the banking environment. This is reflected not only in the long-standing relationships with many financial institutions, but also in the expansion of banking partners. Most recently, in the course of growth, NOVENTI has expanded the existing refinancing lines by a further €300 million, so that NOVENTI's refinancing volume is now estimated at around €1.3 billion. This is an important message for service providers in the healthcare sector, as it represents increased security for billing payments for them.

The future lies in hybrid healthcare
An important key to the success strategy is the merging of personal on-site advice and digital opportunities. Together with the pharmaceutical wholesaler PHOENIX, NOVENTI developed the platform, which was launched in 2021. In order to effectively support the on-site providers - also in the fight against the large online pharmacies - NOVENTI is also actively driving essential digitization projects, such as the e-prescription. Furthermore, in cooperation with the telemedicine provider ZAVA, the digital vaccination platform was launched.
Investments in product developments also contribute to further securing the future of NOVENTI, for example the new development and further development of various software products. The aim is to develop solutions that the market really needs. In such an important and rapidly changing market, it is important to always keep the interests and needs of customers in focus, explains Mark Böhm. He has been on the NOVENTI board since October 2021 and since then has particularly strengthened customer-centric action as the central core of all measures.

Positive trend continues
It is already clear that the positive and continuously increasing trend of NOVENTI will continue in the current year: In March 2022, 18.76 million prescriptions were billed for the first time in the pharmacy sector alone, thus achieving a monthly prescription billing volume of €2.27 billion - as high as ever. The signs point to growth - and to the strength of the community: "The experience of the pandemic has shown us that the outstanding quality of our healthcare worldwide can only be maintained if we all think beyond supposed limits and find strong partners to collaborate together," says Dr. Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE. "Those who live and push life in community every day ensures that there are no rifts, but rather new paths on which we can move forward together towards the future."