Germany’s e-prescription is here. E-prescription for the first time nationwide in Germany and start of the Corona tariff: 6-month free e-prescription billing for local pharmacies.

The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) offers its more than 10 million insured persons remote medical treatment in case of a corona infection or suspected illness.

The entire treatment, medication order and prescription payment in the pharmacy including drug delivery are digitized by the courier service and implemented without contact. NOVENTI supports TK’s offer exclusively as a technical service provider for connecting the e-prescription to local pharmacies. With a special corona tariff, pharmacies can now process the e-prescriptions free of charge because they do not pay any rental and service fees for their NOVENTI products for six months.

According to Dr. Hermann Sommer, NOVENTI CEO: “After our ‘Initiative against Corona,’ the ‘Contactless Touch’ campaign and the cross-competitive support of the express courier service by Federal Health Minister Spahn, we are now taking the next logical step: introducing Germany’s e-prescription, i.e. bringing the e-prescription to local pharmacies nationwide for the first time. It is free for all local pharmacies for six months. With this Corona tariff, we are making a further contribution to curbing the coronavirus and saving lives. In addition, the more local pharmacies participating, the more decisively we counter mail order pharmacies from abroad.”

With regard to the telematics infrastructure (TI), Dr. Sommer clarifies:

“This corona tariff is an exception and a necessary intermediate step that does not replace introducing the TI as of September 30, 2020. To the contrary: The connection of the local pharmacies to the telematics infrastructure is urgently necessary due to the required uniform networking and freedom from discrimination (without particular interests). As soon as TI is ready and usable, all steps of our e-prescription project will be transferred as a matter of course to the telematics infrastructure. As NOVENTI, we connect pharmacies with our complete TI package and our range of telematics infrastructure (that’s why NOVENTI is written with TI).”

The Corona tariff is free six months for all new customers. The offer enables free access to the e-prescription within the scope of the e-prescription project with TK. Pharmacies pay no rental and service fees for six months for their awinta merchandise management and/or the NOVENTI prescription billing if they meet these requirements: a billing contract with NOVENTI Health Care, the awinta merchandise management PROKAS® and registration with TK for the e-prescription project. All other awinta merchandise management systems will follow in the short-term. Existing NOVENTI customers also benefit: here the costs for inventory management and billing are deferred for six months. All tariff details on:

NOVENTI accompanies this measure with a comprehensive information and marketing campaign. The central B2B motif – “Germany’s e-Prescription Is There” – appears as a printed advertisement and on cross-media, advertising the website.

At the same time, NOVENTI is also launching the B2C information website,, on which patients are clearly made aware of the need for e-prescriptions. The claim “Ask your doctor or pharmacist” prompts people to ask actively about the e-prescription in order to achieve a positive demand effect and contain the coronavirus more quickly.

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