PCR tests in the pharmacy

PCR tests in the pharmacy - independent, reliable, compact

Do you already perform Covid 19 testing in your pharmacy? Do you offer or would you like to offer PCR testing in addition to antigen testing? You do not want to be dependent on an external laboratory while providing fast, high-quality results?


  • With our offer, you get a compact, easy-to-use RT-PCR instrument that can analyze up to 48 samples per 30-minute run.
  • You will receive all the necessary laboratory equipment and consumables required to operate the instrument and prepare the samples accordingly, and pay a package price for the tests*. Of course, the instrument will be installed and your staff will be instructed and supervised during the first test runs.

The advantages of on-site PCR testing

  • You are independent of cooperations with test laboratories that may have to put your samples on hold due to prioritization elsewhere.
  • Within a short period of time you can provide your customers with reliable PCR results, for which laboratories may need several hours to days to have the test results ready.
  • The compact device with the associated equipment requires only a small footprint (table area of approx. 1 m).
  • Offer the RT-PCR test as a test method that your customers are familiar with by name and not a test that uses alternative amplification methods (e.g. NAT).
  • Take another step to establish your pharmacy as THE expert all-around resource on Covid 19 testing.

Here's how your customer could experience PCR testing at your pharmacy:

  • Your customer registers for PCR testing at your pharmacy.
  • Take the sample - your customer decides: e.g. oral or nasal swab.
  • Pleasant waiting time - just a leisurely stroll away.
  • Your customer can already pick up the EU-wide valid certificate from you after 45 minutes.

*Requirement: purchase of 3,000 test kits in 6 months




  • Is it really a PCR test or an alternative method?
    Answer: The device amplifies the Sars-CoV2 viral RNA using the RT-PCR method, i.e. a polymerase chain reaction with upstream reverse transcription, and not according to an alternative NAT method.
  • How do I obtain the result of the PCR test?
    Answer: The PCR test device communicates with a web-based software that evaluates the result of the test from the device and provides it directly to you. Thus, the interpretation is as accurate as a manually evaluated result and is not subject to possible human error.
  • Do I need any other accessories?
    Answer: No. You will receive all the necessary materials from us so that you can take, prepare and analyze the sample and, of course, dispose of it.
  • Will I and my personnel who are to carry out the testing receive training in the use of the device?
    Answer: Of course, you will be trained in the handling of the device by our partner.
  • What happens if I have problems operating the device?
    Answer: You can reach our partner's service hotline Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.
  • Where can I get more information about the device and the scope of delivery?
    Answer: ONE-Pager_NOVENTI-PoC-PCR test device