Liquidity - just the way you want it.

Financing needs are complex. Whether it's wholesale conditions, short-term high-cost financing or the realization of large projects: NOVENTI - with 25 billion euros in prescription billing volume per year, one of the largest billing centers in the healthcare sector in Europe - supports you with a broad portfolio covering all aspects of liquidity planning and management. For your local pharmacy. This means more financial freedom for you - far beyond prescription billing.

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  • For the first time on the market: payout of up to 2 times your regular budget billing amount
  • As easy as "online banking": You decide - completely independent of the date of prescription billing - when and how much of your prescription balance should be paid out
  • Enter the desired amount online - cash in your account the same day(1)
  • Transparent costs: financing fees for the payout are immediately visible
  • Secure data transfer via standardized FIVERX interface
  • Various parameters: Payout times, value dates, etc.
  • Always up-to-date via news tool Info-Direkt: e.g. regarding progress payments or disbursement limits
  • cashManager is already included in apothekeOnline as a free basic software package and can be easily activated there. When used, cashManager incurs financing fees, which are immediately visible to you when you enter the amount in the system.

cashManager Premium with additional features(2):

  • Convenient: Creation of automatic recurring payouts
  • Always liquid: Automatic disbursement of the maximum amount possible each day

As a NOVENTI HealthCare billing customer, you can activate cashManager or cashManager Premium via your apothekeOnline.

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(1) If entered by 10 a.m. on a working day - otherwise by the next working day (basis: Bavarian calendar)
(2) Optionally available for an additional charge




  • Highest planning reliability for your pharmacy through automated payment as early as the 15th in the current billing month(3)
  • Early partial payments of up to 80% of your monthly disbursement amount
  • Synchronize prescription billing with payments due to secure purchasing advantages and better conditions
  • No term: the additional "Decade" tariff can be cancelled monthly at any time
  • Secure data transfer via standardized FIVERX interface
  • Even more financial flexibility in combination with cashManager

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(3) Subsequent billing of further instalments and final payment e.g. on the 25th / 5th / 15th instalment.




  • Optimal when it comes to investments of medium size
  • Disbursements before the 15th in the current billing month
  • Professional advice and expertise from NOVENTI financial professionals
  • Preparation of individual financial plans based on your needs
  • Regular coordination on financing and payment terms
  • Increased performance based on your prescriptions (verification via scanDialog)
  • Secure data transfer via standardized FIVERX interface

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  • Best suited when it comes to liquidity management for longer-term projects
  • Professional support and expertise from NOVENTI finance professionals and external consultants
  • Detailed financial project planning based on your plans
  • Close and regular coordination on financing and payment modalities
  • Increased performance based on your recipes (verification via scanDialog)
  • Secure data transfer via standardized FIVERX interface

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