Cooperation between NOVENTI and ARZ Darmstadt:

The pharmacy app for Germany

Joint press release with ARZ Darmstadt GmbH

NOVENTI and ARZ Darmstadt have signed a cooperation agreement that will promote the launch of a standardized pharmacy app for all German pharmacies with the goal of establishing THE German pharmacy APP on the market. Both companies are combining their free pharmacy apps and thus the further development of the apps so that the two apps callmyApo and Apojet can work on a mutual technological basis. This makes the two current leading apps on the market fully compatible for their approximately 4000 pharmacy users. It is also possible via both apps to use standardized digital access to pharmacies. The two companies are providing the innovative apps for free to all German pharmacies in the interest of safeguarding the future of local pharmacies in Germany. The apps can be used by all pharmacies and their customers throughout the country. This means that today several million people can already use the pharmacy app. Users do not have to switch in the user interface and operation. The apps will be able to be used on a centralized base, and the way for THE German pharmacy APP will be promoted with great strides by joint technical adaptations.

Dr. Hermann Sommer, chairman of the NOVENTI Health SE Management Board: "callmyApo and Apojet are currently the leading pharmacy apps in the German market. The market leadership of these apps will once again be clearly expanded by the cooperation. We are sure that together we are setting a new standard for digital access to pharmacies." Reiner Haupt, managing director of ARZ Darmstadt, "The concept of a standardized pharmacy app for all of Germany is finding great support among pharmacists and shows us that we are on the right path. We are pleased about the positive response from all over the country."

With their pharmacy apps, NOVENTI and ARZ Darmstadt are helping pharmacies provide more customer service and are combining the digital world with the expertise of on-site pharmacies. Local pharmacies can position themselves better as essential partners in health care with a powerful, innovative pharmacy app that is the market leader. This app can put pharmacies at the cutting edge of the digital world and make them available at any time with the decisive advantage of personal, pharmaceutical care in a local pharmacy.