FSA and NOVENTI jointly shape the healthcare market.

With the FSA as sole shareholder, NOVENTI acts in a trend-setting and innovative way in the interest of owner-operated pharmacies and the entire local healthcare service providers. NOVENTI has been one of the leading companies in the European healthcare market for over 120 years and offers its customers software, financial services, digital platforms and hybrid solutions that connect both service providers in the healthcare market and patients.

It is only through NOVENTI, for example, that the paper and e-prescription future of on-site pharmacies is secured, nationwide hybrid healthcare is guaranteed, and all service providers are networked with the 80 million people in Germany.

Through the FSA, the interests of owner-operated on-site pharmacies are firmly anchored in NOVENTI. This allows pharmacies to actively influence and help shape change in the healthcare system, particularly digitization.

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"Take the initiative, become a member, and like many of your pharmacy colleagues, be proud to be an active contributor to the healthcare market. We stand behind you and your pharmacy and want to be the strong voice for on-site pharmacy with you and NOVENTI and look forward to working with NOVENTI to get this special campaign off the ground."


Jürgen Frasch, 1st Chairman of FSA e. V.


Be heard, join the discussion, help shape the future - FSA and NOVENTI call for active participation in shaping the health care system

From Fontane to Schering: Pharmacist icons of the 17th and 19th centuries are the guiding figures for today's pharmacists.


The tributes are dedicated to Christoph Heinrich Boehringer, Heinrich Theodor Fontane, Johann Eduard Fresenius, Emanuel Merck and Ernst Christian Schering. They all have one thing in common: they were thought leaders in the healthcare sector, innovative company founders and initiators of pioneering developments.

In their capacity as pharmacists, these five icons laid essential building blocks for our healthcare system today.

Today, the particular challenges facing pharmacists may be different than they were hundreds of years ago, but their passion for the health of the population has remained the same.

Become a pioneer in the healthcare industry, too.



Theodor Fontane would be a NOVENTI owner,


because Germany's nationwide hybrid healthcare system is only ensured by NOVENTI.

Theodor Fontane, pharmacist and writer.

Christoph Heinrich Boehringer would be NOVENTI's owner,


because the networking of all service providers with the 80 million people in Germany is only ensured by NOVENTI.

Christoph Heinrich Boehringer, pharmacist & founding father.

Ernst Christian Friedrich Schering would be NOVENTI owner,


because the paper and e-prescription future of on-site pharmacies is only ensured by NOVENTI.

Ernst Christian Julius Schering, Pharmacist & Founder.




Emanuel Merck would be NOVENTI's owner,


because he had the same goal as NOVENTI today: to ensure the future viability of the healthcare system. Emanuel Merck was the 6th generation to run Merck's pharmacy, which had existed since 1668. He realized the transition of pharmacy from a craft to a science - a milestone for the development of the world's oldest pharmaceutical-chemical company into the science and technology company Merck.

Emanuel Merck, pharmacist. Today: Merck KGaA.

There are many good reasons to become a NOVENTI owner now. Get involved in healthcare by becoming a member of the FSA, a nationwide association that has been working collectively and humanely for the interests of pharmacists for over one hundred years.

Become a NOVENTI owner,

  • ...because the nationwide hybrid health care in Germany is only ensured by NOVENTI.
  • ...because the networking of all service providers with the 80 million people in Germany is only ensured by NOVENTI.
  • ...because the paper and e-prescription future of on-site pharmacies is only ensured by NOVENTI.
  • ...because the pharmacist-owned interests of the central health platform gesund.de are only ensured by NOVENTI.
  • ...because your profit-sharing in NOVENTI's positive development is only ensured through NOVENTI profit-sharing certificates.