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NOVENTI OPEN on the way to becoming the world’s most climate-neutral tennis tournament!

Munich, June 21, 2019. Sustainability is one of the core principles of NOVENTI's corporate strategy, a benchmark for corporate success and a better tomorrow. As a new strategic partner of the NOVENTI OPEN in Halle (Westphalia), it is the German healthcare market leader’s declared goal to extend these values ​​and visions to the largest tennis tournament in Germany.

"Our mission is to make the NOVENTI OPEN the most climate-neutral tennis tournament in the world," explains Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE. “We consider economic, ecological and social aspects in all our decisions – and as one of the few industry representatives in the healthcare market, we are already certified as a climate-neutral company." In concrete terms, this means that the actions of the NOVENTI Group do not leave a carbon footprint.

To minimize the environmental impact of the NOVENTI OPEN, Dr. Sommer and his team are already making a mark in the first year of the partnership: Assuming around 100,000 visitors, NOVENTI has calculated the total amount of CO2 and the food and drinks consumed during the event, and other factors that are significant for the amount of CO2. The sustainability experts at the "Fokus Zukunft" institute came up with a total of around 13,600 tonnes of CO2. NOVENTI is now compensating this factor by supporting a water project in Brazil under the authority of the United Nations. "Fokus Zukunft” will award a corresponding certificate to the strategic partner of the NOVENTI OPEN and the tournament director Ralf Weber during the quarter-finals in Halle (Westphalia).

But the eRezept experts from Munich are also making a mark besides the CO2 compensation: they have swapped the plastic cups used at the beverage stalls at the tennis tournament for sustainable, climate-friendly packaging solutions and disposable tableware made of renewable or recycled raw materials – a good conscious to go, so to speak. "We want visitors to the biggest tennis tournament in Germany to feel our commitment right there in Halle, and to get a better picture of what we stand for," explains Dr. Sommer. "That's why it's important for us today, and in the future, not only to compensate CO2, but to reduce it and ultimately avoid it – both as a company and as a partner of the NOVENTI OPEN." Ralf Weber, founder and tournament director, is delighted: "That's a great sign for our ATP tournament and for the entire region. And, of course, also for our content partnership with NOVENTI."

Since January 1, 2018, NOVENTI has compensated all CO2 emissions, and thus operates completely climate-neutrally. NOVENTI’s emissions calculated on the basis of their CO2 footprint, including the 16 locations throughout Germany, are offset by three internationally recognized climate protection projects: an award-winning cooking stove project in Ghana, an FSC sustainable forestry project in Uruguay, and a UN certified hydropower project in India. The sustainability consultancy Fokus Zukunft certified NOVENTI as a "climate-neutral company” in recognition of its commitment. In addition, NOVENTI was honored as a "Climate Sponsor 2019/2020” by the Economic Senate.

The CEO of NOVENTI, Dr. Hermann Sommer, is a member of the Economic Senate and thus NOVENTI supports the "Development and Climate Alliance" of the Development Minister, Dr. Gerd Müller, and the Economic Senate.

Further information on sustainability at NOVENTI can be found here.