NOVENTI – Market leader and operator of technology


NOVENTI combines a large number of separate individual companies as a holding company. These companies have something important in common: they are all active in the healthcare market. The core target groups are pharmacies, other service providers, care services, and physicians.

The NOVENTI brand is a binding element that connects its subsidiaries more closely and creates valuable synergies. Therefore, we offer besides financing security a networking platform, which promotes substantial cross-company transfer of expertise. At the same time, each subsidiary acts independently in their operating business activities.

The goal of NOVENTI and all of its individual companies is to continue to expand their market leadership in all segments of the healthcare market. As a trendsetter, we help define the market and carry it forward by giving new impetus. This gives NOVENTI an innovative momentum for future-oriented processes in the healthcare market. Our balanced corporate strategy allows us constant, but healthy growth - whereas the needs of our customers and the well-being of our employees are the top priority for us.

NOVENTI – The future of healthcare

Business segments

360°coverage of the healthcare market

The NOVENTI Group covers almost the entire health care market with its 360° range of services, innovative products, and services. Today, an important part of the total business activities are divided into the following main business segments: industry software for pharmacies, prescription billing for pharmacies, billing and industry software for other service providers, industry software for care services, as well as private billing for physicians/dentists with a focus on Germany.

Overview of business segments

Our brands

The NOVENTI Group, its individual companies, and its strong brands offer an extensive network of intelligent solutions to make processes more efficient in the healthcare market.