“E” like in easy – an easy explanation of e-prescriptions

Using e-prescriptions is as easy as flying. You can picture electronic prescriptions in a way that is similar to electronic airline tickets.

For electronic airline tickets, you receive a barcode (QR code) on your smart phone after check-in. An app is not even necessary, and the code comes to your smart phone by email or text message. You enter the security checkpoint by having the barcode scanned, and the barcode is also scanned when you enter at the gate. At the same time, there may also be printed, conventional boarding passes. There are people in the airplane who checked in either solely with their smart phone or with a printed boarding pass.

E-Prescriptions will function in a similar way. Physicians will still issue prescriptions as they do now. However, instead of a printout, it will be possible to transfer the prescription directly to a smart phone. There will be a barcode at this stage as well that will basically function like a key. Sensible prescription information will remain on a secure data server, and only the pharmacy will be able to re-access the data via the code. Then the patient will be able to easily fill their prescription in a pharmacy with their smart phone. At the same time, it will also be possible for example for older patients to continue to fill prescriptions in pharmacies with printed paper prescriptions as they currently do. So, the two systems will operate at the same time, just like they do for flying on an airplane.  

However, the process using the app will be more convenient. For example, prescriptions will be able to be sent in advance to the pharmacy of your choice to pre-order the prescribed product and be able to guarantee that the product is available in the pharmacy. A good example of this is our pharmacy app callmyApo that already makes it possible to pre-order products electronically.

E-Prescriptions have countless advantages. In the future, patients will be able to save a lot of time and travel when they are able to conveniently order prescription refills from their physician as well as products in pharmacies electronically from home.

E-Prescriptions also offer great potential when it comes to sustainability. Our subsidiary NOVENTI HealthCare itself processes more than 14 million prescriptions each month, which corresponds to more than 10 tons of paper. In addition to reducing paper consumption, e-prescriptions also simplify logistics, making the process more sustainable because if prescriptions are transmitted electronically, they do not have to be physically transported to billing centers anymore.  

Currently, lawmakers are working to create the legal parameters for e-prescriptions. Data security is a top priority, which is why e-prescriptions cannot be introduced overnight. At the moment, there are a lot of preparatory projects that NOVENTI is substantially involved in. We at NOVENTI are working with full speed to ensure that all stakeholders will be able to benefit as quickly as possible from the obvious benefits of e-prescriptions. As early as 2020, the first e-prescriptions should be able to actually “fly.”