Vaccination as a service

Modern vaccination management for your pharmacy

Vaccinating against coronavirus is our way out of the pandemic and only together can we mitigate the spread of coronavirus with its new variants.


Let's be a strong unit together and preserve what we all hold dear: Our health.

That is why we have launched a mediation platform to help pharmacists and patients simplify your vaccination coordination: The website enables pharmacies and patients throughout Germany to arrange their vaccination appointments for initial to booster vaccinations online and to digitize all related vaccination steps. This simplifies the process for patients and pharmacy teams alike. Pharmacists can use the platform to map and organize the entire vaccination management, such as appointment management, organization & export of RKI-compliant data sets.

Screenshots Backend: Dashboard (top left), Vaccine can care (top right), Calendar (bottom left)


It's that easy to get started with your vaccination offer:

The advantages of our vaccination platform for pharmacies:

  • You can quickly and easily offer the entire appointment management for Corona vaccinations online, and on-site appointment booking is also possible.
  • The solution enables accurate weekly scheduling according to available vaccine doses and staff.
  • People interested in vaccination can digitally find your pharmacy, search for a suitable appointment and book it directly by entering the required personal data. No extra work for you.
  • All necessary documents and educational sheets are automatically sent by mail directly after booking.
  • The data on the vaccinations carried out can be forwarded and contains all the information relevant for subsequent reporting to the Robert Koch Institute.
  • Since it is a web-based software, no installation is required on the computers in your pharmacy.
  • The solution meets the strictest data protection and data security requirements with servers in Germany.

This is how easy it is for your customers to use the portal:

Patients can use this one-stop shop to make digital vaccination appointments at participating pharmacies in the vicinity, and are provided with the medical history form in advance of the vaccination.


Tip - Provide your vaccinated customers with the digital vaccination certificate immediately after the vaccination process.

Fill in the order form now and you will receive the link to set up your pharmacy on the


The functions of the software at a glance:

Fast support & connectivity

  • No setup and connection costs
  • Browser-based software as a complete solution
  • Automated connection and setup

Easy vaccination management in the calendar

  • Individual setting of available capacities via working hours and via planned doses per vaccine
  • Individual setting of the vaccination timing
  • Automatic collection of all necessary data for documentation
  • Allocation of follow-up appointments possible
  • Documentation of unattended appointments
  • Display of waiting time after successful vaccination

Smooth digital appointment allocation

  • Online appointment scheduling around the clock
  • Digital transmission of anamnesis and clarification documents
  • Booking as a guest - no need to create an account
  • Appointments can be made on site in the pharmacy
  • Automatic sending of appointment confirmations and appointment changes
  • Automatic appointment reminder

Data security

  • Secure log-in for employees
  • 2-factor authentication for vaccinators to ensure valid booking
  • Server hosting within German


General questions bout vaccination in pharmacies


What are the requirements for pharmacies to be allowed to provide vaccinations?

The regulation authorizes pharmacies to carry out protective vaccinations against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in persons who have reached the age of 12. And what requirements must pharmacies now fulfill in order to be allowed to participate in the national vaccination campaign?


Pharmacies must prove to the relevant state chamber of pharmacists that they are authorized to carry out protective vaccinations against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. For this purpose, they must submit a self-disclosure to their chamber in accordance with the regulation, in which they declare that

  • Pharmacies have personnel available who are authorized to administer protective vaccinations against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. For this purpose, a medical training course must have been completed and successful participation confirmed by means of a certificate.
  • the pharmacies have suitable premises with the equipment required to carry out protective vaccinations against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, and
  • the pharmacies have the professional liability insurance required by the professional regulations for the professional activity, which covers possible damages resulting from the performance of the protective vaccination.

What is the content of the medical training?

The medical training includes, in particular, the teaching of the following contents:

1. knowledge, skills and abilities to perform protective vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, in particular to.
a) Informing,
b) taking a medical history, including the vaccination history and determining the current state of health to exclude acute diseases or allergies,
c) further vaccination counseling, and
d) obtaining the consent of the person to be vaccinated.

2. Knowledge of contraindications as well as skills and abilities to observe them

3. Knowledge of emergency measures to be taken in case of possible acute vaccination reactions, as well as skills and abilities to carry out these emergency measures.

The medical training courses shall be designed to take into account and build upon the knowledge, skills and competencies already acquired by each professional participating in the respective medical vaccination.

I have already attended a medical training course as part of the flu vaccination model project. Is further training necessary?

Pharmacists who have already received medical training in the performance of influenza vaccinations as part of the model project pursuant to Section 132j of the German Social Code, Book V have the necessary skills to perform protective vaccinations in persons who have reached the age of 18. The trainings according to § 132j SGB V therefore authorize the performance of protective vaccinations against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 only in persons who have reached the age of 18.


Questions about the software NOVENTI - Vaccination as a Service: The functionalities and onboarding


How does the NOVENTI - Vaccination as a Service software support the pharmacy?

Through the Noventi - Vaccination as a Service software, it is possible for pharmacies to quickly and easily offer the entire appointment management for vaccinations online and additionally automate the entire administrative requirements. You want to know more? Feel free to contact your personal NOVENTI contact person or get in touch with us via E-MAIL.


Additionally, the software offers the possibility to map all processes and administrative steps for corona testing as well.

What are the advantages of the NOVENTI - Vaccination as a Service software for customers?

After selecting a pharmacy, patients can book a desired appointment for both a vaccination and a Covid 19 test (if available at the respective pharmacy) with just a few clicks and without prior registration. All necessary documents and information sheets are automatically sent by mail after booking.


How can patients find and book a vaccination appointment (or appointment for testing) at pharmacies?

Customers can find a vaccinating or testing pharmacy on the site using a radius search and book an appointment directly online. Patients receive a booking confirmation with all the necessary information about the appointment. For pharmacies, the appointment is automatically entered and saved in the software's calendar, so you always have an up-to-date appointment calendar. In addition, an appointment can also be booked directly at the pharmacy on site.


How do I install the NOVENTI - Vaccinate as a Service software?

The software is a web-based solution and does not require any additional installation or special hardware. After completing the order you will receive a login link. This link will be used for registration and introduction to the system. After completing the registration you will receive your access data. With the help of the access data, you can log in at any time and use the software to its full extent via any computer, tablet or smartphone.


I have several pharmacies/facilities. Do I need multiple accesses?

Yes. Each pharmacy needs its own access to the Noventi - Vaccination as a Service software.


Can the appointment booking be displayed on my pharmacy's website?

Yes. It is possible to link the appointment booking on your pharmacy's website.


With NOVENTI - Vaccination as a Service we help you to a fast start with vaccination in your pharmacy. Do you have any questions or are you interested in the platform? We are here for you. Please contact us at CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE.