e-Prescriptions for other service providers

In the future, e-prescriptions will replace analog prescriptions on paper for the entire healthcare industry. With this in mind, the option of receiving and billing digital prescriptions must be installed in all areas of the healthcare industry. There are already specific goals and solution approaches for physicians and pharmacies that the NOVENTI Group is proactively helping to shape.

Comprehensive implementation for other service providers has not advanced this far yet. Legal parameters, model projects, and establishing a telematics infrastructure are only some of the items that are still being agreed on.

We are currently working on customer-friendly solutions for smooth electronic prescription processing. The NOVENTI Group’s expertise and experience with implementing e-prescriptions on the pharmacy market are the perfect basis for developing our customer-friendly solutions for electronic prescription processing. We offer customers from the area of other service providers optimal preparation, management, and support on their way to e-prescriptions.

e-how simple - the e-prescription simply explained

Handling the eRezept is as easy as flying. You can think of the e-prescription in much the same way as an electronic airline ticket.

Here, you get a barcode (QR code) sent to your smartphone after check-in. This does not even require an APP, but the code is sent to the smartphone via e-mail or SMS. With this barcode, you then enter the security gates via scan and when boarding at the gate, the barcode is also scanned. In parallel, there can also be a printout on a conventional boarding ticket. So there are people on the same plane who have checked in either only by smartphone or with a printed boarding ticket.

The e-prescription will work in a similar way. As before, the doctor will issue the prescription in the form of a prescription. Instead of a printout, however, it will be possible to transfer the prescription directly to the smartphone. Here, too, there will be a barcode, which in principle will function like a key. The sensitive prescription information will remain on a secure data server and only the pharmacy will be able to access the data again via the code. The patient can therefore simply use their smartphone to redeem their prescription at the pharmacy. At the same time, however, it will also be possible as before, for example for older patients, to use a printout to redeem the paper prescription at the pharmacy. In other words, parallel operation - very similar to flying. 

Apps will make the process even more convenient, e.g. the prescription can be transmitted in advance to the desired pharmacy in order to pre-order the prescribed product and thus ensure that the product is available at the pharmacy. A good example of this is our pharmacy app callmyApo, through which electronic product pre-ordering is already possible today.

The e-prescription thus brings numerous advantages: Patients can save themselves a lot of time and travel in the future if they can order both follow-up prescriptions from the doctor and products from the pharmacy electronically, and thus conveniently from home.

In addition, the e-prescription also offers great potential in terms of sustainability. At our subsidiary NOVENTI HealthCare alone, more than 14 million prescriptions are processed every month, which corresponds to more than 10 tons of paper. In addition to reducing paper consumption, the eRezept also simplifies logistics and thus makes them more sustainable. This is because when prescriptions are transferred electronically, they no longer have to be physically transported to the billing centers. 

Legislators are currently working on creating the legal framework for the eRezept. Data security is the top priority, which is why the e-prescription cannot be introduced overnight. In preparation for this, a number of projects are currently underway in which NOVENTI is playing a key role. We at NOVENTI are working at full speed to ensure that everyone involved can benefit from the obvious advantages of the e-prescription as quickly as possible. The first e-prescriptions should be able to "fly" in real life as early as 2020.

Launch of the NOVENTI eRezept Lounge

In order to be in close conversation and exchange with our customers about the future of German healthcare in general and the introduction of the e-prescription in particular, we introduced the NOVENTI e-prescription lounge at the NOVENTI OPEN. Due to its great success, we will continue this and will also be present with it at expopharm 2019 from September 25 to 28 in Düsseldorf. There, you will learn how we can support you with our services and technologies around the eRezept - some of which are already in use today - so that you can benefit from the system changeover with your local pharmacy and the introduction of the eRezept becomes your personal recipe for success.


NOVENTI wins bid for central e-prescription repository (project "GERDA") and release for beta version

As part of the ABDA's "GERDA" model project ("protected e-prescription service for pharmacies"), NOVENTI has been awarded the contract to implement key components of the e-prescription. The sovereignty over the necessary infrastructure still lies with the pharmacies, the technical responsibility with the Avoxa subsidiary NGDA (Netzgesellschaft Deutscher Apotheker). In the NGDA tender, NOVENTI was able to convince with its experience and technical know-how and successfully beat three other competitors.

The contract covers the implementation of the central eRezept specialist service, which, in addition to the eRezept memory, also manages the status transitions of the eRezept. This will ensure, for example, that only the patient can decide at which pharmacy a prescription is redeemed, that a prescribed prescription can only be redeemed once at a pharmacy, and that the procedure is defined if the customer requests the prescription back in order to redeem it at another pharmacy.

The first version of the software will be made available by NOVENTI as early as mid-July this year. Pilot operation will then start in November - initially in the Stuttgart and Tuttlingen regions. Physicians in these regions will be able to issue prescriptions electronically for the first time. In the first stage, this will primarily be the "normal" Model 16 prescription. BtM prescriptions and therapeutic products and aids will then follow step by step. The implementation of "GERDA" for the entire state of Baden-Württemberg is scheduled for February 2020.

The beta version has already been delivered and was released by the NGDA on June 14, 2019. On the occasion of this, the CEO of NOVENTI Health SE, Dr. Hermann Sommer, commented: "We are of course very pleased with the trust placed in us and are glad to be shaping the field of the digital future in Germany's healthcare system together with ABDA (Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Apothekerverbände e. V.)."


Safe into the future with NOVENTI and the e-prescription

The e-prescription is coming - and with it the digitalization of the prescription process. This offers the opportunity to actively shape the future and optimize processes.

With NOVENTI, you benefit from years of experience and expertise in the digital field, because digitization has been our daily business for decades. We have been offering the networked process from prescription transmission to merchandise management to billing from a single source for many years. With products such as callmyApo and e-ffizin, we already offer digital solutions for prescription transmission and ordering goods for pharmacies and customers.

Thus, the process remains the same for our partners from prescription processing onwards. The only thing that is new is the path of prescription data from the doctor to the patient. As the largest healthcare service provider, NOVENTI feels it has a responsibility not only to accompany the digital transformation, but to actively help shape it.

We see the e-prescription as an opportunity for local care in the owner-operated pharmacy. For us, not only the implementation in our own solutions plays a central role, but also the implementation, monitoring and support of any projects to strengthen the eRezept with a focus on the local pharmacy. We are actively involved in numerous model projects and play a leading role in defining processes and system architecture. So that the e-prescription becomes a recipe for success.