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Committed to the environment: NOVENTI awarded as a climate-neutral company

The NOVENTI Group in Munich is one of the first industry representatives in the healthcare market that is operating on a completely climate-neutral basis. It has been compensating all of its CO2 emissions since January 1, 2018.

Emissions from operations determined on the basis of the group company’s CO2 footprint are compensated by three internationally recognized climate protection projects: with a cook stove project in Ghana that we were awarded, with a reforestation project according to the FSC standard for sustainable forestry in Uruguay, and with a UN certified hydropower project in India. The sustainability consulting company Fokus Zukunft is now giving the NOVENTI Group an award as a “climate-neutral company” for its involvement.

Sustainability is one of the basic principles of NOVENTI’s corporate strategy and is also a benchmark for its entrepreneurial success. The NOVENTI Group complies with sustainability by a group-wide sustainability strategy: at the economic, ecological, and societal level. The group’s holistic involvement has resulted in a series of activities in the area of corporate social responsibility: for example, the group company is actively advocating against extinction of species and is offering 12 bee colonies a new home on the business premises of its companies. In addition, NOVENTI, the market leader, is continually working on optimizing its business travel, such as by using video conferences and is working on reducing material consumption in office areas. The NOVENTI Group is becoming increasingly more sustainable in mobility as well: Hybrid vehicles are being increasingly used in the group’s vehicle fleet, and employees also have the option of leasing bicycles.  
The NOVENTI Group sees climate change as the greatest challenge of our time. The goals of the World Climate Change Conference in Paris that are just as necessary as they are ambitious can only be implemented to a limited extent by political action. They are substantially dependent on more and more companies being willing to compensate their own CO2 emissions by purchasing climate protection certificates. This is why the NOVENTI Group has now had its emissions recorded and compensated by purchasing 6,700 climate protection certificates. Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG determined the climatic stress associated with the group companies as the basis for the NOVENTI Group’s climate-neutral position.

 “Handling natural resources in a responsible way and reducing CO2 emissions to protect the climate is important to us as NOVENTI,” says Dr. Hermann Sommer, Chief Executive Officer of NOVENTI Health SE. “As an international healthcare company, multi-generational management is a top priority for us. Sustainable behavior is deeply rooted into our entire group. We are obligated to make a contribution to solving worldwide climate problems. That is why I am very glad that our company is one of the first companies in our industry that is voluntarily compensating its emissions according to the Kyoto Protocol.”

As a partner of the Alliance for Development and Climate launched by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, NOVENTI supports the common objective of attracting as many companies and people in its sphere of influence as possible to the climate protection goals defined in Paris.