Safely mastering the challenges of digitalisation in the healthcare industry with the right solutions.

Digital Future


Optimally prepared for the future

So that healthcare has a future.
This is the guiding principle of the NOVENTI Group and is to be taken literally because NOVENTI, the market leader, owned by pharmacists, is preparing itself and its customers for digitization and is already setting the course for the future. NOVENTI is setting the tone for the challenges of today and the future with a digitization strategy that is not only customized to pharmacies’ requirements, but will include the entire healthcare industry.

With an innovative range of products and services, the NOVENTI Group and its subsidiaries are already making it possible for customers to successfully implement their own digital strategies for the well-being of their patients. Based on this idea, NOVENTI is currently developing “enablers” as part of its digitization strategy. Enablers are instruments and services that will enable partners involved in the healthcare industry in the future to master the increasing challenges of digitization. These “helpers” create the technical conditions for safe, high-quality communication for all partners involved in the process. Other services will expand and optimize NOVENTI’s range of digital services and form the newly developed NOVENTI OTES along with the enablers.


The NOVENTI OTES solution portfolio at a glance

The development of new technology and services is in full swing, but we would like to give you a few glimpses ahead of time.

APP library

A core patient need for digitization in the healthcare industry is to be able to use mobile solutions. To be able to meet both the individual mobile solution needs of patients and healthcare professionals, another project goal of NOVENTI’s digitization strategy is to provide free APP solution elements in the future that partners can use to simply and conveniently integrate all people involved in the healthcare industry using mobile solutions. For example, this enables pharmacies to provide apps to their customers to pre-order medication. APP solutions will enable us to give our partners an easy entry into mobile, digital communication with their customers. Mobile, digital communication will become especially convenient in the future when APP libraries are provided that will make it easier for customers to provide their own apps with functional added value.

NOVENTI is already providing apps that will be further developed and expanded as the digitization strategy is carried out: such as “callmyApo – THE German pharmacies APP” for secure and effective customer communication, vimedi, the innovative APP for medication management, or aFon, the awinta solution with more in-depth pharmacy integration, and much more. Read more under News.

Future communication in the healthcare industry

Communication with NOVENTI OTES takes place on a secure, flexible level of communication that does not expose important data to the “unprotected” World Wide Web. When NOVENTI OTES is introduced, it will add new opportunities to healthcare communication and will optimally meet everyday communication needs and conventional information exchange needs between customers and market participants. An important success factor is the type of information transfer. The information exchange is only limited to the situation. What is transferred is what is really necessary for the current communication activity. In summary, NOVENTI OTES will offer the ease of familiar communications apps combined with high security. It will be an open communication concept. NOVENTI OTES will not build another infrastructure solution in addition to the existing solutions on the market, but will provide an additional offer focusing on information, infrastructures, and processes that apply to the specific application.

Core services such as billing and logistics services

In addition to a secure communication and APP architecture, NOVENTI OTES will include other services to promote digital solutions in the interests of customers. Among other things, core billing and logistics services will support and optimize how medicinal products are provided. New solutions in the area of billing (e.g. PKV) or also between cooperating pharmacies provide more convenience and liquidity for filling prescriptions directly in pharmacies.

Information server

As part of the OTES solutions, NOVENTI will provide an information server that will combine Artificial Intelligence Technology and the concentrated, curated information expertise of NOVENTI. In contrast to the “unrestricted” internet, partners will have a solution based on technically sound information and services available to them. The goal is to become a type of online information and specialty search engine for the German healthcare industry. New optimization potential is made possible by using the newest technologies for intelligent, automated information evaluation.

Simple integration of digital solutions

Many patients are already using countless technical tools and sources of information to optimize their well-being. Diverse stakeholders deliver and obtain various data in various formats and qualities. This data can only be used in a meaningful way for solutions, pharmacies, and patients when the data is integrated and can provide a structured overall view. NOVENTI will make this possible for its partners by providing technical software connecting elements in the future. Products such as wearables, health trackers, pharmacy apps, or pharmacy product management can be easily integrated. Solution and software programming libraries are provided to partners to simplify integration.