Securely into the future with NOVENTI and e-prescriptions

E-Prescriptions are coming, and they will digitize the prescription process. This provides the opportunity to actively shape the future and optimize processes.

With NOVENTI, you can benefit from years of experience and expertise in the digital environment because digitization has been our routine business for decades. For many years, we have been offering an interconnected process from prescription transmission to product management to billing from a single source. With products like callmyApo and e-ffizin, we already offer digital solutions to transmit prescriptions as well as product ordering for pharmacies and customers.

This keeps the process the same for our partners starting at prescription processing. The only thing that is new is the way that the prescription data is sent from the physician to the patient. NOVENTI as the largest health care provider sees itself as responsible for not only managing the digital revolution but for actively shaping it.

We see e-prescriptions as an opportunity for owner-managed pharmacies to provide products locally. For us, implementing our own solutions not only plays an important role, but we also concentrate on implementing, managing, and supporting all projects to support e-prescriptions with a focus on on-site pharmacies. We are actively participating in countless model projects and are taking the lead for defining processes and system architecture so that e-prescriptions become a prescription for success.

Das eRezept einfach erklärt

NOVENTI receives contract for developing e-prescription storage for the model project “GERDA”

E-Prescriptions are already being tested in model projects. The NGDA (Network Operating Company of German Pharmacists) put the development of e-prescription storage up for bid as part of the large project”GERDA” (“protected e-prescription service for pharmacies”) of the ABDA (Federal Association of German Pharmacist Associations). NOVENTI was able to come out on top against three other competitors and gain this project for itself because of NOVENTI’s experience and technical expertise. NOVENTI received the contract to carry out substantial parts of the e-prescription. Pharmacies still have authority over the necessary infrastructure, and the technical responsibility is with the Avoxa subsidiary, NGDA (Network Operating Company of German Pharmacists). All important actors in the healthcare industry will be included in this project that will include physicians, pharmacists, software companies, data centers, and insurance companies and can create an important foundation for establishing a Germany-wide e-prescription structure.

NOVENTI provided the initial version of the software in mid July of this year. Pilot operation of the projects will start in November in Baden-Württemberg. For the first time, physicians in this region will be able to issue electronic prescriptions. Initially, it will primarily be for “normal” template 16 prescriptions. Anesthetic prescriptions and medicinal substances will be progressively introduced. GERDA is to be implemented for the entire state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in February 2020.

Beginning of the NOVENTI E-Prescription Lounge

We introduced the NOVENTI E-Prescription Lounge at the NOVENTI OPEN to have close contact and interaction with our customers about the future of German healthcare in general and the introduction of the e-prescription in particular. Because of its great success, we will continue it and also be present from September 25 to September 28 in Düsseldorf at the expopharm 2019. In the NOVENTI E-Prescription Lounge, you can find out how we can help you with our services and technologies for e-prescriptions that are partially being used today. We can show you how your on-site pharmacy will benefit from the system change and how introducing e-prescriptions will become your personal prescription for success.


The legal basis of e-prescriptions

The Safer Pharmaceutical Care Act (GSAV) entered into force on August 16th, 2019. This act is to significantly improve the safety and quality of pharmaceutical care. It also forms the basis for gradual introduction of electronic prescriptions because the GSAV makes a requirement to create the necessary conditions for electronic prescriptions.

Introduction of e-prescriptions

As of yet, there is no specific time for a Germany-wide, all-encompassing introduction of e-prescriptions. Technical and regulatory requirements must be met so that first and foremost e-prescriptions can be transported securely and with encryption. E-Prescriptions are already being tested today in current model projects. The official introduction should take place in 2020, and then it should be possible to completely process prescriptions using electronic means. However, it is expected that initially there will not be a complete change to electronic prescription processing, but that conventional and electronic prescriptions will operate side-by-side for an extended period of time.